[Seoul] : White Cafe

I have no idea what this cafe was called but it definitely was just one of the random cafe’s we walked into in Seoul. Basically 70% of the cafes are nicely themed as most of the students usually chill in these places to study for an upcoming exam or to chit chat. It’s very important to have a really comfortable setting in your cafe as these people usually sit in for hours.

I loved the cafe’s in Seoul when I was still studying there, simply because it’s usually very peaceful – like some study cafes you might see in KL. Basically, it’s like all their cafe’s are study cafes!

This particular one that I walked into was completely white washed and the amount of white in the place was almost blinding. It’s like you just walked into an area of fresh snow – if only they had fluorescent lights it would be completely white. Good thing they had installed yellow lights to lessen the eye pain – although just by a little bit.

Upon walking in


Couples usually like to snuggle up with the curtain draped down.

Overlook of the private rooms

White cream cakes

We ordered this to share, some really good drink pfft.

The best thing was that we get a slice of cake totally free if we purchase a cup of anything.

Not to mention, it wasn’t just the low cost pandan sponge cakes. We could choose from a wide range of quality cakes – but we chose tiramisu, which was perfectto considering the fact that I’m not a fan of confectioneries.

Spying on me drooling over the phone

That’s me idolozing Dawn’s phone. I love long lean flip phones. LOVE!

Good function! Directly mirrored self cam convenience!

Lollipop I’m gonna getchu.

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