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I just got back from Seoul – and am in the midst of preparing many upcoming post about kimchiland. Its been a while since my posts previously in 2008 and 2010. Seoul has changed so much since I last visited it but we’re not going there for now. Today we’re going through a pampering experience at Number 76 at the Starhill Gallery branch. I’ve had my doubts on whether if I should ever walk in this salon because it looks fancy, reviews on social media so far has been great, and this only means one thing : pricey.

I did a little more research though – and found that most of their general services are pretty alright and is actually similiar to other hair salons that you find in malls. To be honest, it’s not my first time here – but I was too wary of my surroundings the first time to actually take photos and such. This time, Sue Ann from Number76 got in touch to see if I was interested to get a hair service done. I was about a week away from leaving for Seoul and who wouldn’t love great hair on a holiday? I quickly said yes – and off I went!


My lens was so spotty – didn’t even realize! But check out clear landscape of KL!


 Even better one


Handy pair of glasses at RM 15. Langkawi sells dirt cheap sunnies – some at even RM 10 for Rayban rip offs.

 Anyhoo, I got myself booked on a weekend – remember to pre-book if you want to get a certain stylist to get your hair done. Some stylists go on a discount for a short period so if you are looking fo an even more affordable price point – look out for that. For those who hasn’t been to the branch in Starhill Gallery, get to level PAMPER with the glass elevator and you will see Number76 on your right upon exiting.



Don’t let the classy look and venue scare you – the price of this branch is the same as all the other branches. So if you want to get your hair done, why won’t you choose to get it done here. It’s just like getting the same pair of shoes in Malaysia or the States. If you could get them for the exact same price, why wouldn’t you want to get it in Hollywood? I don’t know – my  #grassisalwaysgreenerontheotherside theory applies to stuff like these to make me feel like I have fully optimise the potential of my spendings pfft


Not sure if you’ll be able to see clearly but if you squint hard enough you may. Basically put, to get a Senior Hair Stylist here it’s only about RM 76. Kids also get quite a good deal getting their haircut here as it goes up to 50% discount (depending on age). Many places charge at about RM 90 for Senior, or probably already at about RM 65 for Junior Hairstylist. Why won’t you pay about RM 10 more for better quality haircut (and service?)


 They sat me down in the first 5 minutes I was there. Xuan, my designated hairstylist of the day, was attending to her customer on her finishing touches. So I just sat there and observed while I took a couple of selfies. I was also served a cup of green tea along with one of my favorite biscuits – Biscoff Caramelised Biscuits!! I had them once when I bought it from Seoul many years back. Reuniting with it unexpectedly definitely made my day happier!

Xuan got to me pretty quickly after her previous customer. She told me if we were looking to do a treatment we can do their signature Ultrasonic Ion Treatment (RM 250) along with a Tansan Hair wash! Many have been raving about the Tansan Hair wash and when I tried it for the first time I was so excited to see the end results.

For those who doesn’t know what the Tansan Hair Wash is, basically they wash your hair with tansan sparkling water and it usually takes of the dirty sebum, product residues and oil from your scalp. After the wash, your scalp will be breathing again and this promotes a healthier hair growth too! I’ve done this once before and saw the end results – but I wasn’t any less excited the second time. I love doing “housekeeping” as such – and it’s even better because this scalp cleansing is not something I can do on my own.

Xuan took me to the hair wash area and mumbled some Japanese. I asked what it was cause the rest in the salon echoed after her. Apparently it’s something they say to welcome you to the salon – as the hairwash area will always be the first step every customer goes through. So they welcome everybody there. Intersting.


Xuan making sure my clothes don’t get wet. I also got a little comfy blanket. Little tiny etiquette services makes the experience a little better.


I was trying to vlog but didn’t know how people took good angles. But my eyebrows look quite nice here hor? That’s the Tansan Hair wash going on. As you can see – no products are being put into your hair to get rid of the residues. It’s all the water! Real good water.


After the wash, we get a good hair wash. I always admire how hair stylists are so willing to wash other people’s oily gooey disgusting hair! How?!

After shampooing, Xuan got an assistant to apply the treatment into my hair at the washing area. She explained step by step to make sure I knew what was going on. But even when she didn’t I kept asking what was happening because I was so curious? So this one is what ah? What about now? Now leh? This one different ah?

I think I may have almost been killed if I was a hostage and not a customer.

With the treatment still in my hair, I went back to my seat so that Xuan could seal the treatment into my hair with this Sonic Premium iron! It looks like a typical hot iron straightener – but it isn’t! It emits no heat, and all it does is vibrates and promotes penetration and sealing of the treatment into your hair. The iron turns blue when the process is being done – and when not in contact with your hair it remain to be in red.

The iron does not change your hairstyle in anyway and remains it at its original state before your treatment. The only difference is that it will be a lot silker and healthier as it will then be nourished by kerastese!




It does feel like a straightening process after some time. Honestly you won’t be able to tell the difference while she’s doing it cause your hair will still be really wet. During the process I could feel that my hair was thinning out at the end because when Xuan pulled the iron back, I could feel the brittleness of the ends. I asked Xuan if my hair was really thin at the end – she flashed me a smile and said “Yes, very thin. Very weak”. #facepalm

She suggested that I chopped off my hair to make it healthier. But I just couldn’t! I wanted longer hair for my photos in Seoul. How how how! I’m not really the type who insists on longer hair and is actually more than happy to chop unhealthy bits off – but my photos look crappy with shoulder length hair at times! I told her I’ll hold on the major chopping until I’m back from Seoul. Xuan please don’t judge me!


After the treatment was done, the salon gave me a 4 tube hair treatment set to bring home to maintain and prolong the treatment. We use this once a week as a conditioner – but this doesn’t mean we can only wash our hair once. We can wash our hair as often as we want but we just have to remember to use it once a week.

Extra tip though : The more often you wash your hair, the faster your treatment comes off!

Another extra tip : It is not recommended that you wash your hair every single day. I don’t. I think people with oily scalps will somehow feel the need to, but I read too that it’s your washing that promotes the oil production cause your scalp is used to it.


After that, they gave us all a scalp tonic to prevent from hair fall and also an emulsion for our hair. The products were on sale the last time I asked. When the tonic was sprayed into my scalp it had a really cooling sensation. Aah, so nice. Like menthol in my head.

Finally – after about 45 minutes to 1 hour – it was hair drying time!



Actually I couldn’t really tell by just observing how my hair looks if it has improved in condition. As you can see, my hairs were still quite stray and looked like it wasn’t silky. I had expected real silky and smooth end results visually. Xuan asked if there was a difference, I said we had to finish before we know!

Shortly after, she brought over the cup of water that was scooped out of the sink. It was quite disgusting to see, but also somewhat satisfying that all that goo is now washed away from your scalp. To see how it really looks like, check out my vlog about the whole experience at the end of this post!



We were done and Xuan styled my hair and gave it soft curls at the end. Honestly, very very very few people know how to blow the correct curls for me. In this photo it looks a little flat, but it’s cause most my hair was falling behind my back. You have to watch the vlog!


Thanks Xuan for being such a sweetheart throughout. 80% of the time she was just smiling pfft how to get that kind of talent. She smile I also smile at the end both of us smile but don’t know for what.


My curls for the day (that wore through the whole day and half of the next day!)

VERDICT : True enough, I couldn’t really tell if there was a difference to my hair visually. BUT – touching it was a whole different level of surprise. My hair was originally coarse at the ends due to its dryness and running through my fingers through it wasn’t impossible but I’d have a knot or two somewhere. The upper half of my hair was fine – but it became so smooth after the treatment. The ends after the treatment were very light and bouncy (probably due to the curls) and I could easily run my fingers through them.

I test the health of my hair like this. I take a good bunch, poke my face with the ends of my hair and see if it is prickly. If it is prickly, it tell me how coarse and hard my hair is – that it can actually get annoying if done too long. I tried the same method after the treatment, and my hair end just glided and softly went across my face like nothing was ever there. It’s like having fine microfeather make up brushes across your cheeks rather than the ends of a broom. Basically, smooth like heck. It didn’t matter to me at that point of time if it looked healthy enough to my liking. It WAS so healthy.

Today, about two weeks down the road after the treatment and my Seoul vacation (which was btw an extremely dry city) – my hair is still really smooth although I washed it quite frequently. Every time I use the treatment it improves a little bit and brings me back to the original feel and touch. I wish I had 30 of them so I could feel the same everyday (if only I washed my hair everyday!). You probably won’t be able to tell by looking at it so maybe this may not be what you want to go for if you are only looking for visually silky hair. I’m sure Xuan can help advise on what’s best for you!

And that concludes my visit to the branch this time. Remember to watch my vlog to see how it really went!

That’s all for now!


Hopefully we’ll be able to try other treatments next time!

Details of Number 76 @ Starhill Gallery


 Phone Number : +603 2141 6676 / 7076
 Email : contact@number76.com
 Working Hours : 10:00 – 22:00 (Daily)
 Address : S4, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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