The Nat Story (1)

alrite this blog is not about anything special. Just somewhere for me to hang around when im dead bored. I realised sumthing about life. People tend to do things which they think is right, even when they arent’. Including me. =) But what puzzles me is, sumtimes when we try to share probz with other friends..they always stand on just ONE side. Cant they think of all the parties whos in the whole thing. aih sometimes i really dont understand. Im not pointing at whoever this means but audiences are always saying parties are acting,trying to get sympathy,flirtatious and etc crap. Sometimes things dont turn out the way the person looks. If he/she is smiling, it doesnt prove tht he/she is happy with her life, satisfied with what they do. One thing humans always misunderstand,they dont think widely. [yes,including me] but if only you had the time to sit down on your bed before Dreamland and just think at each of their shoes, there’s always a dilemma for ALL of em’..hmm but whatever it is..everything is part of our life history. Be grateful its there no matter what,sad or happy. Just my two cents.