Mei by Fat Spoon

Hello hello!

This is going to be a random review in a long time. It’s probably not even a review – I just wanna share some things that we had at a recent outing with Vivien, Ginny and Joshua who is now working with Xiaomi in Beijing!! We tried Mei by Fat Spoon which is located in Desa Sri Hartamas. It was pretty tough to find with all the shoplots all so packed in one place. Ginny and I drove and made a few round before we finally found it. Right before you turn in to the shoplot areas, it’s at the first row and appears quite early on your left. The sign is also not too huge, but if you keep your eyes peeled for a white interior restaurant you’ll probably find it. It’s a corner lot!




The interiors were really pretty cement and solid. It’s quite echo-y if you want to get a good chat over some good dinner. Most of the people who frequent the place are usually the more mature crowd from the urban society. We bumped into more than 5 friends there, no kidding. The owners are also running around themselves serving the customers, so you get pretty good service!

Ginny and I arrived first before the rest came. We sat around for about 30 minutes before we ordered anything – and they were pretty pleasant about it. That’s nice for such a packed place. Well, actually that’s nice for any place. I wouldn’t want to be hogging someone’s table for long. Especially if when we’re more than two!

Vivien came soon after being stuck in the traffic – and we just had Joshua left to start ordering! I already screen through the menu beforehand and it seems like they are more of a Japanese-Western fusion kind of place.


DSC04613Hello there Joshua!

He sat down and was like “Woah, four of us use different phones”. Ginny uses a Blackberry, Vivien a Samsung/HTC, Joshua a Xiami and I an Apple. That’s kind of funny! Does any of you still uses a Blackberry? I kinda thought it died out but Ginny just recently bought a new one to replace her old one pfft. Loyal blueberry fan forever.

While waiting for our food, I walked around to take some photos of their counter tops and interior. They serve some onigiri’s and various types of cakes for you to nom over simple conversations. Pretty cool! They even have smoked duck onigiri. Super noms – just saw this after reviewing my photos.





This was their waiting area. Love the minimalistic look.



The girls. We used to call ourselves the Fishball Clan. I wonder if it still exists.


I love pasta- so I had to try their Spaggheti Carbonara with Pork Bacon ! It was quite yummy.


I suspect this was Vivien’s but I cant be too sure. This was the Torched Salmon Rice, if I’m not wrong.


Also ordered a pot of tea that comes with two nice tea cups. Love it when we can share our tea. Any kind of tea!


Okay, group selfie. It’s a pretty grainy photo – my bad. But the original quality wasn’t that good. Tried to brighten it up abit but it turned out super grainy. Wanted to re-edit it but I replaced the file in my computer. I guess this works.

So that was a brief overview of what happened in Fat Spoon. Overall, I felt like the place was quite cool and worth a try. I don’t know if we will come to one day, where we think “Man I want the carbonara by Fat Spoon” cause the taste wasn’t anything too astounding. But that being said, I feel like if I was already around the area and was looking for a place to eat – I would come back. I wished they tried to cut down on the echo of the place. Love how well lit the place is though. Lots of restaurants got to buck up with that.

So, till next time!

Tracking Mania


I feel like I’m almost getting obsessed with refreshing my DHL parcel. I ordered a laptop sometime last week and because I’ve heard reviews about it coming super quickly – I am so excited. My current one is working just alright (have I mentioned this before, cause this feels like deja vu), but it is beginning to slow down when I need to multitask. And I am that absolute multi tasker when I am online, because I always have at least like 10 tabs opened and each are loading a video. I may also have Photoshop and the video editor opened simultaneously and they take up alot of memory just processing the applications. So I decided to grit my teeth and get myself a new one, so waiting on it is just so exciting.

I keep refreshing the tracking page, and each time I wake up I hope it says its being delivered – but it’s never that. So at one points it says, processing cleared, sent to facility – I was like heck yes! Then two hours later, it updates again and says processing cleared. How many processings need to be cleared ah? Can’t just all processing stages be cleared before you tell me processing is cleared because for me all processing is one thing.

But then again, nothing is ever enough. Maybe I’d also be ¬†complaining if they dont break down every cleared process to me pfft – but if I never knew, I wouldn’t right?

I called DHL just to check if my package was gonna come in today because I was afraid that they would send it after office hours. Got it to be sent to my dad’s shop because it’s such a hassle to send it to my house because there are alot of security barriers that I or the deliveryman will have to deal with. Then I got paranoid before I called so I Googled “Does anybody check if their package will arrive at the office today”, or “Should I call DHL, will they know if I am another annoying buyer of this brand”. Didn’t want the customer service person from DHL go generalizing and be all “These people, always calling to check on a small thing – I know just who and what type of person you are”. Afraid of being judged pfft. Turns out so many people DO call up to ask the same question, so I decided to take advantage of the majority actions so I wouldn’t be identified pfft. I know, my brain goes both sides.

Few hours later, I wanted to call again but was paranoid that the system says “Second Attempt Caller” with regards to my mobile number. So I’ve decided to play it cool with DHL. So now my records are clean, and I am an appropriate and patient person by records!

Here’s the thing with me, when you give me a tracking code – all I want to do with my life is just to track it down until it gets delivered to my place. Be it Pizza, Dominos, McDonalds or even just online shopping! Are you guys with me on this! Now I’m trying to play a game with myself to see if my mind control is stronger or if my impatience is stronger. It’s like I’m playing pull and push with nobody but myself. Sigh.

ALSO, random fact – my tracking number has my exact birthday on it, the year, month and date all put together. Now I feel like my new laptop is going be my soulmate pfft. And it’s not even tailored based on my buying information. It’s an airway bill. Whutt? ¬†/cues You Are My Destiny song

Okay that’s all I wanna say for now.

P/S : I know the world doesn’t really work like that, but you know what I mean!

UPDATE : Okay, I didn’t get to stop myself from making that second call. So I did. This morning I was told it’d come by 2 or latest by tomorrow. I didn’t have high hopes for it to arrive today. But I made a second call – and it probably is only coming NEXT Wednesday/Thursday because we have a Public Holiday on Mon and Tues. Smoking bacon. I need some of that for comfort.

Vlogging and Blogging

Hello everybody!

2015 has been quite quiet so far, and I’ve just been enjoying and resting before I take on another chapter in life (will share this when this is set in stone!). Besides that, I have been really clearing out my system and just really trying to get the fact that 2015 is FINALLY here. It’s that feeling when you are getting used to a new environment and suddenly you have to move cause its time (referring to the years here). I mean honestly, who’s still writing 2014 in your dates! I’ve written so many dates this year and they are usually “4th January 2014, 15th January 2014”.

So what’s been different this year? This year I’m opening myself to a lot more things. Previously, I shoved away a couple of ad hoc jobs because I had a 9-6 job although they were good offers.This year I want to improve on managing my time better, and moving ahead with more multi tasking. It’s not something I am naturally good at – but it is a challenge that I think is time to bring upon myself!

I have also started to do vlogging because I realized switching on a camera and talking is easier than remembering details to write down in a blog. I’m still coming back, but vlogging is a good alternative to what keeping memories and ideas fresh and visual. Hence, I’ve done some housekeeping to my channel (that has been there for years and years!) and released it fresh with my having done vlogs for the past three weeks already. But I’m having a little bit of a struggle because second week was when my camera broke down on me and I had to opt for my phone at times, which affected the quality of sound. Finally I managed to fix it (by hitting the lens – that’s crazy!) and now Windows Movie Maker is giving me LOADS of problems. It wouldn’t connect my clips smoothly, and would buffer 0.5 seconds before moving on the next clip – which is a complete editing nightmare! But beggars can’t be choosers, I just decided to take it on and churn out weekly vlogs as much as possible. Saving is a hassle too, cause my computer won’t process 1080 quality videos for me, and the next alternative was to save them in 480. First world problems, really.

With that being said, I’m also set on probably changing out my laptop because this one has been serving me loyally for many many years now but I just can’t seem to get anything done with it past Photoshop (with just one working file). It’s a very basic student laptop but I absolutely loved how wide the screen is (16 inch?!). Not trying to sell it, probably just replacing one of the EVEN more old laptops that’s sitting around in my house so somebody can make good use of it. I tried rebooting and restoring it to its original factory settings to see if performance would improve. I would do that, and revisit certain sites to see that my passwords and information are still being stored! (Even after cleaning out temp files, caches and whatnot). I can’t deal with technology – just don’t know how to wipe these data out so I figured the best way would still have it serve my family – just in silence.

One of the more interesting facts lately, is that I realized my Youtube subscription list has been growing on two things that I have never ever paid attention to! Food, and occasionally make up! Is this a real smack of adulthood? Food and cooking has been getting me real good though. The under 5 minute tutorials on how to make food that looks better than those you get in hipster cafes in Bangsar – man, makes me really wanna pounce on woks and pans in the middle of the night. Make up, well – I still don’t understand so many things, but I just realize I enjoy looking people making themselves look good and having flawless skin. I’ve known about Michelle Phan since long ago, but never knew that since then – SO many beauty gurus have popped up on Youtube, and some funny and interesting ones too!

That’s pretty much what has been happening lately. For those who wants to have a glimpse at my daily vlogs – I’ve put them down below in chronological order. This week has been pretty dull so I haven’t really got to vlog anything yet. Hopefully I see you guys there. If you’re kind enough, to leave a comment in the video – and subscribe too! Can’t imagine being able to talk to all of you through Youtube!

This week’s vlog goes into the amazing eat outs, our birthday surprise for Nick, my 2015 resolution and probably some kiwi cutting.

Painted my 13-15 year old room to another colour this week. Quite sentimental for me because I truly loved my old colour!

I share my thoughts on the latest kpop skinship fiasco with B1A4, more painting in the house, meeting ex colleagues, getting to Bentong for a one day trip AND MORE.


That’s all for today guys!