Seoul Guide : Ehwa Womens University

Idae/Ehwa Womens University

For freshies who don’t exactly have a clear idea on the shopping strategy at Seoul, here’s what you should know. The commercialised DongDaeMun (동대문) and Myeongdong (명동) is NOT the place for you to go if you are an economical shopper, just like me. You want cheap clothes, stay away from tourist spots!

The Ehwa Women University street is also a tourist spot, but its still not popularly known as a shopping haven yet – so alot of things there are always in the range of 5000won (RM 15/ $5). It is right next to Sinchon, or two stations next to HongDae. All are in Green line #2.

Colour Accent Effect : The Green Line

Colour Accent Effect : Blue seats.

I love the syncronization. Everybody’s so considerate of the people may be rushing.

Take this exit

Upon exiting, you’ll see Teenie Weenie. One of the better known locale brands. Maybe Korea’s cute edition of Polo?

Polka dotted one sleeve jumper

World Cup fever. This day was right after the day South Korea qualified for Top 16.

The lanes – Feels like ChinaTown. The only difference is that, its clean, less stuffy and clothes are all really washing machine turbulence proof wahaha.

Shoes. 89% of the youths (*woman) struts their heels!

Walking back to Sinchon from Idae** (short for Ehwa Womens University in Korean)

We usually call it “The M”. Nothing much in here, only a pretty cinema.

One of the many 5000Won shops.

Tourist buses. I’m sure this place will be more commercialised in a span of a few years so you’d appreciate coming here asap before it does.

Funny accessories. If you come with a boyfriend/girlfriend you will get a half price discount!

Floral dressings. Best for ladylike goers.

Bags going for 10000 Won (RM 30)

These were going for an easy 3000-4000 (RM 9-RM 12). All in good quality!

Row of 5000 Wons

Really liked this T but it was way over budget. About 15000 Won (Rm 45). I think ALL T’s should be RM 15!

Hot bars, sweet potato, dried cuttlefish etc. These mini stores are called PoJangMaCha (포장마차)

Korean puppies are all very trendy. Semua ada hair dye.

SALT – reminds me of the upcoming Angelina Jolie movie.

Flare skirt shorts going at 4500 Won! (Thats like, RM 13.50)

For a minute I thought the staff was a mannequin pfft.

Suddenly feel liek eating Mash potatoes pfft.


  1. Mary says:

    Hi! That was very nice photos. Got through your blog from Seoul, Korea in Facebook. Loved all the shoes, tees, bags and dress you took, especially the jumper! I think it’s a kick one. LOL. And the dog dyed its hair hair as well. so trendy. haha

  2. ken says:

    wow.. the yellow line on the escalator.. haha..
    i was in UK and the people do that as well, without the line..
    cool thing about the countries out there huh.. unlike malaysia.. haha..
    i’ve been to south korea once.. back in 2003.. on a travel trip..
    didn’t get to visit around like you did.. =)

  3. alex says:

    Is dongdaemeun really not that cheap unlike ehwa street?my friend said its cheap in dongdaemeun thats why >.< was planning to visit korea this november ^_^ i do love the clothes in this area though, very fashionable and cheap!

  4. admin says:

    Hello. Many people like to go to dongdaemun because its famous for its t hings being cheap. Unless cheap is about RM 30-RM 45 above then its a fine place. I’m a super economist tehee so I get my clothes only if they’re for a big bargain. For lets say, RM 10-RM 15? This only applies for girls tho – hard to get mens wear in ehwa. Dong Dae Mon has alot of unique pieces thats why they’re a little more expensive 🙂 If its your first time there, I’d advise you to go still – so that you can experience 🙂

  5. ade says:

    hello. I’m planning for my upcoming trip to Seoul. How long do you recommend I allocate time for Hongdae,Edae and Sinchon?Would one day at each place be too much? Thanks!

  6. admin says:

    Hello Ade,

    These three come hand in hand, and are literally right next to each other – with Idae in the middle. 🙂
    I would suggest that you take 1.5days for it, so as to not rush through everything. I would suggest for you to go to Sinchon first as its not really big (unless you wanna stroll through the malls!), then Edae second for the shopping, and Hongdae for last as its only hyped up at night.

  7. Alex says:

    And by the way, is it possible for outsiders to visit Ewha Woman’s University freely? Do we need a pass or some sort??

  8. admin says:

    I have never walked into the buildings of Ewha, however its perfectly fine walking around the campus 🙂

  9. diana says:

    Hi, I will be going to seoul next week! just like to ask if the prices in these shops are fixed or do we have to bargain for them? what about other places like Myeongdong or Dongdaemun?
    Also, is it better to visit Idae in the morning or after lunch? Thanks for you advice!! (=

  10. admin says:

    Hello Diana.

    Well, every shop differs but one advise I can give you is that Koreans don’t really like you to bargain with their prices. Dong Dae Mun you can try, but I personally don’t like to shop there although they have a lot of independant designers. That naturally means the outfits go off at a more expensive price. You can try, but don’t push it – some tend to get ticked off really easily.

    Idae you should visit it in the evening, that’s when the roadside shops (that are closed in the early afternoon) open. There aren’t too many of those, but if you want to catch a glimpse of most of the street 4-5PMKST should be good! I like to be in Myeongdong because if you squint hard enough there are plenty of cheap clothes around.

    Hope I helped!

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