Two Week Long Quickie


Ah, its been too long since I sat down and actually flipped my laptop open! Most of time I have been out since Yui has been around for about two weeks now. By the time we come back I’m already too worn out to do almost anything. Could use more eye rest than some finger exercise on the keyboard. I also recently got myself my first smartphone (can somebody ring some bells!) since I’ll be heading to Beijing and I thought I’d definitely need a handier chatting machine to stay in touch with my family.

So here’s just a collection of what I’ve been doing. There haven’t been much photos because we didn’t really go to any tourist-y place. I just took her around here and there, meeting up with all my friends – and also probably what she would have loved to do as compared to sightseeing. Meh.

The first day she landed we suddenly caught news that there were tickets to the Golden Disk Awards (what did I tell you about me having insane luck. Grateful as always!). Both of us were quite bumped because going to the awards would have really meant something but tickets were too pricy to attend. Moreover the event is located really far from KL so I told myself and Yui that it would have been impossible to attend. Usually if we actually do get tickets, it always probably a few days before the event. This one was just less than 24 hours away from the event and then we were told that we had free tickets – for the ROCK PIT. Thank you, Hananim!

We went for both days, and was extremely exhausted from all the hype on Day 1. We were cheering and screaming and jumping from the crowd when they announced New Rising Star. Yui and I both shot glances and was like “Shit! This is really happening!”. When they performed she had goosebumps all over her hands. How did that become this?


So here are some photos from the event. Mostly taken from my phone – I think the quality is really quite impressive!

Lost quite an amount of weight at the end of the event because I didn’t eat for two days. My tummy was washboard flat but for some strange reason I felt very healthy. Probably my glutton insides needed a break. I left the the restaurant leaving my plate full. It was so jelak – I ordered the wrong thing. But having a scoop of that made me lose my appetite for the rest of the day.

I’ve never been to the Sepang F1 Circuit before, whatmore stand on the tracks! Extravagant feeling!

Ginny was the one who got us tickets. So she invited a few of her friends too. I’m so bad with remembering names!

Borrowed this from one of the fans haha!

We also met up with my Korean Language Jamae’s (Korean for sisters) and our beloved Korean teacher Gloria. She’s opening up a class for Beginners and there MAY be a slight chance for Intermediate. However, if you want to contact her do drop me an email or such. Places are limited as she’s giving private group tuition. Her classes are extremely good and would definitely be a great course if you want to take up Korean. Under her wings, my classmates and I could speak in more or less a year. A conversation of any kind. But she also gave a disclaimer that our class is actually her most successful class because everybody were serious learners. So she only takes serious learners!

Went to my favorite karaoke place CEO before we met up with the rest!

Also met up with Andy who bought me the Reply 1997 novel from Seoul! So lucky to have caught him on time just before he came back. The novel sold out on the day it first got released.

Guess who is a Mama now? My roommate when we were in Seoul!

My teacher thinks we are all cursed with the #ForeverSingle spell under her coaching.

Really a good dinner here. Homemade Korean food. Yums!

Then a few days later, I took her to the Twin Towers. The last time I went there, I don’t remember having to pay – but that was ages ago. Now every Malaysian entry would cost RM 25 to visit two different levels of the tower. One would be the bridge, and the other would be Level 86 – which is almost at the tip of the building. Foreigners gotta pay RM 80 though.

Funny thing was the officer asked me for my passport and Yui for her Kad Pengenalan (local identity card). Mindboggling because I spoke Malay. I’ll take that as a compliment thank you! But on the other hand, the Japanese tourist was rather offended teehee.

They got to check your bags as usual before you enter.

This is an upgrade! They had hologram introduction clips. Jacoon me was so impressed by it I kept playing with the light waves.

I’ve been on the bridge a couple of times so this is what I found myself doing. I was looking forward to getting to the top!

And I did! We were so high up. It felt so strange to look at that round tip on top of the Twin Towers so up close  So much huger than I thought it was. Now if only it was a cloudy day then we would be above the clouds.

View from the 86th floor. Everything is so mini. I wonder how God feels.

They had a piano white model of the towers. So beautiful! If our towers were all white…

Chan photo of Ginny and I but its the only photo of three of us with the towers. #touristmode

Where she belongs.

Here’s a video from that day, also shot with my phone. Please watch in 720 at least! It shoots better quality video than my camera. /facepalm

For dinner that day we went to a Korean Chinese restaurant in Ampang to have my long craved for jajangmyun. I used to call for deliveries all the time in Seoul so I really missed this one. Did you know the singles gather and eat this on Valentines Day in Korea? Not everybody practices it but its a tradition!

Then just yesterday I had a short meet up with the Breakfast Cats. It’s been two months since we came together (well, almost) so it was just a simple get together. This group always keeps me happy!

Wendy brought her cool fisheye & macro gadget. Very nice to play with!


Then we got scouted at Bukit Bintang to become temporary Uniqlo models. Now that’s the beginning of our supermodel journey. As of now I am typing from Tyra Bank’s office in the Unite………

Okay. See you soon!

Ming Ming Jiu


Here’s a video I did with Vivien today.

It’s a cover of Jay Chou’s latest ballad – Ming Ming Jiu. I have no idea what the direct translation is. I really enjoy doing covers. Vivien and I have planned this since two months ago and we never got the time to because she’s been so busy, and my weekends have been full since then too. Getting together to do this with nothing resting on the back of our heads was a blessing and it made it such a fun time. Garageband finally comes to good use.

Doing Chinese numbers are always hard because I have to read the characters from romanisation. This time Vivien had to correct me so many times for the same word because I kept mispronouncing it. It also doesnt help that I don’t understand the song by ear and have to read up on the meaning to really portray the song.


Hope you like the song! Tell me if you like it, and if not why not? We’re always looking for third ears!

If you’re wondering how the original sounds like – here it is.

Hoping to do another one soon because music gives so much fun, and time flies when you work with it 🙂


Couple of Things + Super Asia Showcase 2012

Have been up to a couple of things lately, but I don’t want to fall back too much. After 4 weeks of work, body is finally adapting to its new schedule. I can now slowly afford to have some hours with the laptop. One of the most drastic changes would be my diet, I have been eating a packet of nasi lemak every morning (only because the office pantry serves it for free every morning). After that, I’d take two amazingly cooked curry puffs. I’ve never had beef curry puffs in my life.  I always thought there was only three menus to curry puffs; chicken, potato or sardin. But this is beef. Beef currypuff is awesome.

So yes I take the same meal set every morning while I spend probably 25 minuts with How I Met Your Mother. I arrive in the office an hour before office hours due to transportation problems to I spend my time enjoying free breakfast and a tvshow I never imagined myself to watch. How I Met Your Mother was a show everybody back in university always talked about – and I was just that solo who had no idea. So being such a pantry-potato, I suddenly started feeling very unhealthy on my fourth week. I was actually getting pimple outbreaks, skin was getting alot oilier, and I just didn’t feel very well. I think my body is very stubborn with changes so diet changes really triggered it to ‘do something’. Health aside, I realised I was ballooning up in speedzone too. I can do this for another four weeks and then I’d probably get a Rosmah face.

But anyway, nasi lemak aside – I have been eating alot of durians as of late. Which contributes to so much unhealthiness. Did you know that durians are actually very high in sugar so if you eat too much of these it’s really going to break you? It’s really heaty too so be sure to put them with langsat, rambutans and mangosteens. Apparently these are ‘cooling’ fruits that could balance the heat you get from durian. Here’s our lunge the last week.

This is one of the other great deals I got myself last month. It took a whole month to arrive, but you know – I have been waiting for this camera casing for my S90 for ages. Getting it half the price of what is usually being sold here is really cool. I got this for only about RM 34 and it came in really good condition and quality! It isn’t genuine leather but sewing and material positioning – I would say almost perfect! I got the casing from so if you guys need anything you should totally check that out! Free shipping too! Their other stuff goes for about USD 1-5 bucks. Really a good steal. The only con is that it takes ages to reach.

So here’s Uncle Rocky (right) who’s an adorable man, he has so much to tell. Uncle Yee on the contrary was very quiet.

 I met them for a shoot for the magazine I intern for now. Having a great time where I’m working now, everybody is so nice and I’m doing very interesting things. I went in prepared to get coffee, clean rubbish or probably photocopy a paper or two. Turned out to be another whole new experience as I got to do many other interesting research and write ups. Very impressed with my luck!

Also, I called up our ex Sri Garden teacher – Mr John Evans. We were looking for a 70 year old-ish man for a fashion spread in the magazine and I thought  of him that instant. He doesn’t look that old, probably early to mid 60s but it’s good. 70s was just a guideline! He never taught me but as primary kids we always ran to his room during breaks because it was a chilling air-conditioned room and probably the only teacher who allowed students to hang out!

Can’t wait for the spread to come out. I’m dying to give you guys a sneak peek – because we’re dressing these gentleman up in suits and really classy fashion, but I’d wait till the magazine to come out first.

Did another shoot for Vanity Dreams for the Christmas Collection. This top we’re wearing is a very nice top – I’d definitely get it if Malaysia had a little bit of chills.

Then there was the exciting Super Asia Showcase 2012.

Well, I never pay for my concerts – as conceited or kiamsiap as these may sound. But I always get really really lucky and would finally still get tickets to them if I really wanted to go. I never liked asking people for tickets because I always think people have more things to do than bother searching up tickets for you. If you don’t even bother saving up to go despite liking them so much, then why should somebody give so much effort in looking up the tickets for you? I mean, I don’t know – it’s just the way I think. But anyhow, it’s just my luck that I get friends who always know a certain somebody who is always nice enough to actually have extra tickets.

I’ve been to quite a number of the Kpop concerts, I really don’t know how my journey became so. Most of the time it doesn’t really matter even if I get to go or not. But for Super Asia Showcase, I knew I had to go! But I have to admit, I really didn’t think the price was going to be worth of what I’d be paying for. For the first time ever, I started asking a few people if they  had any tickets they didn’t want because I knew I had to be there. It felt quite horrible, but okay – thank you to everybody who helped. All of you were very sincerely helpful 🙂

Conclusion was, we didn’t get any tickets or notification of any possible ones until the week before the concert. I got to know about the showcase quite earlier on so I had been searching since then. Then I thought “Well you know, if you are meant to be going to the concert – there will be a way that’ll shine upon you sooner or later”. Then it really came. I saw that our local Korean entertainment site K-popped was having this competition where they were giving away a pair of tickets to the person who sends in the most creative tweet with the hashtags #kpopped and #SuperAsiaShowcase. Took me about 4 days to decide to join – because I have never won anything first prize – and when I finally decided to in the midst of my work – I just whipped some tweet in a few minutes and just submitted it by just mentioning Kpopped.

And yes, to probably none of your surprise by now, I really won!

It’s Super Junior M’s showcase but they brought two guests with them – Exo-M nd B2B

Sometimes I think I am very blessed with such luck. You may say I’m pretentious but my motto of life is to really never be very greedy for anything. Nothing is yours from the start. We may have temptations, but I believe there’s always a method to put the fire off with the right ways of thought. And with that mindset I think naturally things would just keep coming in from positive law of attraction. So here we are in the concert!

Here’s one of the many EXO fans in the pit. We were quite far from the stage, but it’s all fine. I can’t be fighting with the rest of the girls. They have ultimate stamina. Standing further actually helps you get a better view of the whole stage.

B2B started the show. I was quite surprised wasn’t any local artists who opened the show.

The screaming fans at the top. They were so hyper along the 5-6 songs that B2B did. I was already exhausted by just standing (feeling my backache right now!). Most of the time I just sat down.

Took this photo coincidentally when the lights were really bright and I edited it too so it looks pretty bright but yes those were legs that almost never stopped. Had to wait for the perfect timing! I can’t take fangirling as a job – it’d kill me. But I really hoped there wasn’t so much screaming when the artists sang. Can barely hear anything.

Here’s Exo-M doing their introductions.  If you’ve never heard of Exo-M, you should by now! They’re a new group that debuted this year with SM Entertainment – home to Girls Generation, Super Junior, and TVXQ. It’s a huge group of 12 called EXO but mainly separated into two K and M representing Korean activities and Mandarin activities. Korean entertainment artists really are something to pay attention to at times. Nobody really knows what they’ve been through to debut. It’s like a factory of toys (if put bluntly) all waiting to be sold, but you just never know who gets sent out first. It really takes years, and years of patience and dedication with a very solid dream. But dreams do come true.

Exo-M’s Luhan – he sings very well! One of the main vocalists in the group.

After Exo-M, came the main acts of the day. Super Junior M.

Should expect no less of a bluey ocean

The concert then came to an end soon enough. Probably took about 1.5-2 hours. I only noticed this sign while trying to write this post.

Showcase was held at the 15th floor of the Kenanga Wholesale City. And there were only about 3 elevators to take these people down. Dawn and I couldn’t wait we took the stairs down. Overall a very satisfying event to be at. Glad I got the tickets 🙂

Finally got to cover a series of events that happened the past weeks. Nothing too big, but that’s how my life is. Nothing too big. However, I’ve got to note that among all #CelebrativeNovembers that I did last month (and is not finished) – December seems to be quite eventful as well.

Finally got to meet a good old friend during the showcase, and it was also by some odd universal arrangement that we had a short sit down catch up. It always feels nice to meet someone you’re comfortable with despite not having seen each other in a long time. It reminds you how things haven’t really changed despite external factors. I don’t know – is it just me? Everytime I meet good old friends who’re back from their tertiary studies abroad, I never find the chance to be awkward and go “Oh, what should I say now?”.

It’s always like we just met last week and things would still be the same. Like Kai Chee, she’s been away for about 5-6 years now and she comes back once a year or so. But every time she comes back I always feel like I’ve just seen her two days ago. The bond always remains there for me. May sound cheesy but once friends – real friends – forever friends. Unless the opposite party changes, that’s another case altogether.

Also got to meet some amazing people at the office, got a train buddy Leela who’s so funny she reminds me of Silkina, everyone is hilarious in the office. I’m having a great time. We’re having a Secret Santa tomorrow – so excited. I’m quite new in the office so I don’t really know who my recipient is but I tried my best getting a nice and practical present in such a short span of time.  Ahh, tomorrow’s also a celebration day for the company – so I can’t wait to see what’s gonna cook up.

Oh well, that’s enough for today! Will see you guys again soon!

Preview : I went for an ear cleaning session somewhere Kuala Selangor last week to get worms out of my ear (!!!!!). Very freaky but fun experience. Can’t wait to share it with you.

Till then!

Review : Sound of Music Musical 2011

It always only takes one strong first impression to make me fall head over heels over something. And that will most likely be something that I would hold on for a really long time and will never change. It can be anything, but as far as musicals go – Sound of Music will always top my list. I think I’ve watched it only once as a young girl as my parents use to sit me through many Broadway films, American home videos and of that sort. The melodies and hummings from Sound of Music stuck with me every since and I have always been wanting to watch it a second time after falling in love with it since I was maybe about 7.

See how special Sound of Music is? It gets one of my endeared stickers.

I think I finally did, at the age of 16, roughly 9 years later. I had very vague memory of the plot, but would sometimes rememeber certain scenes and expression that I have deeply buried at the back of my head. Sound of Music was the perfect name for the movie. Today at 20, I am still excited to watch the movie againto have the sound of the brilliantly written songs be risen from my faded memory.  I’m not the type to rewatch materials unless I really like them and for those who know me quite well, it really is not very common to see me spend on ‘want’ items. On my shelves today, I can count the things that I willingly coughed cash to buy. Phantom of the Opera, Grease, The Miracle Worker and finally Sound of Music of course. I think I bought one Jay Chou CD too. I have plenty of them in my shelves, all original but I have been blessed enough to have people give them to me when I was in my early teens.

So it really is a big deal, when you see me spending RM 300 on a single ticket for a musical that I have no expectations for. For that money, I was seated the back part of the first tier of the Plenary hall in the KLCC Convention Centre. I was there once for Nanta with Jamie, but coming back here for Sound of Music felt completely different. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I admitted that I literally had my hands on my chest 2 minutes before the musical started, up till 3/4 of the first half of the musical. I felt so musical struck (although in all honesty, it wasn’t as brilliant as I would have expected it to be) because these numbers were sung right infront of me and I never would have imagined that today will come.

I think if Julie Andrews returned to who she was in 1965 and stood infront of the stage, I would have had both my hands on my chest during the entire show. She was a miracle and a delight to hear.

Before entering the hall, Ginny had to take a break in the washroom while Sam and I were waiting outside. Suddenly there was an announcement saying that the musical was about to start in 3 minutes (it was about 8.20PM) so my heart started to jump because I hate being JUST ON TIME or late for any shows. Missing the beginning of any performance is like missing the core of the performance and I always want some extra time for me to build some momentum for myself, as well as to prepare and calm myself as an audience. I quickly texted poor Ginny who was still in the washroom to be fastah! (!) and because I couldn’t wait anymore, I stomped into the washroom and stood outside her cubicle PFFT. Couldn’t bear looking at all those people rush and run pass me into the halls without feeling more anxious.

Yup, that’s me. /hopeful

How I wished I was with Yvents for this! I don’t mind doing petty work I just want to hear My Favorite Things everyday!

Sam and I waiting for Ginny to come out from the washroom while other people woosh pass pfft.

(Do you see that polka dot on top of my lips! Tell you that story later after the post! /palmface )****

So finally we, or I, briefly ran towards the hall and had to wait for about another 5 minutes for it to start.  I looked around for children because I wanted to prepare myself to shut off their voices (it’s all in the mind pfft I’m not X-Men I don’t have supenatural powers) but fortunately there weren’t! The crowd around me seemed pretty decent so I really prepared to sit back, relax and enjoy a good show. I mean, it HAS to be a good show. This people are professionals!

Natalie with palmface, Ginny, Sam and Chee Weng. Yup, Chee Weng is here too….but in the phone pfft.

Ginny : Maybe I reiki my hair now (pfft)

Sigh. I had such a hard time deciding if I should take photos of the musical for keeps sake or not because the instructions at the beginning of the show wasn’t clear enough! I didn’t understand when they said “No cameras or any recording devices are allowed”. So does this mean, they are not allowed incase of recording purposes or are they prohibiting photographs as well? I was in such a dilemma because I always want to take a piece of the performance home wherever I go and not being able to just take one fast shot of it made me feel so uneasy, 20% of the time I had my hands in my bag wondering if I should take it out and sneak a fast shot in the midst of confusion. I didn’t want to disrupt anybody around me with the LCD brightness of my screen (despite setting it to the lowest already!) so I pressed it on my chest and took a photo. My camera made a soft click and it sounded so disruptive I quickly hid my camera, as if I just stole something pfft.

The musical started off a little shaky because Maria didn’t seem expressive enough at the first song. She did had that happy and bubble Maria vibe but I’ve always got used to the image of Maria with a short pixie cut so when I saw how Maria (Musical) braided her hair, it was a little mouth-pout moment. Apart from that, the seven children did a good job but Brigitta seemed like she needed to drink some water to clear her throat abit. She was alright at the second part of the show 🙂

The musical followed scripts really closely so those who hadn’t seen Sound of Music need not worry because you would still get the same deal. Well, almost. I thought they very cleverly compacted a few scenes together as to save time. For example, there was supposed to be a timeline gap in within the time when Maria is introduced to the children and when she is supposed to teach them sing. In the movie, it was supposed to be the next day when she teaches them to sing on the mountain and on top of the hills. In the musical, she taught them the Do-Re-Mi song right on the same day when she met them. I think Maria (Musical) sang that song the best, as expressions were very well delivered and simplicities of the lyrics were very direct and clear for people to comprehend. Coagraphy was also very well done, all very similiar but if they were just a little bit more in sync it would have been perfect to the eyes!

Nevertheless, the casts always exuded a bright and genuine smile – providing a shelter of hope for those who might have not been very on-top-of-the-world. I found myself smiling along to many scenes, especially when the scenes centred around their youngest cast, Gretl. She was so adorable to watch, just like the original Gretl. I loved how her singing wasn’t perfect because 5 year old’s with some flaw IS the real thang!

After about 2 hours, the musical came to an intermission and I quickly checked my secret agent photo. It was perfect.








Perfectly black pfft.

20 minutes passed really quickly, as we went over to get Sam’s program book that costed about RM 35. The original soundtrack was also on sale for RM 50. I thought it was really quite worth it (not sure about the program book tho) but I still didn’t get it. We hussled back into the hall like herds of cows and the show resumed for another 45 minutes or so before coming into an end.

Highlight of the musical, was surprisingly not of the plot or the cast – but the awkward exclamation of a young girl who was in the audience. Georg (Captain Von Trapp) and Maria shared their first kiss after exchanging their feelings for each other and just when the audience had to hold their breath and the hall had a dawning pin-drop silence, a young girl almost screamed “EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” really loudly. That rang across the whole Plenary Hall and everybody was laughing, while the couple were still sharing their sentiments on stage with much proffesionalism.

Soon enough, the musical came to an end  and I just had to grab some photos during the curtain call! This was when part of the crowd were already standing and the rest were just clapping vigorously. There was a standing ovation at the front part of the first tier but I wonder why it didn’t come to the back. I would give it a standing ovation, not sure if it REALLY deserved it but I have to say I liked the musical. I can’t tell you if this is a biased opinion from an avid fan of Sound of Music or just as part of the audience.

Maria being greeted by the rest of the cast

All saying their thank-yous

The curtain closed and people were still roaring with excitement and some still continued clapping! The audience right at the first few rows were even waving. It sometimes makes me wonder if the view is different from the front pfft.

The Sound of Musical Musical ran at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from the 21st to 26th June 2011 at 8.30PM to 11.30PM. Seatings were also priced at RM190, RM290, RM390, RM490 and RM590.

I would rate The Sound of Music : The Musical a 72.5%.

That’s a B+!




(*** : So by the way, the story of polka dot scar on my face is, my friend Francisca told me that I should try pressing on the pores on top my lips and see if like I’d find many  things streaming out. So confidently told her no I wouldn’t do that because I tried and it stayed on for weeks or months because I had such an itchy hand I would always fiddle with the scar. Then I got home and rethought what she said. She clearly said “many things” and I don’t want “many things” to be stuck in my skin so I tried doing what she suggested and ended up with what I knew I would end up with! At the end, not only there were none of “many things” except for blood because I was literally stabbing my skin with my nails because nothing was coming out and I had to make something come out! I had to end up with a mole-like scar. Well, lucky this only lasted for about 6 days because I have been a good girl. Maybe reiki helped my calmness pfft.)

Tall, Dark and….?

Comedian lor.

Is this comedy face pfft.

Haha, hello people. I’m trying to keep up with the pending posts and I think I’ve been doing a good job. The past few days have been quite productive because I got to organize so many computer data after sending it for service. If only I learn to reformat my own com, it would make the world a little more colourful. I always send my computer to reformat after a few months, just because it makes me feel more organised that way.

Anyways, diverted from main topic already.

Tall, Dark and Comedian is actually a debut-solo show by Kuah Jenhan, a local comedian from the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians. Got hear before anot! If never hear before must hit backside pfft. Okeh actually to be fair I oso never hear before until I read newspaper pfft. But those who are familiar with the growth of local arts should be aware of it and for those who missed the show, booyah.

It was held in PJLA, Jaya One. I think PJLA is such a great discovery – alongside Jaya One. It’s where all the food is! I love one of the Thai restaurants there called Kinnaree. I got so sour one time when Nuffnang had a gathering there and I couldn’t make it 🙁

For those who don’t know what PJLA is, it basically stands for PJ Live Arts and is basically a charitable community outreach  that raise funds for the needy through arts as a platform. Really good approach of whoever made this up because I always believe arts in some ways does have a prominent role in giving back to society – be it for soul rehab or just to break out. There are so many divisions to art so please find yours!

This is totalyl irrelevant but for those who watched Secret by Jay Chou, there is this part in the movie where the dad tells his son that people who don’t listen to music are bad people. As much as I want to frown at that statement, to which his son (who Jay Chou played) disagreed to – I secretly wanted to believe it. Not in terms in which they are bad, but like they are missing something. Arts, to me is something like that. Sometimes it makes me wonder if it is my religion because like many persistant Christian preachers, I always feel like they are missing something in life to depend on —- just like how they feel the other non-Christians are missing out on God.

Do I make sense?

Anyways,this is the entrance to the sold out show that hosted 300 pax that night!

Well, mainly because the 1 hour show was such a delight to sit through – filled with light hearted and relative jokes that stringed to each other so well! For only RM 35, we were entertained by 2 opening acts and also Jenhan himself. Opening acts were Rambo Tan and David Lai who warmed up the audience for the main act.

Excited rows of audience waiting for the show to kick start




And soon it did, a little bit after 8.00PM

Rambo Tan, one of the most agogo comedians we would ever see around locally, most of the time was giving the male audiences Cina-fied courting skills because apparently he is really good at it. One of the main things he said that cracked up the audience so bad was when he was persuading the guys on how they should save money and buy Kreesenmum (crysanthemum!) flowers for their girlfriends instead of roses. Guess why!

Because after dry can make tea PFFT!!!!!!

Stealing laughing souls pfft

That got one of the guys who was infront of me rolling so bad he couldn’t stop laughing even past two more jokes later. I think Rambo took the stage for about 15 minutes before he left and buy chrysanthemum to go kao lui pfft.

Up next was David Lai, a mentalist who is known to bend cutleries pfft David was so smooth with his acts I could sit and watch it eight hundred times and still be at awe.

For those who don’t know David, this

is David.

During the show, he had numerous acts where he guessed the cards that random members of the audience picked in a stack of cards. Well, that you see in some magic shows but here’s what’s next that gave me goosebumps. Well, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for such things. I used to stand like an hour infront of the Sungei Wang stores that sells magic stuff and this swift handed guy cheats me with the magic tools and make it seem like magic. I have my hats of to these people tho, despite the functionalibity of the tools because I believe you have to be really swift with your hands to make it seem realistic.

That was exactly what David did during the show. He picked 8 guys and a girl from the audience. All 8 guys held 8 seperate envelopes that had individual numbers in it. Long story cut short, he got the girl to pick a random number from a Phone Directory Edition 2006 and managed to successfully guess the number. All 8 participants were given the numbers just before the girl picked so it was impossible for him to change. Is that what they meant by being a mentalist? It was so exciting and berganchong I forgot to take a photo.

I used to pretend like I could do magic and make tissues disappear and my brother Nick would believe. Well, that was when he was still like 6 pfft. Now he’s 14 and always tricking me into things that I never thought I would fall for. Like eating rotten fruits, or something like that.

Anyways, that was the final opening act before Kuah Jenhan came up.

Jeng jeng jeng. This one is abit more shy than Rambo because I think it’s his show. Maybe next time he should get tips from Rambo on how to be more ‘confidential’ (okeh inside joke). Basically Jenhan’s act was very straightforward and I could see that the audience could identify with his subjects so much they were on their toes already before he finished the joke. In contrast with Rambo, Jenhan’s 90% new material that night touched more on female vs male as well as household happenings. The audience for the first night (yeap there were two nights!) looked like they were of late 20s to mid 40s so I suppose that really squeezed their laughing energy out dry.

It was hilarious how he role played so frequently (he was a sorrow heartbroken girl, a comforting girlfriend, as well as the waiter at one point!) just to exhibit how girls can normally multitask in between 67 things at the same time! What brought the house down was when he switched to being a sorrowful heartbroken guy and a comforting buddy) and showed us the true meaning to how guys are so incapable of doing more than one thing at a time. So true at times – altho I would encourage the people who watched it to enjoy with an open mind.

What most important was that despite it being slightly angled as a Chinese comedy show (from Jenhan’s shows with MACC), all races who were there could understand everything. Felt a little fuzzy inside because suddenly it felt like this was were the true meaning of 1Malaysia is. Everybody brought together in the name of arts 🙂

Bromance of David and Jenhan is what brought them together pfft.

People swarming at the door because both acts were outside for meet and greet!

Personally I felt that it was such a good debut show that it’s be so stressful because it’s like setting a benchmark for yourself pfft. Imagine I sing ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ beautifully for my first audition of American Idol then proceed to sing Friday during my second.

This is me rushing into backstage bekos didnt get to take pikchah PFFT

And this is Chiho, the lights coordinator of the show and also part of MACC. Yes, he does comedy too teehee.
Yah I attack all the crew just because. PFFT.
Maybe next time I rush in the cockpit where the pilots are, just because I like the way they land.

Kampung Boy : Lat The Musical

So last week Ginny, Abigail and I got to Lat The Musical in Istana Budaya because her mom’s company was one of the sponsors. I really love performance arts (of any kind) so being able to go was such a bonus. From youdng I think I have been exposed to such ‘culture’ I guess, which kind of explains why. I would also credit this ‘value’ to the Kindergarten and Primary years in Sri Garden because I was very much involved in drama courses and whatnot.

Maybe not alot of people were interested in such things but the drama teachers always came looking for us few (members of the Drama club pfft) for new scripts. It was called the Helen O Grady course I think, I had so much fun there. I think its because I grew with such things so I feel that such things come very close to heart.

Musicals, Skits, Plays. I’ve been in maybe 4-5 productions, but that was when I was really young. I was a sunflower, a wolf, a little girl in a picnic, a Nyonya girl,and many other more characters. Now that I’m writing this post I feel kind of nostalgic – I sort of forgot I had that phase in life. Maybe now my interest makes more sense!

Anyways, Lat is one of Malaysia’s most loved local cartoon. It’s based on the true story of the creator itself, Dato Lat. The musical brings us one step closer as to how his life unfolded, how his drawings led him to where he is today, the obstacles he had to go through. It really was an inspiring musical. The casts were in tip top condition, their voices hailed through the whole theater – crystal clear. All of them danced in sync and it really seemed like they were enjoying themselves, as if they were the characters – instead of playing them. One of the most applaudible group of the cast were the children! Their raw talent really impressed me, I thought they were lip syncing only to find out that it was all live! Voice projection gains 100 brownie points! I’m actually quite particular about voices and it was amazing to just know that I was watching it.

The musical runs for about 3 hours, with a 15 minute break in between. No photos of the musical taken to respect the production because you must watch it for yourselves! Last show on the 5th of April (which is tomorrow!) so please go get your tickets asap!

At first Ginny was skeptical about the showtime, as to if it will start on time – but considering the few occasions where Malaysian organisers have been pretty punctual – we were there on time! And good enough, because I don’t like to be JUST on time but at least 30 minutes earlier. Yeay because we got to take photos with the huge boards of Lat characters!

She looks like Mickey Maus!

AH LIAN, Nak pegi mana?

Jom swimming kat sungai tu

Tunggu boypren aku ni.

Bas ambik masa lama la. Lat dah nak pigi Ipoh dah.

Abigail finally came so here she is with Ginny and the Kampung boys <3

Gu niang trying to immitate the trademark Lat smile

Show starting soon. Look at who’s sitting in the VIP seats on top tiers. LOL!

[2011] Super Junior SS3, Kuala Lumpur

What: Super Junior Concert, Super Show 3
When: 6.00 PM, 19th March 2011
Where: Stadium Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

Hello there. So I landed myself a ticket with Ginny for the Super Show 3. I went for Super Show 2 last year with Vivien, Ginny and Jamie and thought the concept of the concert was quite good. It was almost like freestyle, where the members can ACTUALLY do what they want without a fixed script of schedule.

When we saw that the concert was gonna start at 6.00PM, we kind of doubted the punctuality because it was SO early for a concert! Still, just to be safe both of us were there at 5.30PM and sure enough, the security was announcing that doors were gonna be closed in 5 minutes. So we rushed to the entrance asap! Concert starts about 6.05PM I guess! Still, quite punctual.

Concert was going to start and fans were going crazy because one of the workers walked in stage. The ‘blue ocean’ was starting to be seen! Super Junior fans call themselves as ELF.

Officially starting /whistle blows/

They started with Dong Hae rising from the centre of the stage, with all the rest of the members below him waiting to be revealed. We were sitting on the top of the stadium so it was kind of a spoiler cause we could see them from above, waiting for the cover to rise.

The one and only song most of the non-Suju fans would know – Sorry Sorry!

This was during Zhou Mi’s solo.

They had a very nice stage setting, more to accommodate the girl’s preferences. This was EunHyuk and Lee Teuk flying in the air throwing confetti. Quite nice to look at 🙂

This time I was really far compared to the last time I was here, but still had to take a photo of Kyu because I like his voice like that.

The boys having their own comedy show again. Its kind of the ‘ Korean’ concept of concerts I guess?

During Kyu Hyun’s solo 🙂 I liked the solo but thought Ryu Wook’s solo was the best of the night in terms of goosebumping because his voice was really clear and really hit my head. It was my least favorite song out of the three K.R.Y’s but still I have to say I thought that was a pretty good vocal convey. Kyu Hyun’s solo was – okay lah. Not his best, hope he sang something more cafe latte though!

Rokkugo, a song full of random things. This was Super Junior T, short for Super Junior Trot – where they sing songs that are of the 70s-80s genre.

Them walking around the hugeee stage to say hi. See how close the fans got? 🙂

This was Ye Sung’s solo where he sang “It has to be you”. Personally I love this song so hearing it live was a bonus 🙂

Ye Sung Saying Goodbye!

Heading towards the end of the concert, people were starting to throw gifts on the stage. See why it isn’t THAT good to have the stage so near the fans at times? The boys were still kind enough to take back a few 🙂

The came out for encore with the vegetable costumes!

The usuals of SS3, Dong Hae in the beansprout outfit taking a polaroid of him and the fans!

Saying Goodbye for real! The group cannot speak English really well so they took lyrics from songs they had to practice and read it out loud. One of them kept saying “When I see your face, theres not a thing that I would change…..” Turned out to be Bruno Mar’s Just The Way You Are.

End of SS3

Overall, the I would give the concert a 7.5/10 🙂 I would go for another Super Show, because I think Super Junior genuinely has talent. They can dance as well as they can sing, but most of their talent has been downplayed by the media – with all the fast dance tracks. If they sit down and sing ballads, it really gives goosebumps!

Hope these artists can appreciated more than just be hyped about just because they are hyped about! Not speaking from a Korean-music person point of view, but music and vocal point of view.

Sneak Peak : Super Junior SS3

Apa Khabar?

Khabar baik, and you?

Tomorrow’s going to be a better day for a better update so I’m just going to leave you at this photo! I have a pending Malacca trip, a YUBERACTIVE video shoot, and also a blogging competition update so please stay in! Next update is going to be about Super Junior SS3 in Kuala Lumpur 🙂

Only one saber colour is allowed in the stadium : Sapphire Blue

Jay Chou The Era Concert 2011 Malaysia

Good Evening!

I’m back from Jay Chou’s The Era World Tour Concert held in Malaysia over at Stadium Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium! I have to say I really liked it (as usual) despite it not hosting alot of my favorite slow numbers. Then again, Jay has been my Chinese mentor for a while now – so whatever goes, as long as it’s Jay Chou!

The concert itself was actually pretty impressive because it had really amazing 3D visuals. I was really impressed by the mechanics of the lighting visuals so big applause for that. We were sitting too near to the speakers so it felt like they were right next to our ears – bombarding with loud bass! Each time they hit the drum, my ears go poof!

Jay has also significantly aged – a contrasting difference from the last time I saw him when he came down to KL for his promo for the movie he did. I’m not sure if it’s the composing or if its Hollywood that has been wearing him out. But really, whatever it is – no matter how he ages – this man makes good music. Whoever makes their own music is a real gem – and whoever makes real good music equates to a box of gem.

His singing as improved alot – I’m not sure if its because of the distance or where the speakers are directed at. At every Jay concert I’m always at the first section in within the first 5 rows (except for the previous one and this!). Somehow things just turn out that way. It’s okay when it comes to slow numbers, but when they have to really rock it out – you can hear the speaker kind of bursting.

The one song that I was anticipating – 安靜 (An Jing) was not sung. It really was like the ritual for a Jay Chou concert for me – and over the past few years I have been living along with this song. My staple karaoke song that kind of gave me strength in many ways. He sang many other slow numbers that I liked too – just that it was such a waste that he didn’t deliver An Jing. Then again, I kind of expected it because after some research I realized he didn’t sing the song much in other concerts as well.

Here are the Top 10 songs that he sang that night. There were a few others (mostly oriental melancholy ones) that I forgot the name to but they were equally beautiful and nice to listen to.

1. Kai bu Liao kou.

2.Dong feng buo

3. Shan hu hai

4. Superman cant fly

5. Jian dan ai

6. Ba wo hui lai le

7. Wo Bu Pei

8. Ai Zai Xi Yuan Chuan

9. Xuo Hao De Xin Fu Ne

10. Hei Se You Muo

Best song of the night would have to be Superman Can’t Fly because I felt that it really conveyed his true feelings of becoming a top public icon. Basically the song revolves around how he cannot fall weak because he is an idol to many – and in the setting of this song – he is the Superman. It also tells the story of how Superman can’t cry because he has to save the world. Just because he is Superman, he is unable to express his true feelings. Just because he is Superman, he has in image to uphold – to protect the expectations and hopes of many. Right before the song, they played a long video that captured Jay’s journey for the past 10 years. I’m so proud of him!

I was seated at VVIP R (Row 8) at the far right corner of the area. I would say I was about 500 metres away from the stage, not very far actually if he came right to the tip of the stage. I took about 483 photos but I must say that NONE of them are nice because I had my in the wrong setting the whole night. Only learnt of the correct setting right after the concert but it was too late. 97% of my photos has Jay’s body with a white face (hint : spotlight). Feel my pain?

Here’s a collective outlook on the photos I took that night!

So here are some photos that may feed you on what happened that night. I was pretty happy that they actually allowed photography, and to be fair – only videography was disallowed! I think that’s a pretty good way of managing the concert. They should do this more in future! I have alot of similiar photos and am undecisive of which I should put up – so some has identical ones.

My companion Ginny and I. This girl has not been to any Jay Chou concerts so she was like abit lost at how the songs sound different to the original recordings. For those who don’t know – it’s because Jay always changes the tunes to his songs and also the lyrics  so collectively it will sound quite odd, especially for those who cannot understand the lyrics that he has changed!

We were stuck in a massive jam just 30 minutes before the show for about 45 minutes. I was so worried that I would miss the opening. Usually I arrive at concerts about 2 hours before showtime just to blend in with the crowd and put my nose into other people’s business – just for the fun of it. At the end, I figured we wouldn’t be able to do that so I mentally prepared myself for the concert emotionally by blasting myself with concert versions of his songs!

Brought to ME by KLSOGO. At times like these, I hope I worked in Hilton – just to pull a few strings!

A little before the concert started, a sea of pink sabers. Just wondering if his theme color for this concert is pink!

Coming out from the ‘egg’.

You would mistake the concert for  a rave party – just by judging from the lights! Super 3D effect!

Introducing Cindy Yen who sang Hei Se You Muo (Black Humor) with him. Totally love the duet – have been drowning in it for the past week. They didn’t sing this for the second day of the concert – so I’m so happy to have actually been there on the first

As expected, most of the people who are associated with Jay can actually play the piano! She has really skinny arms its actually frightening!

I know this is totally not me. Three things : Buying a real saber, pink, and something with a celebrity’s face plastered on it. But then I thought again, it’s been so many concerts and I have never bought ONE saber. Well, still didn’t get to use much of it – but oh well, it will remain as a souvenir!

Actually I least like this piano among his other pianos. I thought it was a little too simple and the group of roses didn’t actually help much. I like those that are modified both interior and exterior, especially his transparent ones! Super cool piano!

What’s Jay Chou without some instrument playing right? But this time he played so much less than his other concerts. There used to be at least 4 instrument elements. I heard he performed a classical piece on the piano on the second day, which he did not on the first.

This was one of the coolest concert visuals that I have ever seen – coming right above TVXQ’s concert opening where they had the visualistic aquarium with people air diving behind the drape. Basically, it feels like there’s a cube or a tangible setting but it really is just a flat surface with the visuals projected on it.


Sea of people who sang along to Kai Bu Liao Kou. At that moment, I got goosebumps all over and tried to imagine myself to be in his position. He must have written this song in a small quiet dimlighted corner, but today –  a stadium full of his supporters are singing along to it in sync. Would these composers now how far their songs will go while writing it? Would it have ended up sounding like that if they had anticipated such response?

At this moment, he was wondering why was the space infront of his stage empty. Actually it was because the seating was arranged that way so nobody was allowed to be there. Then, he asked everyone in that area to come infront and my god – the people were all RUSHING towards it. It was so nice of him to actually give us the chance to come so near. If you were fast enough, you could have been right infront of his legs (due to height of stage lol)

Here’s a video of him singing the song ♥

I got excited that I was kind of near so I tried to take a photo of myself with Jay. I’ve tried photoshopping our photo together but due to my fail skills I never get to do it successfully. It was actually really quite embarrasing because I was doing it myself (Ginny was still sitting in our seats pfft) infront of a group of others who was looking at the screen of my camera and even after 5 shots I had all of it angled wrongly, some zoomed right into my nose and others were just overexposed and blurry. So one nice lady just offered to help me take a photo and I was so thankful!

There goes my perfect real solo photo with Jay. If not for that paper hand T_T

The normal concert lifters!

I went back to the seating area but this time we got hold of the first row because everyone is right in front. Thus my photos were clearer! Here he was singing Give Me The Time Of A Song <给我一首歌的时间>. Actually I  really think his dancing skills improved tremendously.

A video of the song

Actually the singers that I like actually don’t know how to dance (well). But there will always be a time when I actually notice that they are actually improving, and I feel kind of weird. Like they are not them anymore. It’s kind of weird – like how I  think Kyu Hyun from Super Junior should always just stick to singing – I think of the same for Jay too.  Naturally, its because I’ve always felt that these icons that I like are usually shy and quiet so when they start dancing I feel its kind of confusing. Identity clash?

Everyone was starting to feel the heat!

Fail but unfail? This was right before encore!

They came out to sing Shan Hu Hai, as expected with Lara.

Enthusiastic introvert supporter on the chair with selamba audience on the floor.

說了再見 March/April!

KL SOGO : Jay Chou The Era Concert

Hello guys!

For those who may be anticipating my Bali posts – sorry have to push back a little because I don’t want to push everything back. Coming to think of it, I have not even finished my Travelling Seoul 101 yet! Will find some time for it soon.

This post is especially important because I wanna thank KLSOGO, the official sponsor for Jay Chou’s The Era concert in Malaysia concert 2011. Frankly, I have always been attending Jay’s concert every single time he comes and perform. So far, I think there has been about 4 concerts in total. My first one was in Year 2003, when my mom won some prize for designing the concert’s logo. For the second one I actually bought tickets. Then I came to the phase when I finally decided to stop spending money on these ‘wants’ and actually concentrate on my ‘needs’. The third concert came and I remember I was dying to go too but because I didn’t want to spoil myself I decided not to. God bless at the last minute, a friend came up to me and told me she had free tickets to the concert – ROYAL BOX! I had such a great time there and thought I would never be able to go to another Jay Chou concert again.

Then one day, KLSOGO decided to come up with this fabulous competition where participants had to mimick Jay Chou and the shortlisted ones can actually win a pair of VVIP tickets to the concert! Frankly, I hesitated alot because I didn’t really like these voting competitions and I was abit shy to let everyone I know see a recorded video of me singing. Which explained why I never talked about it in my blog to ask anyone to vote. I decided not to participate at first – only until the last minute before the contest was about to close – Vivien and Ginny insisted that I try just for the sake of it! So I decided to just give it a try in order not to regret later! We had to wait about a week or two before KLSOGO actually released information on the shortlisted participants and I was almost sure that I wouldn’t get it. I mean, I saw a few videos of the participants who played instruments and paid so much effort to prettify their video!

Long story cut short, I actually got shortlisted with Vivien so now we are both proud consolation winners to the contest! Wanna see where we’re sitted?

We’re at the VVIP R section!

I feel so lucky!

So anyways, before Vivien and I actually got shortlisted – we decided that chances are minimal and if we actually get THAT lucky we will record a thank you video. And so we spent the rest of the day – after collecting the tickets – recording the video!

Customer Service Centre of KLSOGO was where we had to go to collect our tickets!

Sogo used to be my favorite mall when I was a little girl. It then had a phase when business went down – but this time that I’m back here again – it has revamped with such nice interiors! Business is doing crazily well especially with all the discounts! Remember to sign up as a S-Card Member – super alot of benefits!

My tickets – my other tix will be for Ginny Yap! Surprise surprise! By the way, can you believe I actually DROPPED my tickets less than 10 minutes after receiving it? Luckily someone who apparently goes by the name of Mr.E (hinted by Sogo!) notified me right after he saw and gave it back! God bless! Can’t beleive myself at times.

Credits : KLSOGO Facebook Page

Ginny was there with me in KLSOGO – 1) because she’s always so nice she brings my legless self everywhere and 2) she was there to represent Vivien take her tickets as she was still at work! We decided to go for lunch with Arthur (Ginny’s boyfriend) and Vivien later in the evening but right after these two monkeys went down the escalators – we spotted a super good lunch set in SHOGO cafe in the mall!

RM 25 for one large pizza plus two cups of soup and a glass of soda for each pax! We were so mesmerized by the amount of cheese that was one the pizza that was served on one of the tables we had to have that!

Look at ZEE cheese!

Here’s Arthur and me waiting for Ginny

After that we separated ways from the couple so Vivien and I got back to her home where we chilled while she dealed with some of her matters. There was a biiiiiggg JC billboard outside her area.

Kai bu liao kou!

Vivien and I in the making of our video

Peekaboo I see You!

Apparently this is my pose (?)

Anyways, here is our video that we did after a few takes. Frankly I think it was just an oookay video but because we had no time – I guess we settled for this! Adlibs were added in with no sync and practice at all so you could see how we were struggled to come in pace with each other! Harmonization is off here and there but – as Vivien and I would call this – The Shameless Video.

Thanks again KLSOGO for this opportunity! And just for the record….








No harm intended!