Uncle Jang Dalg Gal Bi, Ampang

(Note: The restaurant’s business has grown and they are branching out to new outlets in different areas. They have also changed their nameplate to “Uncle Jang” and it is no longer of the attached photo below! Will update as soon as I can to ease your j0urney!)

Stuck in a decision of whether to go to Korea for its local delicacies or to visit Malaysia for its rich heritage?

Fret not, as this time you can have both decisions in your pocket as I’m about to tell you where you can get some good Korean yummy’s right here in Malaysia so you don’t have to confuse yourself!

For local Malaysians, if you are tired of all the bibimbap’s and barbeques and think that’s all that to Korean delicacies, prepare to be introduced to a whole new type of the super wide umbrella of Korean food. Here, I have my favorite Korean restaurant that I go to in KL and no, they do not serve your typical kimchi soup or beef bulgogi. I have only visited 2 Korean restaurants loyally in KL – one is because the food is really good (this), and the other because the food was really cheap.

The restaurant is run by a family of pure Koreans and with that you can guarantee your food will definitely be of the authentic roots of the culture. Their ingredients are also imported from Korea so you need not worry about how the local the dish may turn out!

From the MRR2, you’d have to go the road opposite Tesco and turn in into where the yellow apartments are. The turning is almost right opposite the Shell petrol station in MRR2.

You’ll see this upon turning.

A little after this, go straight and you’ll come across a traffic light that has Carrefour’s market on the left. Make a left U-turn and go straight up till the end. The restaurant will be on your right and it looks like this.


(The reason why this photo is a night shot is because it was another day)

The clean restaurant with both floor and tables seats for your choice.

Step 1: Choose your choice of dish from the menu

Now, now – before you start worrying about not being able to interpret the menu at first sight, most of the time there will be English literate individuals to help you. But, in any case there isn’t – just read through this and you’ll be save for the day

First, you have to decide if you want to have a spicy or non-spicy dish. Non spicy is RM 19 per t portion, where as spicy is RM 22 per portion. For hot eaters – specially request for REALLY HOT – you’d go home feeling like a volcano teehee.

Second, decide how many portions you want. Normally 1 portion is for each pax but as my family members are usually quite small eaters – we don’t normally order 4 portions for 4. Maybe you’d like to order 3 just incase you can’t finish. Well, for those who are thinking to only add portions after your meal – think again as you will need to have a minimum of 2 paxes for each additional portion order. But if you think you will be able to finish – go for it!

Third, choose your Sa-Ri’s to compliment the basics that are already in the menu (cabbages, sweet potato, rice cakes, chicken), you should decide on what you’d like to add on to your meal. The rice is for the second phase of the meal (to be explained later) so you can either choose to have Ramen or Udong as your accompaniment. Mushroom, Sweet potato and rice cakes can also be added for an extra charge.

Step 2: Enjoy the free refreshments that are provided by all Korean restaurants.

Now you don’t have to worry about having to order drinks!

Step 3: Wait patiently to be served

Step 4: Enjoy having your food cooked right infront of you!

Slowly coming together

Food is ready to be eaten. The waiter/waitress will notify you when it’s done so don’t worry about having to guess when to eat it!

Step 5 : Always remember to accompany the dish with these to enhance the taste of the food!

Step 6 : Choose the biggest lettuce available if you are clumsy to avoid dropping the ingredients after wrapping

If you still feel a little hungry after your meal, dont worry! If I were you, I’d be more afraid to NOT be hungry because I always want to have that last combo of the whole set – fried rice!

For only RM 6 per portion, you get to have some fried rice (that is only to be served AFTER you finish about 80% your initial order). It’s not your typical anchovies fried rice. If you observe closely, it has lettuces, seaweed slices and most importantly – every Korean restaurant’s secret weapon – the special red sauce!

For OCDs, don’t worry about the pan being dirty or the sauce from the previous dish would remain at the pan when they fry your rice! Before every fried rice serving, they gladly clean your pan for you (includes scraping) so that you’d have a fresh scent of the rice!

Step 7:  Order your rice

Personally I’d advice you to just order 1 portion for 2 person because the portion is quite big. But indeed, if you’re quite a big eater – 2 for 2 is adequate!

Done! You can also wrap the rice in lettuce. No worries if you ran out of lettuce. Koreans are very generous so just lift your hands a little and ask for another plate – no charge! See why I love it here?

Here’s a map for your guidance!

And the address



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