One Day Getaway : Tanjung Sepat


Family and I got on another getaway, this time to Tanjung Sepak. I just only found out that the travel course was not Sepang, because that was where I thought we were at all along! Anyways, it was a pretty much a green course – meaning to say we were looking at fruit farms, coffee factories, pau factories, vegetable Ah Soh’s, and sunset and sea.

Mom did quite some research before we left, and with the guidance of a little bit of technology – we headed along the approximately 1 hour 30 minute drive. Quite a place to visit if you don’t wanna make a long drive to “near” places like Malacca (which I am heading to again! This time with the Uni lot). It’s actually along the way near Sepang Gold Coast (I hope my information is correct, but I highly encourage research pfft) so we dropped by the resort for a while too.

Our first stop was the dragonfruit farm, and oh my – look at these pink fruits ONCE here, come back to Kuala Lumpur and you’ll never look at dragonfruits the same way again. This morning in the market I saw them dragonfruits (that I pass by almost every alternate morning) only to realize that the ones they are selling here in the city is so pale in colour, and not to mention so much different in size! The ones in the farm were humoungues, as big as my hand (although that’s not very big!) but the ones in the morning market were a little smaller than my palm!

They were selling these for RM 10 for four, but prizes are different as you go by the road stalls. I heard Tanjung Sepak is famous for its dragonfruits. Did you know that there are two types of dragon fruits? One’s flesh is in rich pink, while the other is white! We got the farm to blend us some dragonfruit juices there and then. I have to say they weren’t tasty but they did taste healthy. I couldn’t finish one by myself though – the taste was just too rich! They had SO many dragonfruits in one place (well, I did say it was a farm) in huge barrels.

Them huge dragonfruits, although photos don’t do their sizes justice!

Just look at its colour. Unlike the juices in restaurants, this was so full of dragonfruit it never started diluting or whatsoever! Very worth it for those who are in for a healthy zip! And below is a photo of me with them pink fruits  smiling together, with dragonfruit juice. #shallowcaption

White mum. This photo makes me wonder what will happen if she actually poured in on her shirt.

Next on the course, we went to a pau factory. They made them buns there and then, but we were a little unlucky because the village were out of electricity. This means we didn’t get to see them mix the ingredients for the pau (which seemed pretty interesting based on some blog reviews!). However, we still got to see them wrap the pau’s and they were such pros because each and every pau ended up so round and fluffy! They were even gossiping over pau-wrapping.

Hai Yew Heng :  5, Tanjung Sepat, 42700 Banting, Selangor, Malaysia

About 6 feet tall worth of pau’s waiting to be steamed but because electricity was out they were just sitting out for display.

Fillings of one of their pau flavors – mui choy. It’s actually salted vegetables – I didn’t get a taste of it because I don’t usually like mui choy – but I heard it was quite good! They make more than a thousand buns a day thanks to these machines.


The pau wrapping aunties who were gossiping over rounded pau’s. This is basically their work station. The older generations were wrapping them while the younger generation (a boy who was about possibly 12-13 years old) was selling them! Just like many other famous tourists spots, he was very chic and casual about customers. Never spoke a word to those who weren’t in line – didn’t even bother to answer until it was their turn! Ada gaya.

Love – hate relationship with pau’s because it’s one of my (not-so-many) nicknames – Pau Face.

Right opposite the mini factory is their restaurant were they serve KILLER COFFEES (not my personal testimonial, but the rest of the 6 company who was with me for the day) as well as them paus. Agh, I wonder how many times have I typed the word pau already.

Normally service should be quite quick but we had to wait quite awhile because we didn’t even know if they could steam the pau’s up for us since there was no electricity! The lady checked and came back and told us we could have a few (no idea how) so we had their signature Pork Meat (Shen Rou) pau as well as their Sesame (Chi Ma) pau. No idea about the sesame but the pork meat pau filling was pretty good. I tasted alot of egg and fillings were a little small in portion but fillings were very compact with tender meat and egg. Quite good, but I don’t think I can eat more than two of it at one go.

Staple photos of food place visits.

Right outside the stall they were selling all raw ingredients for you to cook at home. The only thing relevant that I got for myself was a bag of ready-to-eat fishballs (probably about 15 of them) that sold for RM 5.00. Pretty nice, but a little salty than the usual ones we get here in KL dimsum restaurants.

Me spying on them fishballs.

 Next up, we walked a little further up to the coffee factory but again due to the electricity disruption, machines weren’t working so we didn’t get anything out of the stall. I don’t have a particular fetish for coffees (except for latte art, if that is anywhere relevant) so I was just looking around. They served us mini cups of coffees to taste, brewed from their own beans. They smelt pretty dark and rich and were already packed nicely in teabags. They said the bags can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a year – so no sweat if you can’t finish all of them in a shot!

Some of the beans on display.

One of the stretches along the road that I thought would make a pretty nice photo.

Because we left KL quite late, it was soon time for dinner. Mom had a few famous restaurants drawn up her list – but because we found one of them too quickly (because it was really near the lot of factories) so we went straight to the Lover’s Bridge, which was another famous destination in Tanjung Sepat.  Apprently it was ‘used to be the port for fishing boats at the old times. But it was also known as the place for young people to exchange their vows for love’.

It wasn’t too far away from where we were still, but more a less a 5-10 minute drive. As usual – when you reach a well known spot, there is bound to be a souvenir shop with loads of celebrity photos taken with the laupan. Took a short round and stepped out – jumping to walk on the bridge as I could see from the parking spot that it extends out to the sea (although not very far off).

The only hippy corner in the shop that I found interesting.

Right before the entrance of the bridge.

The Lover’s Bridge (also known as Lover’s Link).

You have no idea how many times we said “Turn Back” and “Stop” to take this photo of my dad! Each time he kept walking while texting, we told him to stop. But right after he stopped he looks back. So we tell him to do whatever he was doing and not turn back. Then he starts walking again. The we tell him again and again. Aboji, just stand there!

“Nick, take a photo of me! You should st……” (clicks)

Kungfu Dragon. Actually the real log was really slanted but because we cut the bottom part of the photo it doesnt seem that slanted, hence defeating the initial purpose of the photo. But oh well!

Nick, Natalie, Mom, Dad (who is still texting pfft)

These are the coconut tree logs that they use to support the Lovers Bridge. The front part of the bridge  is made by sturdy cement but if you walk further it’s all wood. Some parts of the planks were already kind of loose and because it was already quite far into the sea, I didn’t dare walk on it.

One of the restaurants there. There were about 3 restaurants at the place. We had our dinner at the one next to this, which wasn’t all that to shout about. I thought they would serve fresh seafood because they were right next to the sea but the crab that came on our table were full of shells and almost nothing but loose chunks of crabmeat. Their lai liu ha (mantis shrimp) were pretty good because of the sauce they put on it. Fried sotong was full of flour. Simply put, I wasn’t amused during dinner – but the scenary put up for it.


I mean, we were looking at this over dinner while watching the tide come in for the night. Not bad, I’d say.

During dinner, we realised that there was ANOTHER bridge next to the Lover’s Link and it seemed painted (unlike this one which was old and grey tsk) so we decided that we had to just stop by and look. Good thing we did because I witnessed my first sunset there! Frankly, I was kind of disappointed because I thought i’d see the sun move (haha!). Well it did, but because I was looking at it so intensely it just kept going down and down I didn’t realise it was moving. Pretty interesting!

I think it actually belongs to another restaurant but since they weren’t open we just walked towards it. I’m not sure still, but we just kind asked if we could walk on it – to which they happily nodded heads to.

The sun was already setting the moment we stepped down from the car so I had to quickly take photos! We were only there for about 10 minutes but the colour of the sky changed so much!

The bridge where I witnessed the red sunset! Right behind me is a hut (which is kind of shaky) that was really nice to chill at but since it was getting late and we still wanted to kepoh at Sepang’s Gold Coast, we didn’t stay back to chill.

You can still see a TINY bit of the sun behind!

Brother and I trying out the hut after the sun set (from my sight, that is). Looks quite chill but the fact was we ran right off right after the photo because the sky was really dimming at an alarmin rate!

We later headed towards Gold Coast but there was nothing really special about the place to take photos off (the sky was already dark by the time we got there) so we just chilled and lookseelooksee. That marked the end of our one-day course that lasted for about 5-6 hours. Pretty healthy trip I would say.

There were a few more places that we didn’t get to go because we couldn’t find them. We were SO near to the mushroom factory but it was already closed. I suppose we’re gonna drop by the next time we come again (I heard there’s also a potato chip factory, a fishball factory…).

So till then!


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