These photos are long overdue but I had no time to filter them so here are another set of photos from my 17-18 day trip! These are random shots from different days I suppose, I’ll caption them as I go along. So long since I posted many many interesting photos anyway, right? So here are some for you while I get busy with an upcoming event and some assignments. Finally found time to post these up!

Self service lat laundry convenient store. Takes only an hour inclusive of drying. Cost me about RM 15 for one session! :'(

A cup of noodles while I wait for my laundry to be done. It was a long vacation so I didn’t bring different sets of clothes for each day. I washed them every 5-6 days and it was pure fun! Love the drying machine – hope we had one of that at home!

This is Myeong Dong for sure. Thats the mom with the moving deco for a ramen shop! It goes up and down! Very cute I only wished I had recorded it.

Streets of Myeong Dong. For those who have been curious as to what does the ‘normal’ Korean look like, here you go!

Ever so popular ice cream vendor. There are about 10-15 of these shops here but this one always has long queues.

It was the World Cup season and Adidas had an event where you queue to open up lockers in this room and get to win something. If you’re lucky you get their jerseys and if not, just two small keychains. Look at the queue!

Toldcha it was the World Cup season

Here’s one thing interesting about Seoul. There are always these enthusiastic ‘usherers’ infront of the cosmetic shops. They always lure you in with a doorgift (yes! every single person who walks in) and when I used to be in Seoul and was short of cotton wools, I’d just pretend to talk in then I’d get 3 weeks worth of cotton wools TEEHEE.

Well, I DID mention that these ‘usherers’ were ENTHUSIASTIC. Sometimes I have to pull really hard to make them let go of my wrist!

Krispy Kreme in Seoul is just love! Always glazed evenly with sweetness of the right level on goldem brown doughnuts. Perfection.

I spent an hour (while waiting for a friend) infront of the glass just watching them do their work. So hygienic and systematic.

Look at the glazing process!

Was having a break in K.K. Super eyebags at that time teehee

..so I took some shots of the vendors. Here’s one of the ‘kedai runcits’ teehee.

We watched this man do his thing from above and was so tempted to try so we bought teehee. It’s fried glass noodles (japchae) wrapped in fried flour(?). Not as nice as we imagined it to be tho.

One of the unique displays for a soap outlet.

Here is the shop

Streets of Myeong Dong so filled with people.

Grandpas in Seoul are always so chic! Reminds me of the 70s.

Norm in Seoul. They always sit FAAAAAAAAR apart pfft.

Tired and exhausted from all the walking.

Do you see the ahpeks behind? They are people you want to stay away from most of the time because they’re normally drunk and always talk nonsense. I was so afraid of them the first few weeks I was there (when I was still studying in Seoul) but later I just got used to them pfft. They won’t harm you, but just keep nagging or talking to you especially if you’re alone.

Descending from the train. One of the photos I took especially for Abigail. 2AM as the public commuter’s ambassadors.


  1. admin says:

    Haha, I think its Jeju Island you’re talking about. No unfortunately I haven’t been there because it takes another flight of plane just to reach there from Seoul. I heard its beautiful but have also heard a good amount of bad accounts 🙁

  2. rvj says:

    Don’t mind me asking but how’s the weather like in SK during late may/early june? I’m heading there this year and I don’t know what to pack! thanks in advance:D btw, thank you for posting up all the informative travel guide!

  3. admin says:

    Hello. I would assume by then its entering summer – so it would be tropical weather. It gets really hot in june/july but may/june should still be sunny but perhaps with some nice spring wind? If spring is short then you’ll get a hot summer 😀

  4. ninie says:

    Hi nat..it was fun reading on your story and see your photos especially the one at Insadong. Do you know how to go Suwon for Old Folk Village..I knew it far from Seoul but is it possible to go there and return back at Seoul without need to stay for one night at Suwon. thanks..

  5. admin says:

    Hello Ninie,

    Unfortunately I have no exact idea, but I remember that there is a Suwon station called the 수원역 (Suwon Yeok) in their subway Line 1.
    You may want to take the subway there 😉

  6. Xiaoyi says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing your travel experience, it’s really useful. I have a question, do you still have the address for the self service laundry convenient shop? Is it in Myeondong? We will be traveling to Seoul in mid-Nov, and just in case we might need to do our own laundry. Thanks in advance.

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