Seoul : Insadong (인사동)

Insadong is place for those who are into antiques and artsy stuff. If you are a tourist looking for souveniers with a traditional Korean touch, Insadong is definitely the right place to go! You will need to take the Orange Line #3 to Anguk Station. I forgot which exit but if you look at the direction map provided at all subway station exits, you’re bound to see Insadong at a walking distance of about 5 minutes. The streets of Insadong will take you about an hour or two to thoroughly observe and enjoy, but if you’re in a rush – you can get from an end to the other in about 7-8 minutes.

Grabbing our brunch in one of the coffee shops while waiting for Dawn who was coming right after her class.

Quite expensive to eat at proper coffee shops in Seoul (not the relaxing ones, the Starbuck type). This costed me about 10,000Won (RM 30) /sad/

Alot of youngsters who don’t usually like traditional objects would still go to Insadong as the place is perfect for Korean-themed photoshoots. The place is usually flooded with foreigners as it’s a tourist attraction. If you ask me, I’d say the things they sell are almost about the same – but just like in any other ChinaTown you’d find – prices just stoop lower and lower as you walk down the path.

Here’s a roll of photos of the Insadong Street

If you feel like you’re going to yawn just by looking at these photos, those who are planning to go to Seoul for a visit should just cancel this place off your list. Old school treasurers like Ginny and I should camp here everyday because we are so like that pfft.

Old school accessories : PVC headbands, leather straps etc

You can take studio photos with a traditional HanBok for 10,000Won RM 30/ps.

Us resting our feet

One of the special and more artistic building located in Insadong is SsamJiGil (쌈지길). It serves as a popular spot for dating scenes in movies, music videos and whatnot due to its comfortable and compact environment. Although I came to Insadong because I was serving as a tour guide for the mom, I really wanted to visit this place again after bumping to it the last time I brought the cousins the last time round the came to Seoul.

Ssam Ji Gil is located at one of the ends of the street, so you gotta bump into it. I had to go from one end to another to spot it. Was so afraid I would miss it because the weather was pretty hot and if we hadn’t been able to find it at the street that we were at, we were going to proceed to our next destination 🙁 Phew! Nothing special in here – just this ambience that I like.

The view from the above levels

And from the Ground floor

Now you see me, now you don’t.

Playing around with the signature set of stairs of SsamJiGil

The building is filled with such scribblings.

Fruit juice stalls. Fruit juices here are REALLY REALLY good at a reasonable price, 2000 Won (RM 6). No sugar no nothing, just plain fruits!

Little stores with really pretty things.

Like such. Alot of them are very unique pieces, if only I loved accessories I would have got at least one.

Mei gui ah mei gui~~

Wriggling shelf. Every level rotates in the opposite direction from the one below and above it. Took a photo of it because there were so many people who just stood infront of it and stared for like 6-7 minutes.

Hello My Name Is Ah Beng

I is BookWorm

Er…Mama say cannot talk to stranger. Hor?

Billie Jean~ Is that my lavah~

While we were about to leave, caught a janitor cleaning the walls of a building. If you were there, you would be soooo gancheong for him because he was literally jumping from corner to corner – fully trusting the strings he was attached to!

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