Getting Back on Track


Wah took ages for me to log in and type. Something is really up with my blogging platform! But this shall not hinder me from continuing to blog! So I am finally back from Seoul after spending about 10 days there. It was a really fun but sort of tiring trip because we were always travelling – going out and about. Right after that straightaway go back to work (although honestly work is super chill) so it didn’t feel like there was a rest gap. Since Korea (which was probably about 3 weeks ago!) I don’t think I really got a weekend to myself and just stay in until this two days ago. It was seriously what was missing in my life and I started to notice myself being so klutzy and was a mess. I think what I really need is just alone time – I’m having so less of that (except for when I’m driving home, but that’s really using up a lot of concentration and energy just trying to squirm out of my way in traffic). I used to have so much time just being a potato at home, watching the things I want to watch – I don’t know what taking up my time to do all these things I deem as leisure.

Anyway, will be blogging about my Seoul trip – one that I haven’t done in AGES. It’s been about 5 years since I last went back so you could just imagine how excited I was to go back. I wont speak much about it now but all I can say is that Seoul has changed so much I couldn’t even recognize my area Sinchon anymore. The changes has made it become so foreign to me and I was honestly quite intimated by how a place could change so much. So many memories were made in the street with all my friends from Yonsei and to see it just revamp and not knowing what happened where (except for McDonalds) is really quite scary.

Just an update of my life : the biggest change that has happened since when I was actively blogging would be the fact that I am now able to drive myself to places. I am extreeeemly delighted at the thought of that and though I don’t choose to drive at night because of my astig, I’m still happy that I can now manage my timing at my own expense and will no longer need to depend on others as much as I did back then. It feels FREAKING good. So many things in my to-do list achieved after having a car. Having my favorite CDs played anytime, singing to my customised playlist, learning to pump petrol. These are things you can’t do if you don’t drive alone! Singing in the car with friends okay lah maybe can do, but I bet you not as fun as singing alone because….gone wrong also nobody scold you. But sometimes I try to Beyonce I get a whizz in my head so I have to stop pfft. Lousy until wanna vomit.

So many things happened after Korea too. The team and I went to Singapore to attend Youtube FanFest and it was our first time on the Red Carpet. We were all contemplating what to wear but Zalora Malaysia was super kind to have sponsored our outfits for the event. I wore all their outfits for all 3 days I was there. Got a pair of heels too and was so glad they fit perfectly. So many asking me how exactly was the Red Carpet? LOL first things first – the Red Carpet wasn’t meant to be my path anyway. It was for the team’s main channel TMT and walking the event with them was just a tad bit awkward because everybody seemed to be shouting at me by the name MING and I am clearly not a MING – so that means they weren’t shouting for/at me. Everyone seems to know every other one on the Red Carpet so it waass a little bit weird.

It was a fun experience anyhow and I like the fact that we were able to just come and experience first hand what it feels like to be on a Red Carpet pfft. Although I wasn’t the celebrity you get to see the true insights of how the celebrity truly feels during an outdoor Red Carpet event – TRULY TRULY HOT and sweating like mad but you gotta maintain the million dollar smile. Good job, the rest of the Youtubers!

Wah I’m typing this one the HTML tab – but when I switch it to the “Visual” tab which is where all HTML is supposed to come to live – nothing is happening. I guess I can’t really do much with this post for now. For those who has nothing to do and needs some basic entertainment, please visit gu niang’s Youtube channel to watch all the travel vlogs she painstakingly spent time to edit. I will put them here so you can watch them – then the rest you navigate yourself if you’re interested ok? Not bad I give you choice to choose if you want to watch further. #betterthaninsurance

Okay that’s all for now – uploading my scheduled vlog now (last one from Seoul then I’m ready to go to bed. Usual vlogging stopped cause I didn’t know how to post things up without flooding but here we go again – good time to start tomorrow! ūüėÄ

Ultrasonic Ion Hair Treatment @ Number76 Starhill Gallery

Hello everybody!

I just got back from Seoul – and am in the midst of preparing many upcoming post about kimchiland. Its been a while since my posts previously in 2008 and 2010. Seoul has changed so much since I last visited it but we’re not going there for now. Today we’re going through a pampering experience at Number 76 at the Starhill Gallery branch. I’ve had my doubts on whether if I should ever walk in this salon because it looks fancy, reviews on social media so far has been great, and this only means one thing : pricey.

I did a little more research though – and found that most of their general services are pretty alright and is actually similiar to other hair salons that you find in malls. To be honest, it’s not my first time here – but I was too wary of my surroundings the first time to actually take photos and such. This time, Sue Ann from Number76 got in touch to see if I was interested to get a hair service done. I was about a week away from leaving for Seoul and who wouldn’t love great hair on a holiday? I quickly said yes – and off I went!


My lens was so spotty – didn’t even realize! But check out clear landscape of KL!


 Even better one


Handy pair of glasses at RM 15. Langkawi sells dirt cheap sunnies – some at even RM 10 for Rayban rip offs.

¬†Anyhoo, I got myself booked on a weekend – remember to pre-book if you want to get a certain stylist to get your hair done. Some stylists go on a discount for a short period so if you are looking fo an even more affordable price point – look out for that. For those who hasn’t been to the branch in Starhill Gallery, get to level PAMPER with the glass elevator and you will see Number76 on your right upon exiting.



Don’t let the classy look and venue scare you – the price of this branch is the same as all the other branches. So if you want to get your hair done, why won’t you choose to get it done here. It’s just like getting the same pair of shoes in Malaysia or the States. If you could get them for the exact same price, why wouldn’t you want to get it in Hollywood? I don’t know – my ¬†#grassisalwaysgreenerontheotherside theory applies to stuff like these to make me feel like I have fully optimise the potential of my spendings pfft


Not sure if you’ll be able to see clearly but if you squint hard enough you may. Basically put, to get a Senior Hair Stylist here it’s only about RM 76. Kids also get quite a good deal getting their haircut here as it goes up to 50% discount (depending on age). Many places charge at about RM 90 for Senior, or probably already at about RM 65 for Junior Hairstylist. Why won’t you pay about RM 10 more for better quality haircut (and service?)


 They sat me down in the first 5 minutes I was there. Xuan, my designated hairstylist of the day, was attending to her customer on her finishing touches. So I just sat there and observed while I took a couple of selfies. I was also served a cup of green tea along with one of my favorite biscuits РBiscoff Caramelised Biscuits!! I had them once when I bought it from Seoul many years back. Reuniting with it unexpectedly definitely made my day happier!

Xuan got to me pretty quickly after her previous customer. She told me if we were looking to do a treatment we can do their signature Ultrasonic Ion Treatment (RM 250) along with a Tansan Hair wash! Many have been raving about the Tansan Hair wash and when I tried it for the first time I was so excited to see the end results.

For those who doesn’t know what the Tansan Hair Wash is, basically they wash your hair with tansan sparkling water and it usually takes of the dirty sebum, product residues and oil from your scalp. After the wash, your scalp will be breathing again and this promotes a healthier hair growth too! I’ve done this once before and saw the end results – but I wasn’t any less excited the second time. I love doing “housekeeping” as such – and it’s even better because this scalp cleansing is not something I can do on my own.

Xuan took me to the hair wash area and mumbled some Japanese. I asked what it was cause the rest in the salon echoed after her. Apparently it’s something they say to welcome you to the salon – as the hairwash area will always be the first step every customer goes through. So they welcome everybody there. Intersting.


Xuan making sure my clothes don’t get wet. I also got a little comfy blanket. Little tiny etiquette services makes the experience a little better.


I was trying to vlog but didn’t know how people took good angles. But my eyebrows look quite nice here hor? That’s the Tansan Hair wash going on. As you can see – no products are being put into your hair to get rid of the residues. It’s all the water! Real good water.


After the wash, we get a good hair wash. I always admire how hair stylists are so willing to wash other people’s oily gooey disgusting hair! How?!

After shampooing, Xuan got an assistant to apply the treatment into my hair at the washing area. She explained step by step to make sure I knew what was going on. But even when she didn’t I kept asking what was happening because I was so curious? So this one is what ah? What about now? Now leh? This one different ah?

I think I may have almost been killed if I was a hostage and not a customer.

With the treatment still in my hair, I went back to my seat so that Xuan could seal the treatment into my hair with this Sonic Premium iron! It looks like a typical hot iron straightener – but it isn’t! It emits no heat, and all it does is vibrates and promotes penetration and sealing of the treatment into your hair. The iron turns blue when the process is being done – and when not in contact with your hair it remain to be in red.

The iron does not change your hairstyle in anyway and remains it at its original state before your treatment. The only difference is that it will be a lot silker and healthier as it will then be nourished by kerastese!




It does feel like a straightening process after some time. Honestly you won’t be able to tell the difference while she’s doing it cause your hair will still be really wet. During the process I could feel that my hair was thinning out at the end because when Xuan pulled the iron back, I could feel the brittleness of the ends. I asked Xuan if my hair was really thin at the end – she flashed me a smile and said “Yes, very thin. Very weak”. #facepalm

She suggested that I chopped off my hair to make it healthier. But I just couldn’t! I wanted longer hair for my photos in Seoul. How how how! I’m not really the type who insists on longer hair and is actually more than happy to chop unhealthy bits off – but my photos look crappy with shoulder length hair at times! I told her I’ll hold on the major chopping until I’m back from Seoul. Xuan please don’t judge me!


After the treatment was done, the salon gave me a 4 tube hair treatment set to bring home to maintain and prolong the treatment. We use this once a week as a conditioner – but this doesn’t mean we can only wash our hair once. We can wash our hair as often as we want but we just have to remember to use it once a week.

Extra tip though : The more often you wash your hair, the faster your treatment comes off!

Another extra tip : It is not recommended that you wash your hair every single day. I don’t. I think people with oily scalps will somehow feel the need to, but I read too that it’s your washing that promotes the oil production cause your scalp is used to it.


After that, they gave us all a scalp tonic to prevent from hair fall and also an emulsion for our hair. The products were on sale the last time I asked. When the tonic was sprayed into my scalp it had a really cooling sensation. Aah, so nice. Like menthol in my head.

Finally – after about 45 minutes to 1 hour – it was hair drying time!



Actually I couldn’t really tell by just observing how my hair looks if it has improved in condition. As you can see, my hairs were still quite stray and looked like it wasn’t silky. I had expected real silky and smooth end results visually. Xuan asked if there was a difference, I said we had to finish before we know!

Shortly after, she brought over the cup of water that was scooped out of the sink. It was quite disgusting to see, but also somewhat satisfying that all that goo is now washed away from your scalp. To see how it really looks like, check out my vlog about the whole experience at the end of this post!



We were done and Xuan styled my hair and gave it soft curls at the end. Honestly, very very very few people know how to blow the correct curls for me. In this photo it looks a little flat, but it’s cause most my hair was falling behind my back. You have to watch the vlog!


Thanks Xuan for being such a sweetheart throughout. 80% of the time she was just smiling pfft how to get that kind of talent. She smile I also smile at the end both of us smile but don’t know for what.


My curls for the day (that wore through the whole day and half of the next day!)

VERDICT : True enough, I couldn’t really tell if there was a difference to my hair visually. BUT – touching it was a whole different level of surprise. My hair was originally coarse at the ends due to its dryness and running through my fingers through it wasn’t impossible but I’d have a knot or two somewhere. The upper half of my hair was fine – but it became so smooth after the treatment. The ends after the treatment were very light and bouncy (probably due to the curls) and I could easily run my fingers through them.

I test the health of my hair like this. I take a good bunch, poke my face with the ends of my hair and see if it is prickly. If it is prickly, it tell me how coarse and hard my hair is – that it can actually get annoying if done too long. I tried the same method after the treatment, and my hair end just glided and softly went across my face like nothing was ever there. It’s like having fine microfeather make up brushes across your cheeks rather than the ends of a broom. Basically, smooth like heck. It didn’t matter to me at that point of time if it looked healthy enough to my liking. It WAS so healthy.

Today, about two weeks down the road after the treatment and my Seoul vacation (which was btw an extremely dry city) – my hair is still really smooth although I washed it quite frequently. Every¬†time I use the treatment it improves a little bit and brings me back to the original feel and touch. I wish I had 30 of them so I could feel the same everyday (if only I washed my hair everyday!). You probably won’t be able to tell by looking at it so maybe this may not be what you want to go for if you are only looking for visually silky hair. I’m sure Xuan can help advise on what’s best for you!

And that concludes my visit to the branch this time. Remember to watch my vlog to see how it really went!

That’s all for now!


Hopefully we’ll be able to try other treatments next time!

Details of Number 76 @ Starhill Gallery


 Phone Number : +603 2141 6676 / 7076
 Email :
 Working Hours : 10:00 Р22:00 (Daily)
 Address : S4, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

How Many Social Media Platforms Do You Use?

Hello everybody.

So for the past few months I have been getting more and more involved with social media. I try to keep up with current social apps and try to register an account to see if I can use it. Honestly, if I had to make the ultimate choice – I would choose to not use anything. No smartphone, no data, no apps, no technology! Way before I knew how to work cellular datas or got the concept of it, I got an iPad. That was how I started downloading and getting to know apps. ¬†Two years later, after refusing to get a smartphone – I somewhat ‘had’ to buy one because I was going to Beijing and it was the most ‘cost efficient’ way to stay in touch with my family (who all had already own a smartphone by then). I bought the iPhone a few months before I left, and even then – I fought till the end. I refused to get a data plan – and relied fully on Wifi. I was a strong believer of “No Internet, Better Life”. Honestly, I still am. But of course, internet got the better of me – and although I already knew what was coming, I succumbed to it.

Today, I look back and tried to do a list of the social media platforms I am using. They can be apps that I occasionally use to the ones I log in to on a daily basis. In total, I am considerably actively using TEN different social media platforms – and if I take away the messaging apps and take a look at how many different applications I use to update about my daily life – I’m actually using about 6!! I’ll try to rank them according to usage below while I’m at it!

1. Youtube (@guitarlegs)
2. KakaoTalk
3. Instagram (@thenatstory)
4. Facebook
5. Snapchat (@thenatstory)
6. Blog (
7. Twitter (@nataliechai)
8. Dayre (@nataliechai)
9. Whatsapp
10. Wechat

6 different social media platforms to update about your everyday life, is quite overwhelming if you think about it. Well, to be fair I don’t update daily – and most of the time i update once a week on average for each platform (Snapchat excluded). Do I really need to update on all of these channels? No. Do I want to update on all of these channels? Maybe, but not necessarily. Will I continue updating on all of these channels. Probably not.

However, I just really want to share my views on the usage of social media for me and the apps that I find really, really meaningful after awhile – that makes me want to continue using them to document my life. I’m just going to break it down below, and if you guys have other reasons to use the apps – please feel free to share with me!

Messaging Apps
My three go-to apps would definitely be KakaoTalk, Whatsapp and WeChat. I am a loyal user of KakaoTalk and no matter what you say, all the people I need to reach are on the app so there really isn’t a need for me to go to other apps. I still get on Whatsapp and Wechat for the different circles of people whom I may need to talk to. KakaoTalk is also better for me because of the Desktop Application. Chatting and sending files is entirely possible – and fast. It’s not a web-based chatting layout, but a real application that syncs with your mobile chats too.


Honestly, if I had to choose ONE out of all the rest of the social media platforms to update on – I would DEFINITELY choose Youtube. I wish I had done this way back when I was studying in Seoul and Beijing. I began vlogging snippets of my week and uploading them into my channel since beginning of this year, and I must say it is SUCH¬†a blessing to be able to look back and watch the highlights of your weeks. I have been watching different vloggers do their daily and weekly vlogs but one day I just woke up and thought – why not me? Maybe you can ask, why not just record and save it in your hard disk and just rewatch if that’s your main objective of vlogging. Well, its different. If it’s edited and put on such a huge public space like Youtube, it’s so much more accessible for me in future and I don’t need to keep all the unwanted footage because I’ve already done the filtering during the editing. I look at vloggers who have vlogged for 3-4 years and it’s amazing how they can just look back at the uploaded videos, simple click on any of it and be able to retract a memory from years ago, not only by story – but visually. I would encourage anyone to do it because it gives you a memory of a lifetime (or as long as Youtube lives!)



We all know it. We don’t need Instagram. But I do want to use it.

I don’t update much there because I feel like a crappy photo does not deserve to be put up on Instagram just because the standards set by other Instagrammers are so high!! My feed is not very pretty too, but I do try to make it as pretty as I can though I’m still in the quest of finding out how these people do it. Probably update it once a week on average. Unless I’m on a trip.

I would say Instagram is also quite a good app that summarizes all the main events for me in scrolls. Cause we all know the main events all earn a space somewhere in between those tiles. Pretty cool!


This one was a HUGE surprise for me.

I downloaded it once on my Ipad because everybody seemed to be on it. I was SO frustrated that I didn’t get what was the app used for so I deleted it. We had to find out usernames¬†of the people we wanted to follow, there was no Explore button for me to see who I could follow, people could only see my feed in within 24 hours, there was nobody on my feed (because I didn’t know who to add). It was a HORRIBLY boring application!

However, I got some really good tutorials from the people around me and gave it a second chance. I added more people into my list and FINALLY found the light to the app. It really IS such a brilliant app if you’d want to share glimpses and short meaningless moments of your everyday life. Things that don’t deserve to go up on Instagram? It all goes up here!! You can post 5 photos of things in the same event and nobody can complain or will find it annoying just because it takes up their feed. Do that on Instagram and you will be in the running to be the next person to be unfollowed!

And after an interesting day, I can just download the whole pile of short SnapChats for the day and have a copy of the day for myself. It’s like a vlog/diary in bite size! It’s almost the same reason why I chose to use Dayre instead of updating more on my real blog. Snapchat is a whole lot less effortless to document daily lifestyles!

For obvious reasons, the blog really is to document photos and also mainly where I use to share opinions and guides to things or places that I have been to or have experienced. I wish I had dedicated more time on writing on it because it really is such a good space for me to vent my thoughts on or just practice by writing. In nature, I feel alot more relaxed using text as a form of expression because it allows more time for train of thoughts. I would continue blogging for the same reasons as to why I would continue vlogging Рbut I must say vlogging is a lot easier and more convenient.

Will try not to give this up!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.43.24 PM
I used to tweet a lot more before I went to China but every since I had to stop using it because of the firewall issues in Beijing – I kind of drifted apart. I don’t really tweet now and I don’t make a special fuss to update much because it almost gives no value to my memories, just being bluntly honest. I can download an archive and look back, but that’s just going to be a hassle because this is not a place where I try to string my details for easy viewing. Most of the time its just crappy updates and mental notes I try to remind myself to do when I have no where else to write stuff.

Usually I just use Twitter to share my links to my other posts on other social media or to gather answers to questions I may need answered asap.


Dayre is amazing for me only when I’m having an exciting day, or maybe when I’m on a holiday. It’s not really what I’d use on a daily basis especially if my days are usually by the routine. I use it most commonly when I’m away from routine and want to document or write things down on-the-go. I wish I saved all the information of the things I see on trips and vacation for my blog – but because it’s such a hassle, I just Dayre it and look back when I want.

Other than that, not much of a use except to kepoh on all the growth of all the mummy bloggers (because that’s where they all are, and I have a fascination for growing toddlers)

So that’s about the summary of my social media life. I feel like most of it I can definitely live without, but they are mainly things that I would want to use just so I can snoop on other people’s lives when I’m bored and just laying down on my couch. I kind of have a “Kepoh Slot of The Day” where I just scroll through all the applications I’m active on to just see what’s everybody doing. That usually happens at about 7.00 to 9.00PM when I am in the middle of waiting for my dinner to digest and procrastinating shower. That’s a fat two hours of busybody business.

Am I a social media hog? I HONESTLY don’t think so. I can really live without it, but it is a personal choice to stay on to document most things. Make the best out of technology for myself. Do I look forward to likes and comments? I’m not going to lie. It’s always nice to have people acknowledge the stuff you put out there – I can’t say those things don’t make me a little more thrilled. But honestly, I remind myself again and again not to be driven by those things and really just do this for nobody but yourself. Create content that makes you happy ūüôā

How many do YOU use? And why?

That’s about it for now!

See you at all the other platforms if you’re there!

Todays World : Dating a Back-Up

Today’s blogpost is entirely based off an online video of an argument between a couple just today evening after dinner. And it got me thinking – what really is the reason and base of being in a relationship now? What does a relationship mean to people among us? I could be living a fairytale, but I believe in traditional relationships and that involves stages and a solid foundation to a relationship.

Over the past few years, I can’t help but notice that the norm of ‘dating’ right now is really like a test. Don’t get me wrong – I understand and fully acknowledge the fact that nobody knows who suits you best until both of you in the relationship has tried your best to work things out and manages to find it comfortable to accommodate to one another. What i’m saying is, why are there so many out there who gets on ‘relationships’ ¬†when they aren’t even sure who the person really is? Many then say “You never try, you’ll never know”. That, for them – permits the skipping of ¬†the stage where you get to know each other and hang out more often than usual friends to see how things may work out. My problem with the whole norm now is that people jump on an ‘official relationship’ the moment they find each other attractive and then only chooses to think about¬†compatibility after being together.

Call me¬†old fashioned, but i don’t believe in relationships work like that. What happened to the innocence of love? Has that really never existed? For me, relationships start from being acquaintances > friends > closer friends > “grey area” > officially together! But it seems like everybody only sees the point in fast getting-to-know just by superficial standards and jumps from being acquaintances, and then probably a week of flirting, we see an update on Facebook or Instagram #mybae #loveforever #sweet in the next couple of days.

Do we not look deeper into character before doing that or is it really possible to go straight into a relationship by physical attraction? Honest question.

Im not saying it’s wrong or ridiculous, but I honestly don’t understand. How? Is¬†it easier for people to jump from one another, just because we are so accustomed to the “replace if faulty” theory? There are so many fishes-in-the-sea theory? I think that’s a really bad quote for me anyway. Yes, plenty of fishes – but just one for you so why don’t you try to understand and evaluate before deciding on the right one? It’s not a marriage, true enough – but why not treat every single one as a potential to get there to start off with? If things don’t work out the way you wanted it to although you thought he was the one, yes – of course we would all have to move on. But why not start on the right track from the very beginning, ladies?

I know so many around me who don’t see eye to eye with me – but I find a need to stand for what I believe in, to share this message to whoever may be reading this. “Experienced lovers” will always say its good to try all kinds before settling for the one you know you like best. Just “so you can see the clearer picture“. I think the “clearer picture” can be¬†just by¬†getting to know each other! Nobody’s putting a gun to your head telling you what to do or to rush things. Be it months and years – if (s)he is not the one, you’ll know if you sincerely try to get to know the person over time. Sure, some people change (though some people often conveniently refers to it as “the revealing of true colours”) but take that off your head for a second and listen, observe and understand the person infront of you now. Is it really that difficult?

Don’t mistake for what I’m referring to as labels – because that’s a completely different story. So many of the people around us are together without a label. They are always just a person “i¬†am seeing” or “going out with” but “no strings attached“, with an occasional proud smirk. Why are we so afraid to commit? If you are still REALLY in the getting-to-know stage, that’s perfectly line. But many use “no strings attach” just so they always have options despite having someone who is already so prominent in their life, as they are afraid they can always get someone “better”. Who else defines that “better” than yourself? There WILL always be someone better than the other if you look at things from a superficial level.

But why do you have to “look” for someone “better” and make the person infront of you a back-up plan in case things goes wrong. Look at the bigger picture. That bad guy is you. You are holding a good person back, because of your own selfishness of wanting something better, that hasn’t been presented to you yet. Just because you believe you can be worth “more”. Why pursue something that you can mentally put aside as a back up plan? The answer is already so simple : that person is not the one. And if you take that person just because other ‘choices’ don’t seem to appeal and you just want to be temporarily fulfilled as he’s the best for now. The¬†bad guy – is still going to be you.

It’s always fun to have options – but I honestly don’t see the point in being in a relationship when your mentality is always going to be “Well, if this doesn’t work out there will always be another one“. I don’t want us ladies to be obsessed with anybody and to be possessive of whoever you may have, but give yourself a little bit of grace and treasure yourself a little more. Your value as a young woman, or just as a woman, your time and grace is never something that is worth less than others.

Think things through, don’t jump on men like you need them. You don’t need no man, just a stronger you. If you are able to value yourself as such, I feel like this will be able to make you see how much your future partner is able to be an extension of you – rather than someone that completes you, you are your own complete version and nobody can make you complete besides yourself.¬†Prioritise your wellbeing first, and learn to love yourself before you love others

That’s¬†all I have to say for now.

Mei by Fat Spoon

Hello hello!

This is going to be a random review in a long time. It’s probably not even a review – I just wanna share some things that we had at a recent outing with Vivien, Ginny and Joshua who is now working with Xiaomi in Beijing!! We tried Mei by Fat Spoon which is located in Desa Sri Hartamas. It was pretty tough to find with all the shoplots all so packed in one place. Ginny and I drove and made a few round before we finally found it. Right before you turn in to the shoplot areas, it’s at the first row and appears quite early on your left. The sign is also not too huge, but if you keep your eyes peeled for a white interior restaurant you’ll probably find it. It’s a corner lot!




The interiors were really pretty cement and solid. It’s quite echo-y if you want to get a good chat over some good dinner. Most of the people who frequent the place are usually the more mature crowd from the urban society. We bumped into more than 5 friends there, no kidding. The owners are also running around themselves serving the customers, so you get pretty good service!

Ginny and I arrived first before the rest came. We sat around for about 30 minutes before we ordered anything – and they were pretty pleasant about it. That’s nice for such a packed place. Well, actually that’s nice for any place. I wouldn’t want to be hogging someone’s table for long. Especially if when we’re more than two!

Vivien came soon after being stuck in the traffic – and we just had Joshua left to start ordering! I already screen through the menu beforehand and it seems like they are more of a Japanese-Western fusion kind of place.


DSC04613Hello there Joshua!

He sat down and was like “Woah, four of us use different phones”. Ginny uses a Blackberry, Vivien a Samsung/HTC, Joshua a Xiami and I an Apple. That’s kind of funny! Does any of you still uses a Blackberry? I kinda thought it died out but Ginny just recently bought a new one to replace her old one pfft. Loyal blueberry fan forever.

While waiting for our food, I walked around to take some photos of their counter tops and interior. They serve some onigiri’s and various types of cakes for you to nom over simple conversations. Pretty cool! They even have smoked duck onigiri. Super noms – just saw this after reviewing my photos.





This was their waiting area. Love the minimalistic look.



The girls. We used to call ourselves the Fishball Clan. I wonder if it still exists.


I love pasta- so I had to try their Spaggheti Carbonara with Pork Bacon ! It was quite yummy.


I suspect this was Vivien’s but I cant be too sure. This was the Torched Salmon Rice, if I’m not wrong.


Also ordered a pot of tea that comes with two nice tea cups. Love it when we can share our tea. Any kind of tea!


Okay, group selfie. It’s a pretty grainy photo – my bad. But the original quality wasn’t that good. Tried to brighten it up abit but it turned out super grainy. Wanted to re-edit it but I replaced the file in my computer. I guess this works.

So that was a brief overview of what happened in Fat Spoon. Overall, I felt like the place was quite cool and worth a try. I don’t know if we will come to one day, where we think “Man I want the carbonara by Fat Spoon” cause the taste wasn’t anything too astounding. But that being said, I feel like if I was already around the area and was looking for a place to eat – I would come back. I wished they tried to cut down on the echo of the place. Love how well lit the place is though. Lots of restaurants got to buck up with that.

So, till next time!

Backupophia – if that exists!

Hello all!

I am lost for abit – but trust me next month will be such a good month!!¬†This month also probably got at least two updates so please come back soon. Maybe I try to do¬†soon. It’s also about 2AM now – but i’m still up doing one of the most paranoid things ever. I’m backing up my Iphone photos. To another hard disk. And another. And another one. I now finally can go to sleep in an hour, after I finish having 3 exact same copies of photos in three different external hard disks.

I started developing this fear of losing my photos after I lost them once in a thumbdrive. Since then, I’ve learnt that I don’t mind paying more to be able to keep those photos forever. And one hard disk is just NOT going to do it. Two, sounds good. But three? That sounds like a pretty awesome plan. I’m not sure if they have a diagnosis for this – ¬†backupophobia, or something.

So while waiting, I figured I should just blog while spending my time here in the living room. This week has been quite happening. As I’m typing this my body is pulsating from being tired, but I will fight through!! Spent quite a good amount of time running around One Utama yesterday trying to pick up stuff for an office warming party, and we stayed up pretty late (for me lah pfft) so me being me, my stamina just won’t make the cut for 14 hour outings – and I was quite burnt out by the time I was on the way home. I felt like my body was a pulsating machine pfft. I slept it all off until about 2PM today. So I woke up a happy girl, but less productive one. Well, I’m here compensating my day by giving it a few more extra hours and I’m throwing myself on the bed! Just turned on the aircond 10 minutes ago, so it should be good and chilly by the time I go in!

Forgot to take photos from the party last night – but vlogged quite abit. Hopefully you all menyokong vlogs vlogs saya, because I find documenting things that way are a whole lot more efficient. Just whip camera out – say some words, and tada!!

Okay, I’m just two minutes away from done. Please watch my vlog from last week for now – see you soon!!

I’m Okay, You’re Okay Too.

ReadyForPrint07 copy

Last week was one that put my family and I on a short hiatus away from everything.

We received news of the passing of an uncle who has always been around us for family gatherings and did not entirely expect him to be leaving us so soon despite having some health issues. We spent a total about 3 days at the wake with everybody in the family together at the same place. My uncle was the youngest of all his siblings and following Chinese traditions, only those who were of a lower status in the family tree were allowed to pray for him.

As he was the youngest of the generation, my cousins and I along with his only child Jynn did the prayers. All 6 of us stood by Jynn for the past 3 days of the wake, and everytime I sit behind Jynn (the child has to be at the front row) – i wonder how is it like for him. He is a 15 year old boy, with shoulders that were no broader than his mom. He was only beginning to sprout in height, but have only shot over his equally petite framed mother in the recent months. How is it like for him?

Along the wake I think to myself – that nobody is ever prepared for such news. Nobody can ever be prepared enough to go through the passing of a relative. We can always expect it if there were symptoms, but when it comes – it still comes as a shock. I think back to when I was 15 – I was getting ready for PMR. Now that I think of it, 15 was also a life-turning phase for me because of certain personal incidents – but tracing my years back, I still felt like I was old enough to handle many major things. But now, now that I look at those shoulders and observe his frame from behind – I see a fragile young boy who was never built for this. Yet, he stood tough and lifted his head up. He never forgets to flash a smile or two when speaking to people who came to the wake. Friends who have come to pay their last respects give him a tight hug, but he comforts them back in return.

“Its for the best, its for the best”

Does he mean those words? Does he really know the meaning to those words? Why does a 15 year old have to carry the burden of making it alright for everybody when it’s not okay for him. He should have had his own liberty to be mourning in tears – but he decided otherwise. For that I look up to his courage. He may be a naughty kid in school, or a lazy child at home – but those don’t matter right now. What matters now is that a child has lost a lifetime companion who has been there for him since he was born – his own father.

During the last moments of the wake, right before they sealed up the casket Рthe emcee guided friends and family to a few rituals. I watched those shoulders shake. Tears streamed down his skin but he refrained from wiping them too much because people from the back may know. But I saw the tears all roll down to his collar bones, and on to the collar of his white t-shirt. His eyes shut tight  Рso tight I could see the wrinkles at the corner of his eyes. He swallows his cries and lets it go back down his throat. I could see him trembling.

At one point, somebody softly calls out to him. He hears it the first time, and quickly wipes of whatever that’s on this face – and waits for the second call. When it came, he turned back with a face so normal only with slightly red eyes and flashed a smile. That was the most heart wrenching smile I’ve seen in a lifetime. That smile is now engraved in my mind – and I have flashbacks of what it felt like to see that smile, just seconds after all that trembling. It froze me inside, and sent me to a deep pool of thoughts. How?

Through all that, I tried to refrain from looking at him because we all know the effects. It turns into a relay of tears and my family is mainly built with females – probably doesn’t help if it starts. The wake went smoothly with dear friends and distant family members travelling to bid their last goodbyes. Thank you for everyone who came, and with misfortune comes a blessing – I was happy everyone in the family were there for each other in times like this.

Rest in peace, Uncle Peter.

Verdict: 50 Shades of Grey

I watched it!

The very first memory I have of the book was probably back in 2010 – 2011. It was the most talked about book, so many of my girlfriends were raving about how romantic the book was (or maybe they didn’t exactly use the word ‘romantic’). I loved romantic novels so I was quite interested but never really took the extra step to march in the bookstores for it. I then had my first encounter with the book.

I was ¬†still an intern with Esquire Malaysia and with one of the shoots, I had to find a copy of the book and make the talents from the shoot read a passage of their choice out loud. When I first got hold of the book, I flipped through and stopped right at at the middle of the novel – just to see if it was easy to read so I could pick one up on the way home. I read, didn’t even batter an eye, and tried to read harder. I flipped a few more pages. And another few more. Nobody warned me about the book. I didn’t even think much about when the team wanted the talents to read it during brainstorming. “Probably just a session to showcast their talents”. Wow. All I can say is, I didn’t really get along with the book and was quite turned off. It probably wasn’t my kind of genre, i didn’t even bother giving the synopsis a look up. What I saw was pain.

A few years forward, the story comes alive again. Those who owns the book celebrates the movie version, and ¬†“hopes the movie version gives justice to the book”. The trailer goes viral the day it’s released and I remembered my impression of it. I clicked on the trailer, also with curiosity, to see if it tallies with what I’ve briefly read in the book years ago. Actually, I didn’t even have to. The preview thumbnail of the video was of a women blindfolded laid on her back. Still, curiosity gets the better of me. I watched the trailer. “Great soundtrack, I wonder who sang that”.

Months later – the movie was released. People were overjoyed because it was going to show here in Malaysia (didn’t end up like so). Everyone didn’t have to wait long before the movie was uploaded online for free streaming. The link was being shared in Facebook for days by so many people around my circle. One evening, I just decided to click into it. And watched the whole movie. The version I watched was probably quite heavily censored, but I would say i preferred it that way.

How’s the movie?

Since I’ve never read the book I can’t say if it did the book justice. But all in all, I’d think it was an “okay” kind of movie. Probably 5.5 out of 10. It could be a 6. Watching it till the end, I think i finally found the reason why most of the people raving about this story were mostly females. I think. I THINK. I think I understood what the “romantic” side of the story was above all that painstaking interest of sexual pleasures. ¬†I saw the impression¬†of how the woman wanted to change her man into somebody he is not. He was tough. But he gave in, step by step. What’s best? He was a handsome and capable man – that probably fits the puzzle for most woman who wishes nothing but a man who gives in to her hopelessly romantic desires.

…and that’s probably all the logic I see in this movie. I respect the storyline, but I was looking for a reason as to why it went viral. Probably because of the obvious, but what puzzles me is the reason as to why so many woman out there are happy and overjoyed for such peculiar treatment? It almost feels like a celebration. Either that, or I just suck at appreciating what many may see as “art”.

Whatever it is – I probably just need to take a chill pill, move on with life, and stop wondering about these things. But honestly though, the painful intimacy aside – it may have made quite a sweet story.

Signing out x

March Update!


Thank you everybody for being so nice to drop by still during CNY period. So surprised at the stats!

I have been away at Langkawi during Chinese New Year with my immediate family along with Cousin Jynn, Grandma and aunt. I blogged consistently with Dayre ( so if you want to see what kind of (uninteresting) things happen there just click the link to kepoh lah. Or if you are too lazy you can also watch the video below.

The biggest highlight this horrendous cable car ride! It was quite nice lah the view and all, but dang – the experience on unclosed doors was quite unpleasant. Please read more on my Dayre, abit lazy to repeat again – but its a very interesting story i promise!

Besides that, I’m pretty happy because its finally March and I’m kicking back to work. For those who may not know, I have already shifted jobs and is no longer with my previous job that I blogged about few months ago. I still really miss the times there, but I think what’s in store for me now may just be something I find myself to be more suited in. They still have similiar scopes though, but it’s what i enjoy doing ūüôā


Ok lah short update for now! Come back soon!

Hello everyone.

I’ve been wanting to give my blog a facelift since forever. The only reason why i still use this template is because it’s the only template available that can fit my photos in the perfect size I like, and its a comfortable hue of blue. As for the fishes behind all these texts (hopefully when you read this in the near future, they will be gone and replaced by an elegant background – probably means white to me pfft), let’s just say I’m not a big fan.

It’s tough for me to change templates because my domain is under a friend’s and I don’t exactly have the flexibility to change much things or host images under my WordPress account. So every time I upload a photo for a post, I gotta do it through a third party image hosting site (right now its still Flickr) and embed the HTML here in the text area – one by one! So what this means, is that I can’t really customize photos to put in headers and such because those things needs my photos to be hosted by my server (but I don’t have that flexibility). Not that i’m complaining – already got the domain for free I can’t ask for more cherries on top of free ice cream. Still very grateful for the domain!

Getting my server provider to help me find a middle ground for this! So let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish that I can finaly get things around. Can’t have fishes swimming here and there in circles still in 2015. Maybe my superstitious grandma will say it signifies luck that is circling in a pot pfft. But hey, this year proved to be pretty good so far!

Yesterday was Valentines day. Oh! Speaking of Valentines Day – recently got to do a little something with the boys at The Ming Thing for a little skit on How to Buy A Valentines Day Gift! Have you watched it yet? Cause if you haven’t, I shall do the honors of embedding it for you right down below!

So what did you guys do for Valentines day, or week? Gosh waking up to Instagram and Facebook that morning was seriously just full of -.-. It’s not so much of a “Omg I’m so jealous” “Omg why am I still single” kind of =.=. It’s just the feeling of scrolling endlessly through a flower catalogue. Which one to buy for my mother’s birthday. Not flowers, then maybe catalogue of where to have the best Valentines getaway. Feels like a competition with each other. Or maybe this is what a girl who sits at home enjoying McDonalds bought by her mom will say.

How did I wake up to Valentines? I woke up to matching T-shirts with my mom, and got instructed to order McD right away. Well, at least McD was the good part of the day. It became my Valentine photo. And it got a good amount of engagement. I like to think that people like my choice of Valentines.

Other than that, I am also a very happy girl today because I finally got RM 48 waived off my phone bill. It was me second time filing ¬†a ‘complaint’. So this was what happened. I’ve always had a 1GB internet plan (costs RM 48 per month) but in January, I decided that I’d try downgrading to see if I can just work with 500MB. I’m always at the office so I usually just use up to 650MB and that’s it. If I control a little bit more, I can probably save a little money. So what I did to change the plan, was that I ran a code on my phone and changed the plan through the code. This was what the counter advised me to to do about a year ago.

So this time I remembered that advise, and did just that. In the month of January, I tracked my usage and made sure i used less that 500MB because I know that I’ll be painfully charged if I went over the quota. Of course, I can’t do that without a trusty dta tracker app. The bill for January soon came and I realised I was not only charged for my 500MB (RM 38) but my monthly 1GB was still running! I was not happy, of course and wanted to waive it off. So I went to the Maxis branch in Pavilion to try to sort things out an explained it to him. I then found out that the codes that ran in my phone were only applicable for Quota Upgrades. So if I was on a 1GB plan and thought I needed more, I can get there and upgrade my plan for the particular month.

Well, made sense. But not what I was made to understand the last time. So I still thought it was unfair for them to teach me A, but end up charging me for that. The Pavilion branch tried to help, but only said they would submit a case. They would waive off the amount for me if they find that my usage was indeed lower than 500MB. He also promised that I would get a Case Text to indicate that the case was being submitted and reviewed in 30 minutes after we left the counter. I waited the next 24 hours. Nothing.

So two weeks forward, today – I went to the KLCC branch. I like that branch a whole lot better because people in general seem to know what they are doing and are more understanding and helpful. But honestly, I went there with preparation to be like “rawr rawr i haven’t had lunch” tone incase they turn the fault on entirely on me. So before I sat down I told the lady it was my second time doing this (so she is prepared incase I don’t end up being happy at her :P) and gosh, was so relieved when she willingly waived the amount of after understanding my account. I could see she had the “That was a Quota Upgrade code, not a Plan Change code” face going on – but I think the lesson here is that I now know that the method doesn’t work. And most importantly I wasn’t charged for nothing. She also kindly helped me shift my plan to one that’s more valuable, so I’m very happy with her service!

Okay that’s all to end my day!

Goodnight everybody ūüôā