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Was backtracking the blog, and so here are a few photos that most of you have not seen – unless you start backtracking or you have been a very loyal reader.

2006, I was sixteen.

During highschool when we went to South Korea for a Student Cultural Exchange Program. That’s me being super exhausted because we have been entertaining them kimchi people for the whole day. Or at least touring the area.

I remember it was really hard because none of us had any Korean language knowledge at all and we were struggling to communicate with the people there with just English. I guess this trip was also one of the motivators as to why I took up the language – I don’t know really. But this was definitely one of the best educational field trips I’ve been to. Not because it was South Korea, but mianly because it was when I realised that there could really so much differences in between two different countries.

2006 – With Alia

Can’t really remember the story behind this photo but considering the fact that we seem to be in comfortable clothes (that’s my sit-in Tshirt pfft with no make up) we were most probably in Jess’ house for new year. Alia is one of the most futuristic person I’ve met of her type – also very blunt and honest.

2007 – Wang Lee Hom’s Concert with 3 childhood friends, Hui Yat and Fugz

This was quite a nostalgic outing because at this point I wasn’t close with anybody yet. I was just there because I got a free ticket and them too. They were all my good friends in school (at different periods of time) so it was really a happy unintentional gathering.

2006 – Student Cultural Exchange Trip to South Korea

Er, this was also another blessed trip because I think it kind of mended some broken friendships and knitted the awkward ones together. This was taken when we ‘sort of’ sneaked out of the hostel for a walk in the streets late at night. We sang like we were in a campfire and someone just shouted back at us from the apartments to shut up.

2005 – Singapore with Amanda

This is one of the people I heart the most, mainly because she was the only one that I could talk to during my hardest time struggling in my teenage years. She and I went through different accuses in junior high and we could only turn to each other. It was also because of a particular incident that made me feel like she would never turn her back on me, which is why she will always be one of my dearest friends around no matter if shes here in KL or there in the States.

Undated : Camwhore phases (appx  2005-2007)

Why is it that I don’t ever change much? I did a lot of camwhoring when I was younger (I assume I think I was prettier back than compared to now, really) and  most of them turned out to my liking. I don’t know, maybe because I thought my skin was fairer, my hair was softer – no idea. But this is a photo that will intensely remind me of my hobby to camwhore back then. I still do now but 90% of them look like rubbish haha.

2007 – Hokuryo High School Student Exchange Program

I hosted some Japanese students for two years consecutively and it was quite an experience. We communicated like how ducks would to chicken. Nothing much about this photo except for the fact that it reminds me that I was er, quite tiny.

2006/7 – Audrey’s Birthday

This was taken at Audrey’s during her 15 or 16th birthday. She’s so tiny and cute you feel like pinching her but those who knows her would know that shes something mega that comes in a small package. Strong personality with an opinion. Had fun at this party because everybody was trying to be Agogo-ish (late 70s) and her friends who attended were dancing like it was a club! Eye opener, didn’t know that could be done in the living room of a house.

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