Mei by Fat Spoon

Hello hello!

This is going to be a random review in a long time. It’s probably not even a review – I just wanna share some things that we had at a recent outing with Vivien, Ginny and Joshua who is now working with Xiaomi in Beijing!! We tried Mei by Fat Spoon which is located in Desa Sri Hartamas. It was pretty tough to find with all the shoplots all so packed in one place. Ginny and I drove and made a few round before we finally found it. Right before you turn in to the shoplot areas, it’s at the first row and appears quite early on your left. The sign is also not too huge, but if you keep your eyes peeled for a white interior restaurant you’ll probably find it. It’s a corner lot!




The interiors were really pretty cement and solid. It’s quite echo-y if you want to get a good chat over some good dinner. Most of the people who frequent the place are usually the more mature crowd from the urban society. We bumped into more than 5 friends there, no kidding. The owners are also running around themselves serving the customers, so you get pretty good service!

Ginny and I arrived first before the rest came. We sat around for about 30 minutes before we ordered anything – and they were pretty pleasant about it. That’s nice for such a packed place. Well, actually that’s nice for any place. I wouldn’t want to be hogging someone’s table for long. Especially if when we’re more than two!

Vivien came soon after being stuck in the traffic – and we just had Joshua left to start ordering! I already screen through the menu beforehand and it seems like they are more of a Japanese-Western fusion kind of place.


DSC04613Hello there Joshua!

He sat down and was like “Woah, four of us use different phones”. Ginny uses a Blackberry, Vivien a Samsung/HTC, Joshua a Xiami and I an Apple. That’s kind of funny! Does any of you still uses a Blackberry? I kinda thought it died out but Ginny just recently bought a new one to replace her old one pfft. Loyal blueberry fan forever.

While waiting for our food, I walked around to take some photos of their counter tops and interior. They serve some onigiri’s and various types of cakes for you to nom over simple conversations. Pretty cool! They even have smoked duck onigiri. Super noms – just saw this after reviewing my photos.





This was their waiting area. Love the minimalistic look.



The girls. We used to call ourselves the Fishball Clan. I wonder if it still exists.


I love pasta- so I had to try their Spaggheti Carbonara with Pork Bacon ! It was quite yummy.


I suspect this was Vivien’s but I cant be too sure. This was the Torched Salmon Rice, if I’m not wrong.


Also ordered a pot of tea that comes with two nice tea cups. Love it when we can share our tea. Any kind of tea!


Okay, group selfie. It’s a pretty grainy photo – my bad. But the original quality wasn’t that good. Tried to brighten it up abit but it turned out super grainy. Wanted to re-edit it but I replaced the file in my computer. I guess this works.

So that was a brief overview of what happened in Fat Spoon. Overall, I felt like the place was quite cool and worth a try. I don’t know if we will come to one day, where we think “Man I want the carbonara by Fat Spoon” cause the taste wasn’t anything too astounding. But that being said, I feel like if I was already around the area and was looking for a place to eat – I would come back. I wished they tried to cut down on the echo of the place. Love how well lit the place is though. Lots of restaurants got to buck up with that.

So, till next time!