Seoul : Han River 한강

The Han River is like the Twin Towers of Malaysia. It is the pride of the country, as it stretches throughout the city – connected by different sections. You will get to see this signature river on the way to the city from the airport. Everytime I see the Han River, it reminds me of the acorn jelly. It’s kind of funny.

I’ve been to the Han River once, on a midnight picnic with my classmates in 2008. I still clearly recall it as a breezy night, with takeaway chicken and snacks laid around. It was also a special day as I learnt about vaporising clouds, if that’s what you call it. There were 3 Saudi Arabians, 1 French, 1 Chinese, 1 Taiwanese and me as the solo Malaysian runner talking about everything nonsensical you can think of on top of a straw mat. I also clearly remember that I didn’t have to pay for the midnight cab fees.

I  partly went back to Seoul to pay them a visit, without knowing the fact that they all went home. Good thing I still got to meet Abdullah as he was the only one still hanging around. This time I got back to the Han River on a sunny afternoon, the first day of Summer – I would call it. It took us pretty long to decide to end up here as we were supposed to be at Kangnam (and we were) but after meeting up with Cinaboy,  who was still around in Seoul besides Abdullah – he took us strolling around — but this time walking from Kangnam to the Han River.

It was at least a 1 hour walk (most probably we took the longer route!) under the shiny hot sun but it got pretty cooling by the time we got to the sides of the river. This guy has been in Seoul for a couple of years now and he is seriously the ultimate walker. Walk through hill and everything without a pant!

Having breakfast with Sam before I took off to meet Dawn as I was late! The Kimchi soup and Steamed Egg here was reryally good. Side dishes were very rich in traditional flavor served with fat mushrooms. 100 points for mushrooms.

Shining Shining.

Because I’m a dumbwit like that, I got OFF the station 4 stations earlier and stood at the platform staring into space for about 2 minutes before I realized that I shouldn’t have. This station, Wangsimri (완심리), is where all the long distance train transits so the subway trips here are alot lesser than the usual stations. I had to wait 20 minutes until the next train came. Dang, reminded me of KTM. And I was already running late!

Brought Dawn to visit the JYPE building in ChongDamDong (청담동). For those who knows a little bit of KPop, this is where Rain and the Wonder Girls were born. You’d easily miss it if you hadn’t a sharp eye. For those who are interested, I’ll post up the directions in a post later (Kpop centered). You can always check the Travelling Korea 101 tab on the top right corner for reference. Oh, relevance to the photo – it’s one of the walls outside JYPE.

Back to the Han River, I would say there’s nothing much about the place, but its one of the famous spots in Seoul that you may not want to miss if you’ve been camping out on those Korean soap dramas night out. There are many different sections of the Han River – I’ve been to this spot once. There’s this other side of the river that has spotlight displays after the sun goes down. Didn’t get to go there.

For those who would like to get to the Han River, I’d suggest you take a cab because the walking route is kind of complicating. But for those who are keen to have a stroll, you can stop by at the Apgujeong station (Orange Line #3). I forgot which exit though, I’m sure someone can help you. It’s called Han Gang (한강) in Korean.

Dawn and I chilling while cinaboy continues playing with the DSLR, and serves as a colour clashing backdrop pfft.

One of my favorite Korean icecream packs. It’s called Sollaeim (설레임). It’s a pack of frozen substance of Chocolate Chip, Coffee, Vanilla – your choice. I personally love Chocolate Chip. We can get it here in KL at Ampang but it’s a little costly if compared to the price in Seoul. I think they’re selling it for about Rm 6-7 here, a few more Ringgit on top of the original price.

Dawn’s Shot : Companion for the long walk. I don’t recall it as mine though.

Cinaboy’s shot : And some Korean won. This is a 100  Won, equivalent to about 30 cents – which can buy you, er – almost nothing.

Wanted to go to Lotte World because Cinaboy said he had tickets and we should go if we wanted to, but because neither him or Dawn wanted to get on rides so we decided not to and headed straight for dinner. Bummer. So one day down, a few more to go!

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