MNET Countdown

*Warning : This post is not meant for anti Kpopians πŸ™‚

Directions to MNET Countdown will be given below the post. It is fully translated from the main site. Dawn and I got a little lost while heading there for the first time. They used to be located at a building called 88 Health Center – I guess its a good shift because the new place is a whole lot more cleaner.

Those who know a little thing or two about Kpop should have heard of Mnet Countdown. For those who don’t, its a weekly music program that allows the public to go in for free. The other music programs may have their own regulations but Mnet Countdown usually just requires you to get your tag number early in the morning, then you can come back for the queue in the evening when the program starts its live broadcast.

Dawn and I weren’t so agitated about attending so we never really bothered to go there early and get number tags. Good thing there was still space left (Only 200 max per week) as those who reserved didn’t turn up (on time). Sometimes when certain groups come up, you would have to show them the album to gain access but most of the time they have the General Seats – so you can always come without being a fan of anybody. Kiamsiap people like me will normally have no original album to gain seats pfft.

BuDae Jjigae (λΆ€λŒ€μ°Œκ°œ), a soup with mixture of Korean tofu, Ramen, Sausages and Ham

Dawn had Cheese Ramyun

I was actually only looking forward to see Kyu Hyun but MNET and S.M Entertainment is on conflicts so none of their artists are allowed to feature in the program. Too bad. We went with no hopes of going in, just wanted to look around because we knew it was going to be a little too late. Plus, this was a new location so I didn’t know what to do. Previously we had to just stand around and then when its time to go in, we’ll just er…enter.

On our way in the bus

In the bus. Yellow seats are for the general public, whereas the pink ones are for the needy.

Had to wait outside the hall at 4PM, after gaining last minute entrance.

Guestlist of the day was:-

CNBLUE, Supreme Team,Davichi, Wonder Girls, 4 Minute, T-Max, Seo In Gook, MBLAQ, and a few more ( can’t remember who). I loved Davichi so was really looking forward to hear them live. Had goosebumps because I love their latest track <Please Stop Time> and they were so good!

The area is actually really small compared to what you see in photos, videos or anything. Most probably the size of 3 badminton courts so you can clearly tell who’s singing live and who wasn’t. Most of the idol groups have had their performances recorded earlier so during the real live broadcast, they would just air the recorded versions and the artist themselves will just appear in the center to entertain the fans.

Nobody was allowed to take photos but I sneaked a few photographs. I was pretty sure the guard saw me but he closed one eye. There was one time I was so scared because he dashed towards my direction while I was taking a video. In the end he confiscated the camera that belonged the girl sitting next to me!

Sorry, forgot their name but I know they’re from MBLAQ. Emcees for the day along with a member of CNBLUE

Bwa Bwa~ Nareul Bwa Bwa

Here’s a video I sneakily recorded. Blocked by a head in the beginning but after that it gets clear. You can also get a glimpse of how things are done in the place – and maybe get a rough idea on how small the place really is.


My picks for the day were CNBLUE and Davichi. Can you spot them?

At the end of the show, all the artist that performed for the day came together to anticipate the winner.

After the live broadcast, we took a few photos because the area outside the building was very photo worthy

This is the exact building, just incase you need to recognize it.

Dawn with the enormous head. The sky was getting darker as it was already about 7PM. Hence, the darkness.

Loving the contrasting backgrounds. That’s Dawn sandwiched in love.

And me trying to er, be…attached pfft.

Looks like the type of photos where an Ah Lian stands next to a Christmas Tree in Mid Valley and poses on the hips pfft

Dawn and I headed to Myeong Dong after that (long day!) because Gloria, my first ever Korean language lecturer who taught me my first official Korean sentence! She resides in Malaysia but was in Seoul to visit her family. While we were in the middle of the filming of MNet, she called and asked to meet up so we did! It got pretty late when we met her but it was all good. Really surprised to know that it was her first time in Myeong Dong! It’s like a KLian hasn’t been to Sungei Wang!

In the subway : Non profitable organizations giving away food to the poor and old. An uncle was so angry cause I was taking their photo πŸ™

There this stage in the main entrance of Myeong Dong where many of them hopefuls perform on stage to be spotted at talents here!

I stood here for about 2 hours just to watch them people dance two years ago. I remember it was FREEZING cause it was still the end of winter and I was in spags

Students in uniforms dahnsheen!

A guy proposing to his girlfriend in public, with er Jaden Smith behind karate kicking

After briefly watching eh performance, Gloria appeared so we had some Jjim Dalk <μ°œλ‹­>. Dawn and I weren’t very hungry and Gloria already had her dinner so we just settled for the budget dinner. Actually not very economical because only Dawn and I ate.

Directions to MNET Countdown

The building you have to be at is CJ E&M ( CJ Entertainment).

You have to be there before 10AM in order to be put in the guest list (although the admittance is at 4-5PM). Upon entrance you will need to locate the main lobby or get to a studio in Level 2 of the building. Find someone and ask them about reserving for Mnet Countdown.


Line No.6 Digital Media City, Exit No.2
Line No.6 World Cup Station, Exit No 2

World Cup Station : #171, #271, #571, #7714, #7751
SinSa-Dong: #7715
Seoul Station, Nam Dae Mun Station : #7013
Korea University, City Hall : #171, #172
Hong Dae (HongIk University) : #7016, #7711, #15
Hap Jeong Station (Exit No 2) : #7013
Yang Jae, DanGook University, Jong Ro, Gwanghwamun, Seodaemun : #470
Yang Jae Station, Kang Nam Station #9711

Stations to stop off : Sam Ang Elementary School, DMC HongboGwan, Digital Media City Station

It’s pretty complicated so you might wanna visit this site, and print the map so that you can show the cabbie where to go. CLICK

You might want to take the bus as above to the place BEFORE taking a cab because cabs there are pretty costly. The meter goes up pretty quickly. If you have zero level grisp of Korean, you would want to go there super early – just incase you get lost.


  1. Sophie says:

    Hi! Your blog is really great! I love it !!

    I wanted to know in what time we have to go to mnet building to have the tag number? (Well if you know)

    Is there anyway to know, before, the band who will perform? to buy an album of concerned band before going to queue(we never know it might be useful) …

    And last question (yes I know it makes a lot): Do you remember the day and time of recording of the show?

    Thanks of lot if you reading that XD


    Sophie (France)

  2. admin says:

    Hello Sophie.
    I think you have to be there about 8-10AM (the earlier the better). You can get hold of the list of performers at the mainsite of Mnet Countdown. Most of the names will be in Korean though, so in by any chance you can’t read Korean it’ll be a little hard.

    Mnet Countdowns are on Thursdays. Live broadcast is about 6. Grouping of audience is at 4PM while admittance is at 6-630ish.


  3. Nuria says:

    Hi‘‘‘ I would like to go the next Thursday, can you explain me what I can do? where is? and all information that i can be necesary?.. thnak you

    I let my email:

  4. admin says:

    Hello Nuria.

    I have suppled all sufficient information in the post above. πŸ˜€ Have even translated the directions given by Mnet itself πŸ™‚ You are free to ask what you don’t understand

  5. Sophie says:

    Hello Natalie !!!

    Thanks a lot for all this precious informations ^.^

    I think my friends and i will try to follow your advice to go in it … we will be in Korea on august !!

    really happy to have find your blog !!


  6. MuChai says:

    Hi! it seems like you had fun!!
    You know the other day I was watching ” μΎŒμ ν•œκ΅­ λ―Έμˆ˜λ‹€ ” and Dawn was in it, although just for a little clip; she was singing ” Three bears” with her korean language classmates at μ—°μ„ΈλŒ€!!!
    When I saw her at first, I kept teling myself that I’ve seen her before γ…….γ……
    Anyway 쒋은 ν•˜λ£¨ λ³΄λ‚΄μ„Έμš©

  7. admin says:

    Hello Mu Chai!

    Oh yes indeed it was her!
    She has been trying to trackback because she couldn’t seem to get her hands on the clip. Any idea how you can help her? πŸ™

  8. Lisz says:

    Oh…this really helps..
    Hope I can experience at least once,to watch Mnet Countdown during my visit this october…

  9. nut says:

    thanks for posting this! it was really helpful. my friend and i are planning to go to korea in dec, and if any of our fave groups are performing, we’ll definitely wanna watch the music shows! ^-^

    i’ve a few questions though,
    1. is the mnet studio within walking distance from myeongdong?
    2. when you mention “world cup station”, “sinsa-dong” etc under buses, do you mean places where you can board the bus?

    thank you! ^-^

  10. valerie says:

    can i ask for the brand of your sunnies and model? is it raybans?
    haha anyway did you stay in a guesthouse or sth or student hostel in Seoul?
    Oh and what food do you recommend aside from the usuals like bulgogi, BBQ, ramyun etc. how about those like stirfry in the pan style?

    Thanks (:

  11. admin says:

    Hello Valerie! Actually it doesnt have a brand @_@ I bought it at the usual street stalls! I stayed in an apartment, managed to get lucky enough to find someone who was offering at a cheap price! I usually wont recommend the normal Korean cuisions. I would really recommend the stir friend octopus rice (almost like dallgalbi, but its squid) and also something called the μ°œλ‹­ (google for photos) “Jiimdalg”. Really loved these dishes when I was there

  12. lees says:

    Hi! I read your article about attending Mnet Countdown… I’m actually wanting to go to a Korean music show this summer while I’m there. It can be any of them (Music Bank, Music Core, ect…) But can you please send me more information about exactly how you got into Mnet Countdown? So you just have to be there real early in the morning and make sure you’re there in the afternoon and you will be guaranteed a seat during the taping? It seems to easy to be true lol.

  13. admin says:

    Yes, what I said IS true. It also sometimes depends on the poplarity of the featuring artists that day. MNET normally allows a certain number of public (that doesn’t come with the fanclubs who are there) to go, and that is when u go get your seats. Unfortunately, sometimes the fanclubs manage to hog all the seats and u might not even get any at all. But just to try your luck. just go and see if they ahve the ‘public seats’ open for the day πŸ™‚ Might help if you learn a bit of Korean to tell the people around there you want a seat.

  14. Trench :) says:


    May I ask what time did the show end? Our return flight is on a Thursday night so this is my last hope to watch a music show, lol. But if it ends too late, I might not be able to watch too!

    And yeah, about fanclubs… For example, this October, groups like SNSD, Brown-Eyed Girls, etc are making a comeback and they have a really solid fanclub… what do you think are my chances of getting in if I’m not a member of a fanclub?

    Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

  15. Duong says:

    can you describe everything you did to get in there? i am a little worried that i have to queue for nothing πŸ™‚

  16. Naomi says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this. It helped me understand more on how to go to M! Countdown πŸ™‚ but i’m worrying on how to get there. I just have to take the train the Digital Media City Station and take a cab showing the map to the taxi driver? And how do you reserve the tickets for M! Countdown?

    Hope you see this. i’m really in doubt :/

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