Sinchon Reunion

As so I have mentioned, I love Sinchon so that’s one of the places Ive been going back to again and again. Now now, I didn’t make this trip to tour Korea but to erm, reminiscent on the places that I really miss so Sinchon is going to be one place that you’ll be seeing alot of!

What is going ot Sinchon without having a little tour of Yonsei University for me! I’ve walked this path everyday for almost a year after class. There’s a shortcut but I like the view here and it feels very harmoniou. Especially when you’re walking alone. Loves!

My Hogwarts building

There’s a park just for students to just hang out.

Well I didn’t just get up early to walk in Yonsei pfft. I was also there to meet Dawn and to ask for the application procedures for a transfer programme. After meeting Dawn at 1, we went for lunch while waiting for this slow ย turtle,ย  Cinaboy to come meet us. It has been a while since I last saw him so it felt pretty good to meet up with the old Yonsei buddy!

Already eating before Cinaboy came because we were too hungry.

After brunch,Cinaboy decided to bring us to this yogurt ice cream shop called Mango Dessert (or so I think) for some after lunch sweetbites. He bought us a big bowl so Dawn and I paid for the karaoke session. We are super Dutch power ๐Ÿ˜›

Another round of meat buffet (I’m a carnivore!), here’s what we got for ourselves to eat after deciding

Pretty funny moment happened here. Dawn was like “Nat, do you know that samgyeopsal’s are called so because you have to turn them 3 times”.

We both stared at her and quickly corrected her “Noooo! It’s because its three layers!!”.

And for those wondering if Seoul is filled with mini skirts high heels and pretty dolled up faces, here’s a general photo of the coach for you to roughly catch a glimpse of the people there. The real thing. They are all pretty nicely dressed, but if you’re stepping in Land of Kimchi expecting everybody to look like Kim Tae Hee or Jeon Ji Hyun, you won’t be completely dissapointed but will have to lower down your expectations by a notch of two.

Took pretty long to get home that night, only to see Sam waiting for me in her room patiently. So in return, I helped her curl her hair just in time for the next day. Why is her hair so shiny, I don’t understand.

This was taken on the first or second day when I arrived. Look at all the mess! Whoever thought all girls are neat and tidy are proven terribly wrong. /shame/


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    Hello Alex, yes it is possible ๐Ÿ™‚ Just not into some buildings that require a student pass like their libraries.

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