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Yes guys, not finished with my Guide to Korea posts yet. They were supposed to be blog fillers but I need to make Jamie go to this place so here’s a guideline for you people who’re going to Seoul. Meat BBQ buffet for an average price of Rm 24 per person!

This is one of my favorite places to go in Seoul. I love eating, especially meat so this was truly heaven for me. I could spend 6 hours here just eating away and I wont be charged an extra cent.This time when I went, it was 8000 Won ($8) – not sure if they raised the price!

The last time I was there during my course it was only 6900 won ($6 .90)! I love this soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that after 2 year I went back and met Cinaboy, we were suggesting where to eat and all – he looked at me and snickered “I KNOW YOU WANT THAT BBQ!!!” LOL – I’m quite the BBQ lover lol! This boy’s epic expressions have never changed since 2008!

There are alot of similiar places but since I was a Sinchon-girl, I only go to this. And those who know me should know best, when I find a restaurant that I like – i’ll only go to that one loyally!

So Sinchon is where it is at. For those who are unfamiliar with the place, don’t be confuse as there is another place by the name of 신천 (Sincheon). Both are in the green line but you can always recognise it by it’s station number OR you can just always remember it is next to Ehwa Womens University (이화대) and Hong Dae station (홍대역).

Take the exit that leads you to McDonalds. Walk straight, you will pass by shops like Adidas, The Face Shop, Paris Baguette. This street is called the SinChon Rotari. As you come by a t junction, just keep walking ahead until you catch T-World on your left (it should be on the other side of the road). To make things easier, the better known shop for you to spot is Starbucks. Go in the lane that is in between T-World and Starbucks.

You should come across another coffee shop. They key to this road is that you should just keep walking straight. There will be a couple of divisions from left to right but just go straight. The shop should be on your right!

Then you will start seeing alot of similiar BBQ places, but trust me –  the meat in the one I’m about to ask you to go to is the best! The one above is the shop. Look out of the yellow boxes on the second floor to recognize it.

As you arrive, you can sit down and start stuffing your belongings into a plastic bag that they provide you (to prevent your branded bags from being fried or smeared with oil). Mom’s face smiley-faced because it looks pale lol!

The ajumma (aunties for Korean) will help you put the foil on top of your bbq plate. It is recommendable that you poke holes in between by yourself so that the oil can drip into the hole. This will prevent your meat from getting burnt before being cooked. Don’t worry, it doesn’t fall directly into the fire. The ajumma’s will tell you not to because the taste of the meat would go with the oil – but why’d you wanna eat the oil? Lol

Pick your drink. You can have plain water (for free, of course!) if you want. The good thing about this particular store is that you can have soft drinks (all included). In some other stores, you’d have to pay extra. The only unlimited thing would just be meat. Blah, we don’t want that!

They always have some kimchi, mushrooms, korean pancakes, korean noodles and also white rice if you want! But for people like me, I only want to eat the meat yummeh! If you take the rice you’d feel full almost instantly!

The variety of sauces they provide you with. You have got to eat appetizer they have as it really builds up your taste buds. I really do think they contribute to making the meat taste better! I usually don’t take the sauces but I particularly one type that they have –  but you’d have to make it yourself there.

1) Take a small saucer from the shelves and pour some sesame oil into it. Then, put two pinches of salt into the saucer. Mix!

Dip your meat in it (especially samgyeopsals!!) and its heaven!

Some fresh homemade kimchi and seasoned crunchy radishes. I love their kimchi!

You have to take everything by yourself. The scissors to the plates. The only reason why the waitresses are there is to sit you down, change your foil every once in a while, serve you some soju (with extra charge of course), and collect your money! Fully D.I.Y!

The variety of meat they have. Looks a little unappetizing here because they’re still all raw. They have almost everything, from chicken to beef to pork. Forgot if they had lamb though? My favorite is the samgyeopsal (삼겹살).

Remember to carry some vege with you too! Super delicious to be wrapped with the meat!

Here’s Sam choosing some meat for herself!

Everytime I  come, I’ll be here for about 3 hours. I think that equates to about maybe 7-8 rounds of plates of meat of all kinds. I always leave with a stomach too full. Always a hard time to get home!

Now, now – here’s who I came with. Dawn, Sam and the mom.

For those who don’t really like going to these BBQ restaurants because they make you smell bad from all the smoke, this partciular shop provides you the fabric freshener to make you smell good right before you leave!


  1. renae says:

    omggg yorrr..i damn damn enjoy korean food coz my favourite food is bbq lamb and homemade kimchii!!!omo~~~i dun care a damn about smelling bad coz i adore bbq..haha rm22 is not bad loh for a buffet >< hope i can go korea one day TT

  2. admin says:

    iyl : i know right, when i screen through i was like EH LMJ eeverywhere!
    XCB : Its really good!
    Renae : Its really worth it!!

  3. A says:

    hi! i’m going to korea in about 3 days’ time. i looked through some of your entries about travelling in korea and loved it to bits! really made me even more excited going there! there are soooo many places to go to, things to buy and explore!! its stressing me out because i’m going to be sad if i don’t get to do all of that within my 7 days there!! i was wondering.. if its not too troublesome for you to list some interesting & cheap must-buys (face products, cutesy stuff, accessories, clothes, souvenirs etc), must-dos as well as must-eats in korea? perhaps also suggest places that i can find them? THANK YOU SO MUCH I’M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD FOR MY TRIP <3

  4. admin says:

    Hello A,

    I’m glad you liked my posts. Actually I’m not very much of a shopping person so I’d be a bad person to actually advise you on the must-buys! =(

    BUT, the few places that you have to go are Hong Dae & Myeong Dong as they are the main shopping streets if you ask me! 7 days is kind of packed if you want to go to far places like Everland (the best theme park in Korea I would say) which takes you about 1 hour just to get there.

    Must eats are 닭한마리 (Dalg han ma ri), 찜닭 (Jjim Dalg), 정식 (Jong Shik) and most probably the BBQ that I have attached at the Travelling Korea 101 on top of the page =)

    Most of hte places that I would recommend are there already so I guess you would just have to choose where you’d wanna go!

    Hope to help!

  5. fraulein says:

    Hi, just stop by to thank you for this recommendation. I saw your post before going to Korea last month and found this place following your instruction. Like you said, the food are great for a mere 8,000 Won.

  6. yumeching says:

    i’ll be going this june, saw this post state that yonsei and ehwa university are near, is i possible to have lunch at sinchon and walk to both??

  7. yumeching says:

    oh,thanks =) oh it is possible to stop at yonsei university, walk to sinchon have lunch then walk to ehwa university??

  8. yvonne says:

    may i know what is the operating time for tis bbq buffet?? do they open during lunch hours or only at nite?

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