Sweet 16

Just for the record, I had a peaceful birthday celebration(s). No I did not hold big pool parties with Slipknot hitting in behind. Here i would like to enclose my gratitude to those who bothered to plan up something for my Sweet taukei 16th.

Because Im the most generous blogger (hoho), I will share with you the few “surprises” that were supposed to make my heart fall but didnt work out anyways. Thanks to a few people, namely me. Double ha.
Warning : Suspense.
Setting #1
Jess & Julia.

Few days before my birthday, my mom was trying to hint me about someone who’d come pay me a surprise visit in conjuction with the not-SO-big day. Jess came first in mind because I thought she’d be the only one who would come up with this cheesy things among my friends. But no matter how much i tried convincing my mom to let the cat out of the bag, she refused to.

Then, it was the day. My mom kept hogging her phone, just incase Anonymous happen to call. Soon enough, Anonymous arrived and started ringing my mom. Few minutes before that, my house phone rang and the mother clumsily left her phone nowhere but right next to me. The Motorola kept vibrating so I got a little disturbed and grabbed the phone to answer. That is, only until I saw the called ID. I read the number over and over again only to remember it belongs to nobody but Jess.


Yours truly : *clears throat* (remains silent)

Jess : He..Hello?

Yours truly : Oh, Hi Jess (sarcastically) So, would you tell me why are you calling my mom?

Jess : Huh? O..Oh..OOH. I..I..I..dialed the wrong number!

Yours truly : OH! Wrong number eh..So..who you trying to call?

Jess : Er..Err..(horror tone)

—She hangs up–
Plan Failed.

p/s : They still came up and did all the cake thing. Good mango cake by the way. Really a pity for Jess sometimes because she might be planning her whole life with it. Haha. Or maybe her SPM life. Whatever. Thanks for the effort anyways.

I dont look all pleasant with the wet hair and all but credits have to go to the cake.

Not forgetting Jess and Julia of course.

Setting #2

Joey, Siew Wan,Sam.

I was supposed to be unhappy because Sam “couldn’t” make it to our appointment at Jogoya. Turned out she burst the bubble herself by asking if we were COMING (hello it figures.) instead of GOING after apologising a million times that she simply cannot make it because of her Japanese language exam. Pfft. Right. Not my bad.

FAILED. But they were all happy because there were “loads” more suprises in queue. Alright. I was giddied up.

Once we were seated, the decent waitress came to politely ask if the cake should be kept in the freezer until we summoned for it later. My girlfriends all told her to take it out around 3pm. Very well, she said. Being the food hog, I quickly went to get some escargos. Halfway back to my seat, the decent waitress appeared right before me hurrying into the kitchen. She caught my eye and came over in a very confused expression.

“I thought u guys wanted the cake out at 3PM?”

“Yeap. Thats right”

“Then why’d you want it out now?”

“Huh. No. Who said so?”

“Your friends!”

I was abit blur about it until my friends came over with this omgwhatishappening look. So happen that they were planning to do the whole TV drama thing. You know, they sing me a song with the birthday cake right before me. But they tried making a huge U-turn.

Waitress : You guys wanted it now, right?

Them : No?

Waitress : *Getting kind of furious now* Huh. Then what was it that u told me just now.

I figured it out and I told the waitress to continue keeping the cake. I patted my girlfriends shoulder and told her its okay because I knew what they were up to. (Mean? =( ) The decent waitress finally understood her bad (obviously, somehow haha) and walked away.

Thats about the few failed surprises. I had fun.

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