Seoul : Day #1

This post is not venue categorized. Just a few random photos from my first day of vacation. Most of the time just chilling around and smelling Korea ๐Ÿ˜› Many would assume that I would be overjoyed and excited to be back in Seoul but its funny that I wasn’t feeling anywhere near that. It was more of a sense of calmness and somehow felt like ‘homecoming’. Maybe because it was a platform where I kicked start my first year as a high school graduate so it felt alot more happy and easygoing to just be in the place.

I still am not very happy with how the Koreans are so used to walking into each other without bothering to apologize! Every 5 minutes someone will run into me and walk off like nothing just happened. Only two people have apologized so far! I’m not asking for apologies but even if I were the one who ran into them accidentally, they would have already by like 50m away the moment I turn my head to say I’m sorry. They’re always rushing here and there. RUSHING TO WHERE LA? Maybe its the Kimchi effect ๐Ÿ˜›

Tourists who are travelling independantly would most of the time choose to take cabs from the airport directly towards the hotel. That would cost you about 70000Won at average (RM 250). Actually you can choose to take the buses as long as you do a little study on the area of your hotel, then only take the cab from the station. Saves a whole lot as the bus only costs about 9000Won (RM 30). You can always get the ticket from the counters and if you are unsure, you can always ask the information counter. There are a whole lot of different buses so you are bound to locate a bus that goes directly to your headed destination.

I took the 6002 bus which takes me to alot of major places in town, so you can check it out and see if it matches any!

One of the random optical shops I passed by while stoning in the bus

This looks like a normal building with lots of politics going on, right? Wrong. This is my haven in Seoul! It’s a really huuuuge bookstore with ALL the stationaries, notebooks, earphones and everything that I truly am madly in love with! Walking in would make me happy but it was closed down for renovation during the time I was there. Imagine my shattered heart! /weak/

Its called the Kyobo Bookstore located at the GwangHwaMun station. Anybody who loves stationaries or anywhere of that sort should drop by!

Dawn stayed over at MJ’s house to see me the morning I arrived because she stays quite far from Sam’s place. Sweet!

I love gogi (Korean for meat) but for some reason I didn’t feel like having any the moment I touched down, and the few following days! This has been one of my dream meals after coming back to KL in 2008. Its called the Jjim Dalg (์ฐœ๋‹ญ). Looks pretty ordinary but the spices they use to create the flavor is really something. It looks pretty small here but its really quite big. Costs about 20,000 per plate (RM 60). Can feed about 3 pax.

Sam who hosted me for all 17 days in her house. Totally appreciate it although we didn’t have alot of time for each other pfft. Actually we’re still wondering where have all the days went! I was there for about 17 days but we only remember going out together for only about 4-5 days.I had my own friends to visit and she had her exam to deal with but time passed really quickly!ย  Everytime I open theย  door she would be peeking from her room with that funny face asking “Why are you home sooooooooo late geh”. Like wife waiting for husband teehee. <3

Look closely! I tried ordering the same menu in Ampang once but it was an epic fail.

Eyes still not opened from only about 30 minutes of sleep in total during the 6 hour of flight. I kept falling off the head rest. I went home really late that same night and realised that by the time I tucked myself into bed, I have been awake for at least 30+ hours! @_@ Considering my anti social body, it automatically shut down the next day and my eyes were hanging like I was a zombie.

Sam and I was soo obsessed with doing each other’s hair onlookers would have thought that we were partners in crime or perhaps lovers pfft. Whenever I did her hair it would remind me of the Barbie Doll days when we used to dress up and comb our dolls hair till they were shiny. Her hair was shiny for sure!ย  I can’t leave my hair straight down these days because its so messy and for some reason it looks like its ironed. Badly ironed, when it isnt!

Us trying to immitate the animation above our heads. The whole tube was looking at us when we were taking this photo. One thing about Korean subways, you’re not supposed to have extra attention and you tend to feel like you have to make yourself as invisible as possible pfft. Just my opinion ๐Ÿ˜›

If you go to Myeong Dong, you will see alot of students on the streets holding such placards. I always approach them and ask for a photo after hugging them, which to they nicely comply.ย  Behind us Woori Bank, my number 1 bank of choice in Seoul. Simply because its so Woori (Us in Korean)

I have a K shape body. Sam is still clad in her usual outfit! You will notice the changes in her dressing attire in the upcoming posts! ๐Ÿ˜›

Guess ‘the ice cream cone for? Its a public transport pass. Residents normally get this but as for foreigners who are there for traveling, you would want to walk into a convenience store and ask for the T-money card which will only cost you about 2500Won (Rm 9). It eases your transportation convenience so you don’t have to buy a ticket every time you wanna get on the subway. It works like a prepaid card. If you’re Malaysian, its like a Touchย  & Go

Dolls in display in a stationary shop,which I didn’t really like. Nothing special. Still in dismay of the halt of Kyobo.

Picture credits to Dawn

Karaoke in Myeong Dong. Quite expensive for its environment. One of the best noraebang (karokes) that I have been to in Seoul is called Luxury. Their karaoke centers don’t really work like how it does in Malaysia where we have monopolies like Red Box, Green Box, Neway and all. Their karaoke rooms are scattered everywhere and you can just walk in just like restaurants. Don’t be shocked because they don’t serve you drinks or food. General price now to sing in Seoul is about 15000Won (RM 45) per room but you can get an awfully better room in Luxury at the same price. If you squint your eyes you can always find those who only charge 5000 Won (RM 15). Beg the counter for extra service and you will have another hour free up on your sleeves in no time.

Dinner time in Sam Ryans at ItaeWon. It wasn’t Ribs Day but we just wanted to have some Western cuisine. Picture credits to Dawn.

Dawn and I pretending to be angelic pfft. Picture credits to Dawn.

Me suka this background

Going economical : I had caesar salad for dinner because I was too stuffed to eat anything. Appetite minimized like THAT when I got to Seoul. Something wrong.

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