Nostalgic Trip

Just when I have begun to lose interest in lanterns because the new and improved ones these days have lost their original essence, the quick trip to the market in Pudu Market this morning with the family hit me back in the head and reminded me of the lanterns I once used to play with many years back.

The lanterns these days are battery occupied and are such a fuss because the melody is so disturbing, and when the neighbours makes lantern rounds during Mooncake Festival – you just want to run into the house and wait until they leave.

I used to bring a couple of my close friends back to my Grandma’s and about 15 of us would light up really traditional paper lanterns and walk around the neighborhood. Every year, more than half of our lanterns will burn in the midst of the trip and about 2-3 of us would be burnt by the heat. Then we’ll go run back to the house whailing and my trusty aunt would apply some aloe vera cream and we’d start playing with the candles again.

So, here’s one of the places that I found this morning that sold so many of the old lanterns. Now, if only the designs were a little more traditional – it would be perfect.

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