How Many Social Media Platforms Do You Use?

Hello everybody.

So for the past few months I have been getting more and more involved with social media. I try to keep up with current social apps and try to register an account to see if I can use it. Honestly, if I had to make the ultimate choice – I would choose to not use anything. No smartphone, no data, no apps, no technology! Way before I knew how to work cellular datas or got the concept of it, I got an iPad. That was how I started downloading and getting to know apps.  Two years later, after refusing to get a smartphone – I somewhat ‘had’ to buy one because I was going to Beijing and it was the most ‘cost efficient’ way to stay in touch with my family (who all had already own a smartphone by then). I bought the iPhone a few months before I left, and even then – I fought till the end. I refused to get a data plan – and relied fully on Wifi. I was a strong believer of “No Internet, Better Life”. Honestly, I still am. But of course, internet got the better of me – and although I already knew what was coming, I succumbed to it.

Today, I look back and tried to do a list of the social media platforms I am using. They can be apps that I occasionally use to the ones I log in to on a daily basis. In total, I am considerably actively using TEN different social media platforms – and if I take away the messaging apps and take a look at how many different applications I use to update about my daily life – I’m actually using about 6!! I’ll try to rank them according to usage below while I’m at it!

1. Youtube (@guitarlegs)
2. KakaoTalk
3. Instagram (@thenatstory)
4. Facebook
5. Snapchat (@thenatstory)
6. Blog (
7. Twitter (@nataliechai)
8. Dayre (@nataliechai)
9. Whatsapp
10. Wechat

6 different social media platforms to update about your everyday life, is quite overwhelming if you think about it. Well, to be fair I don’t update daily – and most of the time i update once a week on average for each platform (Snapchat excluded). Do I really need to update on all of these channels? No. Do I want to update on all of these channels? Maybe, but not necessarily. Will I continue updating on all of these channels. Probably not.

However, I just really want to share my views on the usage of social media for me and the apps that I find really, really meaningful after awhile – that makes me want to continue using them to document my life. I’m just going to break it down below, and if you guys have other reasons to use the apps – please feel free to share with me!

Messaging Apps
My three go-to apps would definitely be KakaoTalk, Whatsapp and WeChat. I am a loyal user of KakaoTalk and no matter what you say, all the people I need to reach are on the app so there really isn’t a need for me to go to other apps. I still get on Whatsapp and Wechat for the different circles of people whom I may need to talk to. KakaoTalk is also better for me because of the Desktop Application. Chatting and sending files is entirely possible – and fast. It’s not a web-based chatting layout, but a real application that syncs with your mobile chats too.


Honestly, if I had to choose ONE out of all the rest of the social media platforms to update on – I would DEFINITELY choose Youtube. I wish I had done this way back when I was studying in Seoul and Beijing. I began vlogging snippets of my week and uploading them into my channel since beginning of this year, and I must say it is SUCH a blessing to be able to look back and watch the highlights of your weeks. I have been watching different vloggers do their daily and weekly vlogs but one day I just woke up and thought – why not me? Maybe you can ask, why not just record and save it in your hard disk and just rewatch if that’s your main objective of vlogging. Well, its different. If it’s edited and put on such a huge public space like Youtube, it’s so much more accessible for me in future and I don’t need to keep all the unwanted footage because I’ve already done the filtering during the editing. I look at vloggers who have vlogged for 3-4 years and it’s amazing how they can just look back at the uploaded videos, simple click on any of it and be able to retract a memory from years ago, not only by story – but visually. I would encourage anyone to do it because it gives you a memory of a lifetime (or as long as Youtube lives!)



We all know it. We don’t need Instagram. But I do want to use it.

I don’t update much there because I feel like a crappy photo does not deserve to be put up on Instagram just because the standards set by other Instagrammers are so high!! My feed is not very pretty too, but I do try to make it as pretty as I can though I’m still in the quest of finding out how these people do it. Probably update it once a week on average. Unless I’m on a trip.

I would say Instagram is also quite a good app that summarizes all the main events for me in scrolls. Cause we all know the main events all earn a space somewhere in between those tiles. Pretty cool!


This one was a HUGE surprise for me.

I downloaded it once on my Ipad because everybody seemed to be on it. I was SO frustrated that I didn’t get what was the app used for so I deleted it. We had to find out usernames of the people we wanted to follow, there was no Explore button for me to see who I could follow, people could only see my feed in within 24 hours, there was nobody on my feed (because I didn’t know who to add). It was a HORRIBLY boring application!

However, I got some really good tutorials from the people around me and gave it a second chance. I added more people into my list and FINALLY found the light to the app. It really IS such a brilliant app if you’d want to share glimpses and short meaningless moments of your everyday life. Things that don’t deserve to go up on Instagram? It all goes up here!! You can post 5 photos of things in the same event and nobody can complain or will find it annoying just because it takes up their feed. Do that on Instagram and you will be in the running to be the next person to be unfollowed!

And after an interesting day, I can just download the whole pile of short SnapChats for the day and have a copy of the day for myself. It’s like a vlog/diary in bite size! It’s almost the same reason why I chose to use Dayre instead of updating more on my real blog. Snapchat is a whole lot less effortless to document daily lifestyles!

For obvious reasons, the blog really is to document photos and also mainly where I use to share opinions and guides to things or places that I have been to or have experienced. I wish I had dedicated more time on writing on it because it really is such a good space for me to vent my thoughts on or just practice by writing. In nature, I feel alot more relaxed using text as a form of expression because it allows more time for train of thoughts. I would continue blogging for the same reasons as to why I would continue vlogging – but I must say vlogging is a lot easier and more convenient.

Will try not to give this up!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.43.24 PM
I used to tweet a lot more before I went to China but every since I had to stop using it because of the firewall issues in Beijing – I kind of drifted apart. I don’t really tweet now and I don’t make a special fuss to update much because it almost gives no value to my memories, just being bluntly honest. I can download an archive and look back, but that’s just going to be a hassle because this is not a place where I try to string my details for easy viewing. Most of the time its just crappy updates and mental notes I try to remind myself to do when I have no where else to write stuff.

Usually I just use Twitter to share my links to my other posts on other social media or to gather answers to questions I may need answered asap.


Dayre is amazing for me only when I’m having an exciting day, or maybe when I’m on a holiday. It’s not really what I’d use on a daily basis especially if my days are usually by the routine. I use it most commonly when I’m away from routine and want to document or write things down on-the-go. I wish I saved all the information of the things I see on trips and vacation for my blog – but because it’s such a hassle, I just Dayre it and look back when I want.

Other than that, not much of a use except to kepoh on all the growth of all the mummy bloggers (because that’s where they all are, and I have a fascination for growing toddlers)

So that’s about the summary of my social media life. I feel like most of it I can definitely live without, but they are mainly things that I would want to use just so I can snoop on other people’s lives when I’m bored and just laying down on my couch. I kind of have a “Kepoh Slot of The Day” where I just scroll through all the applications I’m active on to just see what’s everybody doing. That usually happens at about 7.00 to 9.00PM when I am in the middle of waiting for my dinner to digest and procrastinating shower. That’s a fat two hours of busybody business.

Am I a social media hog? I HONESTLY don’t think so. I can really live without it, but it is a personal choice to stay on to document most things. Make the best out of technology for myself. Do I look forward to likes and comments? I’m not going to lie. It’s always nice to have people acknowledge the stuff you put out there – I can’t say those things don’t make me a little more thrilled. But honestly, I remind myself again and again not to be driven by those things and really just do this for nobody but yourself. Create content that makes you happy 🙂

How many do YOU use? And why?

That’s about it for now!

See you at all the other platforms if you’re there!

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