Room Eighteen, Times Square

Every Sunday I would be out with my family (with no fail) hunting for new movies to watch or new restaurants to dine at. One of the many Sundays, we decided to try Room Eighteen that’s located in Times Square because we had totally no idea what to eat! It just appeared infront of our eyes when we were trying to choose a place so Room Eighteen it was.

Walked in without any anticipation, but was brought to a slight surprise because they served good food. Taste was maximized with a natural flow of ingredients, and they stuck to the traditional Chinese menu. Now you see alot of French Fries menu in Chinese restaurants. ANGER!

Badly focused photo but their snack was the type of snack we used to munch on in school. If any of you remember how the fried wanton skin tastes like, yes thats it! It reminded me of my past so I loved it!

Ordered some dimsum although it was way past breakfast. Very little places serve dimsum after 12, we were there about 2-3PM and they still served fresh dimsum! Loves.

Nick had his wantan mee with roasted chicken. The noodle was quite tangy and this picky boy had no problem munching it all up!

I’m quite with siew mai’s because alot of the normal siew mai fillings are very loose and not ‘well compressed’. Even if they are, it’s always unfresh. Their siew mai was very chewable and the taste lingers in your mouth until the last bit. I don’t like the orange eggs (don’t know what you call them) so extra points for them because it was really easy to take off, unlike how they are normally stuck onto it. Plus one.

Contender of the day. Not because it tasted the best but it was most filling! I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Glutinous rice with mushroom and some meat. It was served really really really hot so I really really really appreciated it. Cold food is a big nono!

Look at ZE PAO! Ooozing heat and meat!

This bowl of porridge was the limits to my appetite that day. Maybe I was very hungyr but everything tasted so good! Back to the same point, their porridge was served really hot (not just the surface) and toppings were generously distributed (although cannot be fully seen here)

It was a pleasant experience (although nothing overwhelming) over at Room Eighteen that day but it took us at least 10 minutes for them to bring even a glass of warm water! Not only that, every thing we had to request (tissue, extra fork, extra dishes, bills) it all took really really long! Service was incredibly slow and right before we started eating we were already having thoughts of leaving and not coming back but the food was good so it covers up for it.

If only their service was a whole lot faster, and their location was put at a more strategic place – I’m sure they’ll have quite a steady business to hold on to.

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