Getting Back on Track


Wah took ages for me to log in and type. Something is really up with my blogging platform! But this shall not hinder me from continuing to blog! So I am finally back from Seoul after spending about 10 days there. It was a really fun but sort of tiring trip because we were always travelling – going out and about. Right after that straightaway go back to work (although honestly work is super chill) so it didn’t feel like there was a rest gap. Since Korea (which was probably about 3 weeks ago!) I don’t think I really got a weekend to myself and just stay in until this two days ago. It was seriously what was missing in my life and I started to notice myself being so klutzy and was a mess. I think what I really need is just alone time – I’m having so less of that (except for when I’m driving home, but that’s really using up a lot of concentration and energy just trying to squirm out of my way in traffic). I used to have so much time just being a potato at home, watching the things I want to watch – I don’t know what taking up my time to do all these things I deem as leisure.

Anyway, will be blogging about my Seoul trip – one that I haven’t done in AGES. It’s been about 5 years since I last went back so you could just imagine how excited I was to go back. I wont speak much about it now but all I can say is that Seoul has changed so much I couldn’t even recognize my area Sinchon anymore. The changes has made it become so foreign to me and I was honestly quite intimated by how a place could change so much. So many memories were made in the street with all my friends from Yonsei and to see it just revamp and not knowing what happened where (except for McDonalds) is really quite scary.

Just an update of my life : the biggest change that has happened since when I was actively blogging would be the fact that I am now able to drive myself to places. I am extreeeemly delighted at the thought of that and though I don’t choose to drive at night because of my astig, I’m still happy that I can now manage my timing at my own expense and will no longer need to depend on others as much as I did back then. It feels FREAKING good. So many things in my to-do list achieved after having a car. Having my favorite CDs played anytime, singing to my customised playlist, learning to pump petrol. These are things you can’t do if you don’t drive alone! Singing in the car with friends okay lah maybe can do, but I bet you not as fun as singing alone because….gone wrong also nobody scold you. But sometimes I try to Beyonce I get a whizz in my head so I have to stop pfft. Lousy until wanna vomit.

So many things happened after Korea too. The team and I went to Singapore to attend Youtube FanFest and it was our first time on the Red Carpet. We were all contemplating what to wear but Zalora Malaysia was super kind to have sponsored our outfits for the event. I wore all their outfits for all 3 days I was there. Got a pair of heels too and was so glad they fit perfectly. So many asking me how exactly was the Red Carpet? LOL first things first – the Red Carpet wasn’t meant to be my path anyway. It was for the team’s main channel TMT and walking the event with them was just a tad bit awkward because everybody seemed to be shouting at me by the name MING and I am clearly not a MING – so that means they weren’t shouting for/at me. Everyone seems to know every other one on the Red Carpet so it waass a little bit weird.

It was a fun experience anyhow and I like the fact that we were able to just come and experience first hand what it feels like to be on a Red Carpet pfft. Although I wasn’t the celebrity you get to see the true insights of how the celebrity truly feels during an outdoor Red Carpet event – TRULY TRULY HOT and sweating like mad but you gotta maintain the million dollar smile. Good job, the rest of the Youtubers!

Wah I’m typing this one the HTML tab – but when I switch it to the “Visual” tab which is where all HTML is supposed to come to live – nothing is happening. I guess I can’t really do much with this post for now. For those who has nothing to do and needs some basic entertainment, please visit gu niang’s Youtube channel to watch all the travel vlogs she painstakingly spent time to edit. I will put them here so you can watch them – then the rest you navigate yourself if you’re interested ok? Not bad I give you choice to choose if you want to watch further. #betterthaninsurance

Okay that’s all for now – uploading my scheduled vlog now (last one from Seoul then I’m ready to go to bed. Usual vlogging stopped cause I didn’t know how to post things up without flooding but here we go again – good time to start tomorrow! 😀