The Curve Not Thinking Straight

I know I cannot possible blame this wholely on the Curve deparmental store itself, but this was too shocking an incident not to share. I’m not angry or pissed at the complex but more at how the staff managed things.

You see, we (Ginny, Vivien, Sze Ye and I) went for karaoke in the Curve during dinner hour because Vivien had something up before that. By the time our session ended it was about 10.30PM and the shopping center was already closed by the time we came out of Red Box. Vivien parked her car near Metrojaya but most of the section gates in the complex were thoroughly closed so we couldn’t walk towards the carpark like we usually can when the complex was open. I then noticed that there was an elevator that lead us to the 2nd floor, and towards Metrojaya so we decided to take that road.

All was good, we got to Metrojaya. The escalators were off but that’s alright. We swiftly payed for the parking ticket and was about to walk out before we realised that the door that separated us and the car was locked. Two guards were staring at us from about 70M away and did not do anything until we signaled them over. One of them came near the door and only kept communicating to some other party through the walkie-talkie and left us wondering. He then told us to take go up, take a big round, and head to the Centre Court (although the section was closed!). We told them that’s going to be impossible because the gates were let down. He stumbled for abit and then told us to head to Watsons.

Vivien : Pergi Watsons untuk apa?

Guard #1 : Er…untuk keluar.

Vivien : Tapi kereta saya kat sini saja? (points at car infront of the door)

Guard #1 : Guna exit lain.

Me : Sini tak boleh keluar? Buka saja lah, kereta kat sini saja.

Guard #1 : Er…pergi Watsons boleh keluar (looking super unsure)

Vivien : Sana ada exit boleh datang sini?

Guard #1 : Yaya, ada orang di sana yang akan bawa you. (pretends to communicate with colleague thru walkietalkie)

So Vivien and I climbed up the escalators again and found Watsons. Good……not. There was an exit, sure – but the gates were shut too. Seriously, it was only 10.30PM — why’d they shut all gates? We had to walk through some hidden area to find a staff exit that lead us towards the outside of the building. Another guard was sitting there so we asked for directions. He then pointed to this loooong quiet tunnel-like path for us to walk (which leads to B2, we’re in B1) and told us to walk abit after the end of the path and look for an escalator to go up to B1. Problem is, the gates/doors would also be closed because we were there.

Then we started to ask;

Vivien : Jalan sini? Nak dua orang perempuan jalan sini? Sudah lewat, kalau kena tangkap?

Guard #2 : Takde lah, sini sangat selamat.

Nat : Kalau kena tangkap, macam mana?

Guard #2 : HAH. Takdelah, belum ada case lagi.


Guard #2 : *smiles proudly* Ya

Vivien : You tengok jalan ini. You mau dua orang perempuan jalan sini? (Disbelief)

Nat : Jangan bukan tak boleh. You jalan dengan kita lah.

Guard #2 : Sangat cepat sahaja. You jalan lepas sini, jalan lagi sikit, cari escalator sudah tiba.

Nat : Yalah you jalan dengan kita lah.

Guard #2: Har? Saya ah….takboleh lah mesti jaga sini.

Nat: You bukan guard ka?

Guard #2 : (Speechless) Nanti ya..saya panggil orang.

Then another guard came on a bike. This time another funnier story.

Guard #3 : Moi mau pergi mana?

Nat : Dari sini macam mana nak pergi B1?

Guard #3:  Ah, jalan ini lah. Jalan bawah etc (points at same tunnel)

Vivien : Yalah, you tengok jalan ini? Kalau kena tangkap macam mana?

Guard #3 : Sini tak ada lah, sangat safe punya.

Nat : Ada jalan lain? Kalau tak mau guna sini?

Guard #3 : Oh, you jalan kat luar tepi jalan la. Sini you jalan jalan hingga blok tepi. Jauh sikit tapi takda macam ini (the tunnel)

Nat : Oklah macam itu.

Guard #3 : Tapi you jalan sana ada renovation lah. You jalan sini lebih baik.

(So we decided to walk down the long tunnel-like path)

Vivien : (To me) Wah, so we walking down while he’ll be on the bike?

Nat : If anything happens he can zoom off ma. (sarcastic)

And so we thought he was REALLY escorting us.

70% of the time he was at least 30-40M infront of us at the empty carpark and kept asking us what’s our carplate. We told him then he went and zoom off to look for our car. We didn’t say we lost our car, we just wanted an escort. I think its very logical to have two ladies request for an escort to the carpark in a shopping complex at any hour. At the end he stopped near to our car and waved to us, signalling the position of the car! Kiksei kiksei.

Vivien and I  don’t normally go out at such late hours at night but even if this was a once in a blue moon experience, it was enough to remind us that all females who’re travelling alone (or without any male companion) should not even think of parking at The Curve if you plan to leave after 10.30PM!

Nobody is going to be willing to help you. The management will be glad to, I’m sure – but the guards in charge : they just don’t give a damn.

QUOTE OF THE DAY : “Belum ada case ma.


  1. Yatz says:

    okla both of you never really hang out till so late so it’s understandable from my point of view..

    buthen usually after The Curve is closed, people just go down from The Walk and walk over to their cars, not entering Metrojaya to go down..

    so next time tau tau la =P


  2. vvens says:

    yatz : pfft. we dint know until we reached the B1 doors that were locked. they never put signages also. we pandai pandai walked back la.

    we are back safe but we took about 30 mins to reach the car T_T

  3. Simon Seow says:

    Better to park below The Street or Asian Heritage side because inside the mall close damn early besides Redbox is just above Asian Heritage (forgot what’s the parking correctly call, but sure got Asian)

  4. yien says:

    Happened to me before also. And I left at like 10.15pm. Starbucks wasn’t even closed yet but all the shutters for the car park was down.

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