Seoul : Sinchon/Ehwa Womens University(Idae)

My favorite place to hangout in Seoul is Sinchon (Green Line #2) mainly because it houses everything that a student needs to go, do or likes. Well, actually I’m speaking from a biased perspective. I once went to Yonsei University (which is located in Sinchon) so probably thats why I’ve developed a fond liking for it. Like how Taylorians feel of Subang, get it?

Sinchon is the centre of the main attraction of the Green Line (my perspective). It’s located strategically in between Hong Dae (place for youths) and Idae (haven for women). If you stop at Sinchon you can choose to walk to either destination.

Sam hates Sinchon because its really troublesome to transit the different lines, and also because it’s quite far away from her area. She goes there only like once in a semester but this time I dragged her there for at least 3 times in a span of 2 weeks!

One thing I totally love about Sinchon is the meat bbq buffet! I love love love having meat bbq so what’s more to waste when you’re in Sinchon! It used go for only 5900Won per pax (RM 24) but now the price has gone up to 8900Won (RM 30). Aiyah small difference. There are alot of different buffet places in Sinchon (literally all next to each other) so you gotta open up your eyes and survey the best! Some charge you additionally for drinks etc but the one that I always go gives you EVERYTHING : soft drinks, soup, noodle, meet, vege, side dishes, rice etc etc.

The first few days I was so excited to go back to Sinchon and have that for brunch but it was closed so we had to opt for the other shops (which costed only abour 6900Won). It was a sad experience because soft drinks were not included and we couldn’t take whatever we wanted. Food there was only so-so.

I’ll dedicate a post just for this BBQ buffet but since I’ll be on (another) getaway to Malacca tomorrow I’m just going to schedule this post.

MJ and Sam checking if the meat is ready to be eaten.

Dawn and I arrived a little late because I wanted to take a look at her house.

All you want for RM 30! How to resist. BTW, BBQed Kimchi is the bomb 🙂

Squid oh squid say bye bye

Nom Nom Nom

Self timed this. There was a better shot but dumb ajumma (Korean for aunty) walked pass although she KNEW we were taking a photo!

Bumped into XinYun(far left) in Sinchon

Me calling Abdullah for a date after not seeing him for at least 2 years!

Streets of Idae (Ehwa Womens University Street)

Us in Idae

Dawn trying to make friends with Mr.Lego

Please believe me when I tell you that Seoul is FULL OF COUPLES! If you break up and walk at the streets you are bound to cry and commit suicide pfft.

Fountain with random kids playing around, just like in the movies.

Laupohpoh Nat needs a rest after some walk so we crashed into (another cafe). I think this one is called Iceberry. That’s me trying to demonstrate some photo taking technique pfft.

Sam still stuck in her I <3 XXX T’s.

I took a photo of this guy who seemed to be waiting for his gf for the past 30 minutes

“Where is she”

Spotter someone who looked like Chou Li

Streets of Idae

Our fruit waffle plus chocolate syrup

The menu plate in the cafe

Accomadating counter. The cashier was having a hard time conversating with us. At first I thought it was our problem but turned out she was a Chinese 😛

I was actually here for this. Strawberry ice cream. Shoved ice topped with ice cream and frozen strawberrries

Celebrity animated socks. I was looking for one with Siwon’s face for Vvens but cannot find 🙁 The last time I was in Seoul they were everywhere!

Windy day~

See how windy it is. Macam shooting for beautiful girl music video PUAHAHAHHAA

Sam camwhoring with Kang Kang Queen behind looking for stuff in her bag again.

Totally candid! Looks like shampoo ad or wtv pfft

One of the indoor malls

A shot of the mall, which I didn’t really tour. Just swopped in to take a photo and came out.

Although I’m not a fan, but just for the fun of it. 2PM ambassadors some skin product. I still like Nichkhun though. For those who only started to follow me recently and knows who he is, you might be interested to know that he once brought me to a bus stop in Seoul /reminiscence/.

Streets of Idae, at 70s mode

This batch of photos are not color edited. I took this photo when it was about 7.30PM so it was getting pretty dark. Fascinated at the Rotiboys around.

Fastfood at streetfood stalls. It’s actually pretty expensive to eat these. A cup of them snacks will cost you about 5000Won (RM 15!)

One of my love love loves of Seoul, their cellphones. I love flipphones and Korea provides a floodfull of them.

I rented this phone from the airport. Shall elaborate on how later 🙂

Accessory shops that sells their stuff for only 1000Won (Rm 3) at average

The underground subway station. See their 1000Won shops? Damn banyak everywhere

The looooooooooooooooooooooooong elevator

Train has arrived. Always so punctual unlike MTK

Shouting with my fav skater


  1. chanbb says:

    “For those who only started to follow me recently and knows who he is, you might be interested to know that he once brought me to a bus stop in Seoul.”
    – what? why? how? when did this happen? 😀

  2. Alex says:

    Hi natalie, just wondering, what is the name of the BBQ restaurant u all went? I thought of wanna drop by in Sinchon, but it seems not many sites do much recommendations for this area.

  3. admin says:

    It’s not a tourist area 🙂 More of what I would recommend as someone who is always there! Hope you like the place if you find it!

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