Communicating Within

Birthday girl with her presents for the day.

Maltese for class snacks

Decided to bunk in Wong Kok for their trademark big jar of iced tea for birthday occasions.

Tiramisu Nut Cake from Alexis the lovelies chipped in for. Quite good stuff

Nenek making her wish

Group photo – do you notice mini Miss May?

Had to attend a meeting during the early session of the gathering so by the time we came in they finished more than half of the free jar or iced tea. Boo! Why I look so muscular pfft

Then it was some crazy photo taking session because it was one of the 1000 days when we decide to dress up a little comapred to our usual lazy days.

Amanda Quah, always helpful and there to listen when you need to to be there. Generous and thoughtful although she may overlook some things at certain times. Down to earth and joyful.

Francisca Lim, there’s a better photo of her but this is the only one I can use because the other one has her displaying her habits- both barefeet legs up and publicly showing for everyone to smell. But that aside, she’s one of the most caring person I’ve met as she thinks for others more than she does herself and one of the few people who would give you 100% if only you would contribute a mere 20%.

This is Abigail Ngai, one of them who has had the most drastic changes (appearance wise) compared to the first time we saw her. Now she looks more confident of herself. Also very opinionated and loud – but may sometimes be a walking CNN that occasionally executes inaccurate information. Anyhow, still fun and laid back to be around with.

Say hello to Jeffery, the rockstar of our batch. There really aren’t many who can hold off the skinny jeans look but he has it down to his roots. Musically inspired. Haven’t got around to understanding him much as the rest of the girls but also quite random at times.

This is Vivien whom I have named after as Vemo (Vivien + Emo) as she was really quiet and opinionless when we first met her. We would talk and talk for two whole hours only to realise she was actually sitting with us all day long. That’s how long she can keep her mouth shut and her existence unknown. It’s funny how she always smiles by trying to put all her features into a dot like this (><). The chilli padi of the lot, as they always say – big things comes in small packages.

Drama Queens

Jeslyn, only got to talk to her more after 3 semesters together. Always looks really emo and unhappy but if you get to know her she really thinks alot and one thing really outstanding about her is that you can really feel that she genuinely cares for the people who she deem important.

No Mouth and Drama Queen with Kimmy

Adele, Peggy, Nat, Mei Lee, Abby, Nicholas – all my coursemates pursuing the same major, Public Relations. They bring a type of peace to the classroom as we always create havoc and noise. Important presence!

Kim Chun, just like any other youngster, he likes to goof around but when it comes to serious business – he does have a moment or two of his dedication displayed.

This is the usual group of people I always hang out with, minus Dior – the cutest of the lot! Can you see how petite she is. Everytime she walks in the door we all squeal in awe – literally.

Us trying to be serious – but you can see Vivien and I holding our laughter in. Right after the photo was snapped – we all burst into hahahas.

Just the girls

Nat, Dior and with perky Adele who’s quite down to earth. Like Jeslyn, I only got to talk to her a whole lot more during this semester – so I guess we’re pretty much still getting to know each other. But for now, she’s filled with her own experiences and worries unlike who she really displays to be in the blogosphere.

This is Eric, who we girls bully the most because he’s always so nice – opening the doors, preparing the chairs, taking care of our stuff – but that was until last sem. This semester he decides to be grown man and says bye bye to us. Boo. Oklah, just joking – Eric is still a lovely friend.

GREY ANOTOMY SEASON 34 PFFT. We were totally geared up for loads of photo taking. Luckily, it got a little late so nobody was really around to laugh at us. I think this is a nice photo!

Here’s Ikhwan, who was a sweetheart because he stayed back just to take the photos for us.

Er, displaying our college bags pfft.

From the photo, you might be able to guess who was the coordinator/photographer – ME! “Girls, pageant wave please!”. Girls : “=.=”

Us by the lake of the campus. It’s really a breezy spot to be at as the lake really executes a sense of calmness. Weird, i though it was going to stink the first time I heard of the whole ‘lake’ idea.

Here’s Ivy, with my present. Ms.Gan is indirectly the pillar of alot of them in the group due to an unidentified reason. Maybe it’s because of age, or maybe it’s her blunt personality. But all in all, to me – she is a friend who’s worth your trust, and despite the fact that she does look like she can carry the world upon her shoulders – she is a person who needs someone to lean on at certain times.

Dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai

Fran told me not to post this photo but I have no other ways because the other similar shot just wouldn’t upload. Well, as you can see Fran looks like she is going to sneeze. That apart, its a family perfect photo.


Er, summoning for orang gila prosecutors please.

Another reason why I love Francisca is that she always offers me a ride back to LCS for me to get my KTM ride home, with no expectations in return.

Emo queen Jeslyn leading Kimmy on how to do an emo shot. Dumb Kim Chun went “HOW TO TAKE EMO PICTURE” then Jeslyn came into the photo – strut a pose, and this came.

Identity unrevealed. But for those who can recognize them in an instant, bear in mind this is only acted upon our request. So no, both of them are loyal to their own halves.

Jeslyn, Adele and Vivien trying to look by the lake. If only Vivien wasn’t there trying to sneak a smile it would have been a better photo!

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