Verdict: 50 Shades of Grey

I watched it!

The very first memory I have of the book was probably back in 2010 – 2011. It was the most talked about book, so many of my girlfriends were raving about how romantic the book was (or maybe they didn’t exactly use the word ‘romantic’). I loved romantic novels so I was quite interested but never really took the extra step to march in the bookstores for it. I then had my first encounter with the book.

I was  still an intern with Esquire Malaysia and with one of the shoots, I had to find a copy of the book and make the talents from the shoot read a passage of their choice out loud. When I first got hold of the book, I flipped through and stopped right at at the middle of the novel – just to see if it was easy to read so I could pick one up on the way home. I read, didn’t even batter an eye, and tried to read harder. I flipped a few more pages. And another few more. Nobody warned me about the book. I didn’t even think much about when the team wanted the talents to read it during brainstorming. “Probably just a session to showcast their talents”. Wow. All I can say is, I didn’t really get along with the book and was quite turned off. It probably wasn’t my kind of genre, i didn’t even bother giving the synopsis a look up. What I saw was pain.

A few years forward, the story comes alive again. Those who owns the book celebrates the movie version, and  “hopes the movie version gives justice to the book”. The trailer goes viral the day it’s released and I remembered my impression of it. I clicked on the trailer, also with curiosity, to see if it tallies with what I’ve briefly read in the book years ago. Actually, I didn’t even have to. The preview thumbnail of the video was of a women blindfolded laid on her back. Still, curiosity gets the better of me. I watched the trailer. “Great soundtrack, I wonder who sang that”.

Months later – the movie was released. People were overjoyed because it was going to show here in Malaysia (didn’t end up like so). Everyone didn’t have to wait long before the movie was uploaded online for free streaming. The link was being shared in Facebook for days by so many people around my circle. One evening, I just decided to click into it. And watched the whole movie. The version I watched was probably quite heavily censored, but I would say i preferred it that way.

How’s the movie?

Since I’ve never read the book I can’t say if it did the book justice. But all in all, I’d think it was an “okay” kind of movie. Probably 5.5 out of 10. It could be a 6. Watching it till the end, I think i finally found the reason why most of the people raving about this story were mostly females. I think. I THINK. I think I understood what the “romantic” side of the story was above all that painstaking interest of sexual pleasures.  I saw the impression of how the woman wanted to change her man into somebody he is not. He was tough. But he gave in, step by step. What’s best? He was a handsome and capable man – that probably fits the puzzle for most woman who wishes nothing but a man who gives in to her hopelessly romantic desires.

…and that’s probably all the logic I see in this movie. I respect the storyline, but I was looking for a reason as to why it went viral. Probably because of the obvious, but what puzzles me is the reason as to why so many woman out there are happy and overjoyed for such peculiar treatment? It almost feels like a celebration. Either that, or I just suck at appreciating what many may see as “art”.

Whatever it is – I probably just need to take a chill pill, move on with life, and stop wondering about these things. But honestly though, the painful intimacy aside – it may have made quite a sweet story.

Signing out x

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