Storytime in Korean : Loud Samantha & Nasally Natalie

Haven’t done this in a while since I did the last one with Dawn. I’ll only sub it when I have super extra time. Still have a bulk of untranslated work to translate left on my table. The gist of the video is just about us, how we met, what we’re doing and all that exciting stuff you ‘definitely need’ to know and you will die without knowing about.

Filmed this with a tablet so its really blurry, no thanks to the dimmed lights in CEO Fahrenheit (our favorite stop!). I seriously friggin love it there. Also always love going to the karaoke with her because it always feels like we are always there to kind of challenge or train ourselves with songs instead of the typical “sing-together” kind of thing. Hence, we always go to the karaoke as a pair.

Well, for those who watched the video – the right ‘bye’ for us to say was Anyonghee GAEsaeyo instead of Anyonghee GAseyo  because we were the ones leaving, not the viewers.

Only realised after I rewatched the video in awkwardness.

Storytime Series : Learning Korean (II)

So I just finished subbing the video. Something came up so I didn’t screen through to check the timing. Hope everything is well, if not please drop me a message or tweet me about it okay! Thanks 🙂 We talk so much I don’t even know if our targets of sharing tips were accomplished. That’s what happens when you are amateurs.


Remember to turn the CC on for subs 🙂

End of Episode 1!

Storytime Series : Learning Korean


This is Video 1.1 from the Storytime Series. Obviously it’s our first time recording, hence we are totally oblivious to the existance of the camera and totally talked the day away! I wanted it to be a 7-8 minute video, not to short but comprehensive enough. We ended up talking (as if we were in a cafe pffT) for a little over 20 minutes, just enjoying the nostalgic experience down the road.

I guess the word of the day would be 맞아 (Maja), meaning correct. We kept saying that throughout I was so tired of hearing it. But I guess that happens when you are really too comfortable with your conversation, with no consideration of whoever is going to watch the video. 😛

Today’s vlog would be the first out of two parts, and each part holds two questions each. All relating to the Korean language learning experience so first time learners or those who are interested can always have a look. Or if you are just bored and want to kepoh, click away too!

Please don’t forget to turn on the CC for English subtitles, but if you want to test your understanding – you may always switch it back off 🙂

My mom thinks I’m looking at Dawn to endearingly. You think?


Storytime in Korean

Planning to add a corner to the blog, but shall first see the response 🙂

Since there have been some amount of emails or PM’s regarding Seoul, I have decided to do a Vlog series. Just to practice my Korean as well, since I haven’t been using it much lately except for Uncle Jang trips. I inserted the subs (CC) so for those who would like to understand what I’m saying, you can try turning on the subtitles by the side.

Rushing through the video because I locked myself in the room and we had to go out. But I knew if I didn’t do it there would not be a kickstart. Hence the quickie as well as the bullet-train speech because I was just saying anything that was flying across my head! Teehee!

A real quickie!

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