Part 1 : JJ Lin Malaysia 2010

Hello people!

I just got back from JJ Lin’s private Meet and Greet session along with his fansign event. All thanks to Vivien for inviting me and Nuffnang for the tickets! Well, whenever it comes to Chinese music only four people come to mind and JJ is no doubt one of them. Which four, if you ask. It’d always be Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, David Tao and JJ Lin. I always look at them like they are the new 4 Big Kings of our generation.

My close friends would know that I am actually a big Jay Chou supporter (won’t call myself a fan), but I have to admit that JJ’s live singing is actually alot better then the other 3 mentioned. I think they compose better songs at certain times but JJ’s singing always make up to the melody of his songs and they always turn out heavenly.

So although we aren’t exactly JJ’s most loyal fan, we still went with open and giddy hearts. We know how lucky we were to have had the access to this meet and greet session because hundreds or thousands were waiting in Times Square for his autograph session while he was comfortably chit chatting away with the small crowd up in the room.

JJ was a little late as the Meet&Greet session was supposed to be at 6PM and the autograph session at 7PM but he was only over at our place at 7PM so the rest infront of Times Square were waiting like sweaty pigs. No worries because we were bribed with a really comfortable environment with a friendly host (actually they gave us alot of snacks so teehee)

The crew and fanclubs waiting outside the room at Times Square Hotel Level 14

Vivien and Jamie. I purposely squat down to take this photo so that they look taller weehee!

The plate outside the room.

Fanclub members. I like how the Chinese music industry has alot of male fans for male singers. It’s so heart warming to see them share the same passion as the girls pfft.

Inilah Vivien yang berpartner dengan me!

MYfm host waiting for JJ’s arrival

The goodie bags had 2 big packets of SUPER coffee, 2 SUPER cup noodles and some other refreshments. I love these sponsors!

Partner in crime 24/7 aku.

The room, there were medias, fanclubs and general invites I guess?

Now with Jamie, who is so funny! She went up to JJ and said “I love you T_T”
Omg when I heard that my bulu roma all came up pfft.

Nuffnangs bloggers semua!<3 @NuffnangMY please!

Jessy, Joshua, Guest, CityGirl, Simon

Ini Tzia pull back all her hair also face so small PFFT. So I chose a photo out of the many that we took. This was the smallest face one I can get but blur pfft.

Preparing for arrival
Finally it was time for JJ to come so the host came and talk to us for abit, asking us to think of some questions to ask JJ when he arrives.

The minute he came, a small boy got his attention from the small crowd because he was almost in the same attire as JJ for the day! So the small boy got invited to take photos with JJ and he got his first celebrity moment teehee.

Being interviewed
While the host was chatting with the fans before JJ walked in, he got news that he hasn’t been in KL for 107 days so when JJ walked in he used the same information and said “So JJ, you haven’t been in KL for 107 days!” Resourceful fans are always good!

Solo shots of him while he was being interviewed.

The only thing I most prominently remember of him talking about during the interview session was “Love is hard”. He expressed about how he hates the feeling of a break up. He also lightly touched on his hardships as a singer, how there was a dark phase during his career. His health problems, and his direction in life. Behind the scenes of the song ‘How Many 100 Days’.

I always like JJ for his laid back personality, a big contrast from other big shot stars despite his status in the Chinese music industry.

Us with JJ




To be continued with Part II


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