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Hello everyone!

Just incase you are all wondering what’s been up, here’s a little photo from work, but nothing related to what I’ll be writing about. I always end up apologizing for not updating the blog but I know so many of you are not here anymore. I guess blogging has honestly died down for me, but I cant bring myself to shut it down for all the things that I have written here. So here I am, paying a little visit – and this time just to share a little story with those who are here.


So, on to what I’m to share with you all.

For those who have read the blog since my high school days, probably you already know throughout the years that I have come to learn Korean as a third/fourth/fifth language. After completing my course in Seoul in 2008, I came back to KL and started getting different jobs for translation and interpretation. Over the years through each job I take, I never forget to reflect after the task is done and be grateful for this gift that was given to me. It wasn’t something that I was forced to do, but rather came across so conveniently. The blessings I have received of the years in the name of the Korean language, the doors it has opened for me, the people I have come to meet because of it.

I loved and enjoyed each and every one until one recent one. One that kicked me into a deeper reflection mode, and led me into this whirlwind of thoughts that never stopped thinking about my own self worth. I talked to a few people close to me, but never really chose to talk about it in public. It wasn’t SUCH a big deal, really – in fact, it was very subtle – but came across as something very astoundingly shocking as compared to the other similiar jobs I have done.

This job in particular connected me with about 5-6 fresh faces. Usually in every job we will meet an average of that number, but only one will be constantly connecting with you to make sure everything is okay. Especially for events that lasts from 3-6 hours. This one was no different.

But the people were.

This was the first time I felt so mistreated by people in general, and never thought that I would one day come across people that would make me reflect on my entire self worth. I pondered on this for many, many days. Days that could have potentially evolve into weeks. But after almost an entire week, I decided that this was really not something or somewhere I want to remember myself to be. I decided to leave it behind, although it wasn’t something to easily ignore. In a nutshell, the people were very busy with their jobs and couldn’t care less for the welfare of the freelancers, and didn’t even have the courtesy to notify us about updated plans just because we weren’t needed. I don’t really want to go into details as that would let in on what or who was involved.

However, bottom line of the story – you can feel defeated and let people bring you down to somewhere you feel like you don’t deserve to be. Just remember that it is okay to feel so, but don’t let all the negativity carve something in you that will stay forever. I know that we shouldn’t let all the confidence that we’ve always had in ourself be smashed apart in a few hours just because of a few individuals that don’t matter in your life.

For those who are feeling a little down at this point of life – I’m with you!! :)))

Cheer up, and let the positive chirpy people in your life!  On a side note, uploaded a vlog today, hope you enjoy it!

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