How to Make Kimchi Soup


Because I’m not in the video I figured I need to charge in by spamming the post first. #rachelberrysydrome

So I did an assignment for my project called Introduction to Film and TV Production. I got to say I wasn’t really happy with this final product because quality of video was so bad! I forgot to fix the settings but it looked fine on the preview screen in the cam. Also had light allowance problem because the camera was consistently blocking off and allowing light to be captured so my end product of the raw videos were quite inconsistent when it came to exposure. Technie noobs, I guess this is what you have to deal with in life pfft. That aside, we had to do a demonstration video so here’s what I made – Kimchi Soup.

Truthfully, I added alot more ingredients to it and instead of Kimchi Jjigae (jjigae is soup), I was actually making something called Budae Jjigae. However, I decided not to call it Budae Jjigae because I didn’t have the right recipe or appropriate soup base recipe to officialize it as Budae Jjigae. Hence, I am finalizing my kimchi jjigae but with a turbo boost of what Budae Jjigae usually has.

The video is not what I handed in, the one I had to turn in was a little bit more trickier because I wasn’t supposed to put subtitles or captions to explain my directions of how to make the soup. Unlike other straightforward How-To-Cook videos, mine has a little story that I forcefully injected in because that was one of the requirements. I didn’t have emotional touches on this one, I guess – but it was still a little tale to pull of as a story.

Got Abby and Francisca to argue for the beginning of my video. The took 15 minutes to find about a final topic to argue about because everything else just got each other laughing! Impatient director (holla!) was impatient.

So, here’s my way of cooking Kimchi Soup with a Turbo Boost of meat that serves 3-4 portions (that can make you feel really full, for sure!). It’s really easy so I hope you guys out there (Korean lovers, especially) try this recipe. There is a place that sells cheap and good Kimchi in Ampang especially for making kimchi jjigae so I always get my kimchi from there cause they are usually home-made by store owners or associates. Doesn’t take more that one hour actually but sometimes it gets a little long because I really want to slowly boil the taste out of the kimchi and everything else.

Please enjoy and do drop me emails/comments if you don’t understand any!

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