WangSimRi (왕심리) & SinChon (신촌)

This is actually a continued post from a few of the posts before. I’m separating the posts by venue so don’t be confused!

Blue skies for the day. We can’t see much of them clear skies lately in Seoul 🙁

In the morning when Sam and I were leaving our places. I think we were both heading to different destinations.

Oh right, I was heading to SinChon to meet Abdullah!! This was while I was waiting for Mr.Assalamuailakum!

We headed over to Bonjuk Sinchon for lunch. The taste was way below my expectations because BonJuk used to be really really good! I had Beef Mushroom Porridge

Nat : “Abdul, take a photo of me and my…porridge” Abdul : (-.-“)

This was Abduls choice : Ginseng Porridge

Dawn came over late after her class so she took a photo of us. O_o I look like I got super muscular arms. Which I think I actually do but this photo accentuates it pfft. I dunno where they come from since I don’t exercise.

Dawn and I headed to Seo Gang University because I wanted to inquire about a thing or two.

Not as nice as Yonsei, but still peaceful and its in Sinchon.

Toook us about 3-4 shots to get one where I wasn’t shaking.

Sam is a camwhore! Everywhere she goes she’s like “Take a photo of me doing this. (poses)” Silly girl.

I think I resemble alot of animals.

My Sepia Mode has turned Sam into mei nu!

Er, a glimpse of the Wang Sim Ri underground shopping centre. It’s located right at the WangSimRi station. Can’t miss it.

I don’t know what you call these people. They freeze at a certain position for the longest hours and suddenly move to scare you pfft. This one was especially nice because when he saw that we wanted to take photos, he immediately posed with us.

“Nat, take a photo of me doing this!” HAHA.


  1. T.K. says:

    Hey,I like da sunglasses!, wow Mr.Asalamualikum lost a whole lot of weight haha seriously I’m shocked :-O lool.

    If I were to pick an animal you resemble, it would probably be a lemur hehe. na but u do looks really cute whn u pose.

  2. admin says:

    Haha he loses more and more weight each time I see him!
    A lemur! Thats an addition to the list ;p

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