Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2012


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everybody!

More commonly known as Lantern Festival amongst us in Malaysia, it is actually one of the most celebrated Chinese festivals around the year. There is a love story behind the festival – that surrounds an immortal Houyi and his beautiful wife Chang E. There’s alot of background story to it, but the main idea is that both of them are separated from each other because Chang E swallowed a pill that made her float (?) all the way to the moon where she lived with her pet rabbit. So every year during the Lantern Festival, the moon is round and beautiful because that’s the only time in the whole year when they are granted to meet each other.

Went back to paternal Gram’s house for our yearly lantern exhibition pfft. We are now the only house in the whole street that celebrates the festival – after 22 years. Every single year we come back with no fail to  light up these beautiful lanterns. When we were younger we used to make walks on the streets, but as years passed and security became so much more frightening – we decided to just play in closed doors.

Here are some photos for the night. Terribly pixelated and noisy because I don’t know how to do the manual set up for such lightings. If only I had ONE year of perfect photos! Anyways, you will realise that we use the old lanterns instead of the plastic ones. These are much, much, much more beautiful when lit!

Grams setting the table and offering her prayers. They say you shouldn’t point to the moon during the Lantern Festival because your ears will tear! Teehee.

Us setting up the lanterns after lighting up the gates with tealights. Some beer to kick in the mood.

Put some up but Yu Mei the cousin kept insisting that more went up!

With long-time no see Emily. You long time no see, not me. Teehee. Check our her T that says “UNDEFEATED!”

GaGa Suek Mei being her self.

We made sure every corner was brightly lit up! So pretty right?

Ahh, almost done. I was actually too lazy to put them tealights into the lanterns (Yes we use tealights not the traditional candles because they burn out too easily and people sitting under may get hurt!) because the wax from last year was still intact. So difficult to set it in.

Proof of us just chilling and not doing anything haha.

Well, I didn’t do much work – but I still need a shot!

 Short update – but hope everybody is happier through each traditional Chinese festival!


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