Thailand was bursting with heat.
But I’d prefer heat to sun, so it was okay. Its not any typical princessy nosunlightshouldlandonmyskinbecauseblablabla thing. It just tears apart my skin causing a really uncomfortable pain. Not forgetting the sweat that attaches my hair to the end of the neck.

Anyways, we were not on tour or travelling with dysfuctional Bangkok maps. This might sound really weird but I was there to shop. It is the only place where I would actually start ripping of the zip of my purse and let the cash flow. Because if you didnt already know, I am this kiamsiap girl if you may call me. RM 30 for a T-shirt is really expensive to me. I dont bother if its D&G or MNG. A T-shirt should just cost around RM 10.00, reasonably. Rm 15.00 maybe, at times. I dont even get the idea of skirts robbing big bucks. Why? Whats the point. Not that I ever got the point of branded goods anyway. This, I have to seek councelling from Li Tim. My gawd.
So oh well, the only place where I can get my acheive my shopping budget is nowhere else but Bangkok itself. They really do rock. You have to go to ChathuChat if you are EVER there during the weekends. Its a flea market swarming with almost everything you can name, cheap price of course. Its gates are only open to public during weekends so, ALWAYS choose weekends if u ever intend to have a mini shopping spree.
Food there was absolutely SOMETHING to shout about. I understand Malaysia has really wonderful char kuat teow’s and curry laksa but their tomyam goong is really something else. Everyone has to try it at least once in a lifetime. Pwoargh. I am really beginning to miss it all now. 🙁 Let the pictures do the talking.
The only thing I truly disliked about the whole 3 day shopping spree was indeed :: walking. walking. and WALKING. I never got this wiped out since July when we were on our way to the Malaysian Embassy in Korea. I never got the point of going there until today?
There isnt much I can say about the whole thing because all we did was shop. but what I did best was of course – EAT. 😀 Nobody could beat that.

Thai people are very patriotic somehow. See the amount of people wearing yellow outfits? Its somewhat to represent their love, respect and support for the king. Somehow they give me a really positive impression that most of them are probably really civilised because every time they walk pass a god figure, they slowly clasp their palm together and give a gentle bow. Quite a nice scene. 🙂

You cannot miss the Thai version of orange juice. Most of them are freshly squeezed and sold at quite a reasonable price. They dont use normal orange oranges like we do, i think. Its some mandarin orange trick. Whatever it is, it tastes really good. Just for the record, its my all time favourite drink whenever im there. 😉 And no I dont like local orange juices. Nothing against them, they just taste normal.

This is the bomb im telling you. I promise! My dad bought this in Siam Paragon’s newly launched food court and thought it wasnt all that nice. We all had a taste of it and got back for 3 bowls during dinner. Tom Yam Tom Yam! Oh how I love Tom Yam! 😀

some green curry set in MBK. its not really all that. I think some of local’s Thai restaurants serve better green curry. Not to mention its price OMG. I could get 5 plates of char kuay teow in Penang with the price of one. That’ll fill me up. The tomyam soup was good tho. 😀

Some orange juice store in Chatuchat. If you look harder, you could see the oranges stuffed beneath the sugar canes. Bomb #2. :O

I dont remmeber if i have said this but I really have this affection for steaks and seafood (fishes excluded omg!). But once upon a time, while I was witnessing my grandmother in action I saw her taking out all the wastes behind every single prawn. It was then I stopped eating them outside unless they are really cleaned inside out like the one above. 😀

Thai version :: Popiah.

This dish is really famous in Bangkok but I have no idea what is it called. Nothing to shout about tho. Still a must-try.

Now, now. Have I ever told you how kiamsiap Thai’s are with their chickens. >:( But it was quite delicious compared to the local ones. Sigh. WHY MALAYSIA tak improve food?

Thick bread with chocolate swiped all over. I never really liked thick breads so I dont know how it tasted. The one behind is chicken floss i think?

NOW NOW. Char Kuay Teow, Thai style. Bomb # 3.

p/s :: I drafted all the pictures which were posted earlier yesterday, for the convenience of yours truly to blog about today,but somehow it all came out no matter how many times I edited and tapped on ” Save As Draft”. I added some captions below so if you’d bother to see it again. 🙂

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