LG Lollipop GD580 Review

This time round I’ll be introducing to you my latest gadget, the LG Lollipop phone that I bought approximately 4 months ago. Writing this has made me realised that its been with me for so many months now. I bought the phone for about RM 750. Frankly I’m a huge fan of big flip phones, and I’ve been eyeing on this little thing for a year now. The price didn’t drop during the whole span of a year so I decided that I should just buy it. Serves my greedy self right because after I decided to keypoh and asked the retailers again, they said it dropped to RM 670! I usually buy my gadgets myself with moolah earnt from separate part time jobs or random occasions so it was quite hard for me to succumb into this harsh reality /breaks into tears

For those who don’t know, the standard three colors that are being widely sold in Kuala Lumpur now is turqouise, pink and grey. I had such a hard time choosing in between these three (actually two, because pink was totally out of the question) because I actually thought the turqouise was a little too girly but the grey was kind of ugly for my liking. I would have taken it if it was in a piano texture of jet black. So why the trouble choosing this phone if I didn’t like the exterior? I loved the interior! I like how the keypads are all white and the screen is really huge. Other either have half-white keypads or small screens that I don’t fancy at all.

Lucky for me because when I got to the store, I decided to try my luck and ask if they had red. In Seoul, they had the basic three colors as well as limited edition colours like red, lime green, and I think even maroon. Red was the perfect colour because I love red covers. Actually I’d love it more if I had a piano white phone, but I knew red was THE color for me! So I asked and to my disbelief, they actually HAD it! It was hidden under the shelves and they only had one cause the supply for the color was really limited at that point of time, not sure about now.

So after about 4 months of befriending the jewel, here’s what I think about it. For those who are looking to buy this phone, I hope this helps give you a better insight!

This is what it looks like. I love white keypads especially on this kind of case texture as it exudes a sort of clean feeling. I am quite messy with my things most the times, but I do have a side of hygiene OCD in me.

#1 This is the overlook of the cell. Widescreen with a user friendly interface. You know how some phones hide functions in different menus? This LG Lollipop is a really basic phone and that’s just what I need. My brain cannot take in so much information with all the smartphone functions. The phone also holds two main homethemes, one in pink and the other in blue. Personally I prefer blue alot much more than pink but the pink interface is more unique. I still decided to go for blue. Bad thing about the Malaysian version of Lollipop is that we can’t download themes or share it within each other

One of the special features of the phone is the front lighting. Theres an embedded LED screen on the front cover of the phone. The lights appear really naturally, you can’t even see the LED base. There are many functions that you can play with for this feature – you can use the phone’s default gif images for missed calls, waiting messages and phone calls!

This is my phone’s default screen saver whenever I click on the convenient side buttons to check the time. Check out the tip of the lid – called the Secret lighting. It’s said to be one of the many features of the LG Lollipop where you can choose to show different colours to identify different things that are going on in your phone. For example, incoming calls and outgoing calls can be of different colours. You can also choose the dispersing pattern of the lights – really easy to play around!

If you look at the Screen menu, its where everything fun is in the phone! I personally love the
My Pattern function that allows you to manually create your LED patterns for Caller ID’s! The only thing is that they have 10 slots so you have to choose your Top 10 Callers and manually create each for them! In my case, I only chose 9 because I left one for myself for the screensaver as shown above.

Then when they call, this will happen!

This is what happens when Francisca called me. One other feature of the LG Lollipop that’s really useful to me is that soemtimes I  get too forgetful that I don’t remember to silent it during classes. I don’t want the lecturer to know that it’s me so flipping open the phone would be a little too obvious! The phone has a feature where if you flip it when its ringing, it’ll silent up automatically. It normally has to be on the table but I found a special trick. I sometimes just have to juggle my bag abit and pretend be dusting off something and the phone will “accidentally” flip inside and automatically silent. It’s really risky tho!

Another thing I absolutely ADORE the phone is that it holds 3 of my favorite colours! Ferrari red on the cover, sparkly white clean base, and blue backlights! Red, Blue and White – magnificent combo for me. The first two top buttons are just access buttons to the menu, whereas the one with two squares allows you the ability to multitask in your phone. You can be typing two different texts, or pausing a game while taking a photo – things like that! To track back on your activities, just press on that button and you can see the operations! Lastly, the bubbly buttons are the shortcut to the screen lighting function. Afterall, its the main highlight of the phone.

I really love the inbuilt camera of the phone because I can now see how I look. Let’s not compare this to IPhone 4 but I have to say this Korean cellphone does make you look kind of flawless as it automatically fixes the contrast and lighting. It doesn’t work too well in dimly lit areas but it does have a night scene feature.  I barely use the external camera because it’s my phone and I want photos of my narcissistic self in it nyahaha.


Next  : GAMES! I always remember to check this part of a new phone! There are two free games in the phone but there are like about 10 demo games for you to play and if you like any of it – just download it for Rm 8 each. I liked The Sim so I bought it – it really does have a striking similarity to the computer based on altho that wins hands down! The really wide screen is an advantage because you can clearly overlook everything in such clear quality!

Overall, I would rate this phone a 7.5/10 for my standards because I usually prefer really really simple layouts in phones. No smart phone functions (although I like to steal the convenience of other smartphone users!) because I just want to be able to text message, call and play some mini games when I get too bored. For the smartphone users, I think maybe you’d rate the phone a 3 due to its limited functions.

But I’m telling you – I don’t have any internet connection convenience but I can tweet from my phone and receive mentions instantly anytime anywhere by paying only RM 4 per month! Will talk about that later!

Weaknesses of the phone is that its battery life is quite short and you might wanna be careful about charging it. Only charge when it is completely depleted and don’t overcharge the hours. It’s also a little laggy by about 1 second (can be more at times) so if you’re a person with not much patience for gadgets – this is definitely not the phone for you!


  1. Nadiah Nasir (@NeddyNasir) says:

    hi.. can i noe wther u bought together the cover??where to buy d cover eh??:)0

  2. admin says:

    Hey there, It’s been a long time since I last used this phone. I really don’t think i bought it, probably it came along.

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