Of Zero Paragraphs

Almost exactly 10 days since I last blogged and have been high and low settling down for my final semester in uni. This semester I’m taking Creative Writing. That’s interesting, mostly because we get to write to our hearts with approachable and exciting topics. It’s the other subject that’s keeping us all up at night (not yet, but probably soon). For our final semester, we’re taking this subject that’s worth 9 credit points and worth 3 hours of lecture each – slapped with 6 more extra hours of tutorials of the same subject. That’s facing one lecturer 9 hours per week. Well, here’s what can give you a sneak peek of what we’re involved in – communication research. Dry topic, but we’re making the best out of things.

Well, at least we’re trying to.


When things get a little uptight and boring, we’ll walk to one of the restaurants at the Commercial Block. Sometimes its Korean, sometimes its Subway, and the rest of the time most probably Chilli Pan Mee. Francisca really likes the Korean Ramen there, and had nearly thrown a tantrum at the restaurant yesterday because she accidentally ordered Kimchi Soup (that comes with rice). Well, after that she was so glad she did the mistake and went back to the restaurant today for the same dish.

This girl’s so busy running around lately sending stock to her customers. You guys should check out her Nail Polish online store too. Her team is selling some ranges of the original OPI at as low as RM 25 here at DEUX. Only for a few more days I heard that’s why she’s running around so much. Fran has gone so crazy for nail polish art that her Instagram at @franciscalim is full of her nail polish designs (and my stalker cam). Trust me I know nothing about manicure/pedicure because I think my life is just not born that way (pfft) but ever since she found her hobby she has been giving Abby and I free manicure sessions, I totally get why these ladies go back to the shop after their pretty fingers go naked!¬†Well, I still don’t think nail polish is my kind of thing but I’ve learnt to appreciate it alot more than I used to. I just feel like it’s almost always a waste to be painting them expensive paint on me because after approximately 2-3 days they start coming off already.

Sometime she gets so bored she even tries to get inspirations from Instagram photos. Here’s one she made out of my Alang Rawa trip!

Who knew I’d be talking about them nails?

Ahh, this was just a breathtaker.

I should get back to work and stare at my research questions.



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