Seoul : Snoopy Cafe by Peanuts

Remember Charlie Brown? I think its one of the closest to heart cartoon every created. Its very peaceful and amusing to be around the characters. I once bought two animated pillows (Charlie Brown & Snoopy) when I was younger when the original artist passed away during the memorial sale. One belonged to my brother and another to me. I don’t usually keep such possessions (cute, cartoonsy stuff) but I really liked Snoopy. Recently during a housekeeping session, it got accidentally thrown out without me realizing. Boo.

We were in Idae (Ehwa Womens University Street) walking around and got TOO exhausted to walk any longer so we decided to crash in the Snoopy cafe. I don’t know what it’s called exactly but I’ll refer it to just that. It is located right opposite the main entrance of the Ehwa Womens University (which is worth a tour at if you are there. Beautiful architecture)

Looking for missing shades

At the entrance of the 2nd floor. There are 3 levels.

Pathway to 3rd floor, specially designed for smokers. Charlie Brown and cigarettes. Awkward match 😛

2nd floor of the 3 level cafe.

Playing Snoopy with Korean subtitles. Funny looking.

The ladies. Dawn becoming main star of the blog these days teehee

Went it just to take photos of the cute washroom that was btw, REALLY nicely fragranted.

Wo hen ke ai~

SERIOUSLY washed out from all the walking. I can walk for HOURS with a set destination point in mind but if you want me to walk around (ahemshoppingahem) aimlessly, my feet brings me down in less than 60 minutes. Body engine starts to slow down simultaneously. But I pretty much enjoyed walking around this time, but hardship for my legs.

The counter. I noticed that the part timers at such concept cafes are mainly guys! Smart move to be on the lookout for cute girls!

The alarm tablets that vibrates when your order is ready to be picked up. One of them was ringing already but I needed to capture a perfect shot pfft.

Our drinks. I love having Ice Tea in cafes at Seoul. They always have two choices : Peach or Lemon. Peach Tea is wonderful and refreshing!

From our seat

Cute tables


  1. phooisze says:

    omg nat! thanksss now i know that little boy’s name is charlie brown . i had two plushies when i was a kid and i loved them to bits . my mom told me they are called Peanut and i believed her until today . WTF . T_T

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