Bausch & Lomb : Freedom To Look Hot

When I was younger, my mom used to teach me my first words using Ladybird playcards. Every day I would read a few while I play. Gradually, my parents slowly realised that I had difficulties reading the playcards from where they were. That was when they brought me to the optician and I was officially short-sighted. I was 8.

I refused to wear any glasses until a few years later, but my power already escalated terribly by then. Today, with a power of 600 with astigmation of 550, I am living my days fully dependant on eyewear. I wore spectacles from age 10 to 13, but I have to admit – the three years were one of my worst (but I want to admit, cute!) years because I literally looked quite #fail. Everywhere I went I had to hold on tight to my glasses, whatever pretty dresses I wore – the look just didn’t go with my glasses that had LOTS of circles in it due to the high power. I didn’t feel good at all, not even average. Everytime I looked down from a level so high up, I had to take off my glasses – but that would mean I’ll not be able to see anything. Everytime I sat on exciting roller coaster rides, I would have to take my glasses off again in fear of losing in during the ride. It was all quite upsetting for me because I wanted to have perfect vision like everyone else during fun times like these.

Although it was a short 3 years, the discomfort I had to go through was really quite impactful. Finally, my mom realised and thought I should try wearing contact lenses. I was delighted with the idea, but was also filled with worries because I’ve heard terrible stories of it drying up and tearing in the eye, being slit at the back of your head. Nevertheless, I still decided to try.

Then I was slapped with the worst news – my power might be a little too high for contact lenses. But thankfully, my optician assured that tehre was something I can have if I paid a little extra. So from year 2004 until today, year 2011 – I am glad to say that after 8 years of wearing my Bausch & Lomb contact lenses – I have been quite happy and grateful because I now have freedom to do so many wonderful things wihtout having to think of the safety and appearance of my spectacles.

Bausch & Lomb is now launching a campaign called “Freedom to Look Hot” and I think they won’t be able to find another more suitable name for the campaign. It seeks to encourage more people to shift from glasses to contact lenses – and as a first hand user, this comes so close to my heart I REALLY encourage everyone who have always been depending on glasses to give contact lenses a shot.

The campaign is seeking for the BEST before and after picture (with glasses, then with contact lenses) . Determination of the winner goes by votes so friends can all come vote for you! Voters also stand a chance in winning the grand prize of a SUZUKI ALTO.

To join, just purchase a set of Bausch and Lomb SL38/SL39. Then, there will be serial number for you that stands in as ONE vote. Just log on to and proceed to key in the serial number.

Just THAT easy.

Peugeot 207 Launch

When: 3rd November 2010

Where: Putrajaya Convention Centre

With: Nuffnang + Ginny

Joined Nuffnang at the launch of the Peugeot 207 in Putrajaya last week. It was a grand event with tuxes and dresses, red carpets, media and VIPS. The Convention Centre was so hard to locate through Ginny’s navigator – I would suggest that those who may hav difficulty in locating the venue in future through a navigator, you should try the abbreviation of the full name of the place – PICC. Her navigator recognised the abbreviation and not the full name pfft.

So anyways, I went underdressed but that was because I couldn’t find anything more semi-formal as I had this huge bruise on the arm after COMMFEST (will talk about this later), which I think kind of distracted the interviewer for my internship (but ill leave that for another day).

Ginny was properly dolled up so while we were on our way there, she asked if I could get down at the petrol station to help her fill the tank. It was then I realised I have never filled a tank, ever, and never really wondered why I hadn’t. Basically, it’s not that I drive but still I think it’s always important to know how to do such basic 101’s of life! I’m actually a little paranoid when it comes to gas tanks, petrol stations etc so everytime we drive into a petrol station – I usually can’t wait to get out. But that day was a little special because I felt a little too useless so I decided to learn how to do it – with the help of Ginny, who was in a sheet-white low cut cute dress. Actually, I didn’t learn much – or maybe there wasn’t much to learn – I just got the idea of pushing up and down some buttons pfft.

Long time since I felt so helpless 🙁

Anyways, back to the event.

Ginny is always anal about having the nearest parking spot to the entrance so we spent a good 10 minutes in the carpark thinking which section of th building to park at. At last we decided to park at the centre of the whole lot, so that no matter which end it is we will only risk walking half the length. At the end when we came up, it was RIGHT at the spot where we came out from. It was also then when I started jumping because I realised I was the only one – in black jeans. All were so smart! 🙁

Formal dinner set-up. Very grand and properly decorated. Well, it’s Peugeout afterall.

Nuffnang reserved tables.

Can’t wait to bite on some nom-noms.

Sad because we had to wait for awhile 🙁 . Credits to Simon

Amidst the waiting, Daphne Iking the host requested that all rise for the arrival of a prominent guest. I try to listen to these stuffs but I never tend to “eat it in”. Then at one moment, Ginny remarked “Nah, your favorite la”. At the beginning, I thought she was talking about some food but after a split second I asked her again. It was the arrival of my favorite politician in the world – Tun Mahathir!! (exclamation mark times 1000!)

There are various reasons as to why I look up to him, but I’m not going to talk about that today. So he came and made a speech – I was so engrossed in admiring his face that I never really listened to what he had to say.

You haz see cute face?

The 4th Prime Minister was then invited to go up on stage to check out the new car. I have no talent of analysing cars at all but I could tell it was very sleek and suave. The type that outgoing businessmen would love to have.

Slowly checking.


The moment they invited him up, the media was flocking in. All the Nuffnangers got up from their seats to grab some pictures too. I, got up, because I wanted to come close to Tun Mahathir! (fangirl)

This left poor Ginny alone at the table lol!

There were so many people that Daphne had to emcee from behind the media.

See how ‘casual’ I was and how nais Ginny looks!

The food that was already prepared before we came in the hall. Good thing it wasn’t cold!

Models who are ready to pose at all times!

Wanna play some football with Peugeot 207? LOL

Who let the Nuffies out!

This girl who was escorting Tun Mahathir up the stage, I was telling myself that she must have saved a country or something in her past life. When the camera zoomed in, I was shocked to see Eva’s face on the projector! It was Eva (left)!

Us with Michelle. Credits to Simon.

Nuffnang Team. Stolen from Eyriqazz

Moisture Yourself With Vaseline

What: Vaseline’s “Celebration of Amazing Skin” Poolside Party
Where: Luna Bar [at] PanGlobal Lvl 33
When: Saturday, 2nd October 2010
With : Ginny Yap & Jamie Liew
Dress Code: Green, Yellow, Pink or White

Hello everyone!

Photo credits to Gareth.

Attended Vaseline’s party last Saturday organised by Vaseline and Nuffnang and was waiting for the photos to be posted before I publish a post. It’s been about 3 days so I assume that most of the other photos of me have been collected.

We were supposed to go in a selection of 4 colours and the theme was elegance. Well, I can’t really see myself near any sort of elegance, be it low quality elegance – and was totally out of my mind when I saw the theme because I knew right away that I’d have nothing appropriate to wear!

Then I remembered that I have a few dresses that I have put away after wearing it only once during the proms that I’ve been to. I dread getting new dresses because I almost never get to wear them except for the event itself! So I opened the cupboard and immediately took out the ones that matched the colour theme – both were pink. I sensed that majority of the girls will be in pink but since that was the only piece of dress I had, I decided to go with it.

So this was almost exactly how I looked like – but 40% less prettier.

A glimpse of what the place is like, for those who haven’t been here.

Jojo emceed the event with a smooth crescendo according to the timeline.

Mingled around before I bumped into Jie Jun. I still cannot over how successful her diet plan is! Meeting Jie Jun was a funny experience because she actually spotted how I PSed our photo back in another meeting previously and told me the ‘tricks’ of PS. Now if I actually PS her sammoh she would be as thin as a thread!

Bad photo – but it’s the only fine photo I have of the people queueing for the food. It was so long we had to form a U. Bloggers are hungry people!

The Nuffies

While waiting for the food, I had to take a photo of the bar that had Vaseline batches ’embedded’ into their walls. What’s amazing was there was another event lined up right after our event at the same venue so I wonder how’d they get things cleared off so quickly! Magic!

Had no place to sit but this Ginny located a secret hidden spot that “sunked out” of the visible sitting area. Gorgeous night view!

My selection of the day. I forgot what I ate although I’m looking at it. The only thing I remember from the night were broccolies. Weird!

Edited the colours a little because the lighting was a little horrible. Quite dark as it was in the late evening.

Partner in crime #1. Partner in crime #2 cannot make it due to work constraints.

Robbbbbbbb laiks fairness. Natalie likes fairness too. So I cut out all the yellow elements in the photo pfft.

This thing was literally right behind my back. Was leaning against this glass and when I turned back, WOAH.

Ni hao. We are the Gu Niangs.

Now you see how dark it actually was. This is with flash so no colour editing needed lol. The previous photos aren’t very heavily colour edited – just colour filtered. It was bright because my S90 can work magic

You cannot even tell how secluded this “sunked out” area is pfft.

Yuna performing about 3-4 songs. Photo credits to Gareth

A group of bloggers who were cramming to to fit into a photo. Cute moments!

I could say Yuna was one of the reasons Ginny and I really wanted to attend the event for. Amazing jazzy voice.

Jamie and I. We have a new recipe to sexiness. Now, say UUUUUUUUdon. Pfft.

Michelle always got this UUdoonn feel pfft.

Ginny was called up on stage for being a nominate for Most Vibrant Skin. Winner walks away with a free Coach bag. Right before the event, we were joking about the odds of winning it and how Ginny can finally have a new bag after the 100 years of holding her same old bag for all type of events pfft.

Then it was time to vote! All for Ginny Yap! Her boyf went hysterical when she was called up on stage. Fanboy boo!

Yuna and I – she’s so down to earth. Lovelies.

Ini gambar who take wan! *squints eyes at Nuffies* My eyes 80% buka only but Pinky look preteh here.

Middle of the event, Jamie and I volunteered to play a game. Actually another pair went there first but somehow I don’t know what happened Jojo was asking us to go up. Sorry theotherpair if you happen to come by! I had to guess which was Jamie’s hands in between like 5 pairs of hands – 4 others which were the Nuffies wahaha. Semua kena hamsap by other volunteer bloggers already.

And we got it! Jamie’s hand is super extra moisturized so I think it’s quite easy to tell! We both walked home with a pair of GSC Gold Class tickets each.

Jamie, Michelle & Ginny while we were almost leaving.

Ginny walked away with the a free Coach bag for being the attendee with ‘Most Vibrant Skin’.

Vaseline was really generous with their giveaways. Walked home with 8 different bottles of Vaslines (4 in one goodie bag).

I’ll rate it lima bintang – just because we ALL walked home with something goood.
But oh well, all Nuffnang events have been generous from the start. Nobody really walks home with nothing – you’ll at least go home with a new friend to keep in your Facebook lol.

Obsession with obsessions. Photo credits to Gareth.

Part 1 : JJ Lin Malaysia 2010

Hello people!

I just got back from JJ Lin’s private Meet and Greet session along with his fansign event. All thanks to Vivien for inviting me and Nuffnang for the tickets! Well, whenever it comes to Chinese music only four people come to mind and JJ is no doubt one of them. Which four, if you ask. It’d always be Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, David Tao and JJ Lin. I always look at them like they are the new 4 Big Kings of our generation.

My close friends would know that I am actually a big Jay Chou supporter (won’t call myself a fan), but I have to admit that JJ’s live singing is actually alot better then the other 3 mentioned. I think they compose better songs at certain times but JJ’s singing always make up to the melody of his songs and they always turn out heavenly.

So although we aren’t exactly JJ’s most loyal fan, we still went with open and giddy hearts. We know how lucky we were to have had the access to this meet and greet session because hundreds or thousands were waiting in Times Square for his autograph session while he was comfortably chit chatting away with the small crowd up in the room.

JJ was a little late as the Meet&Greet session was supposed to be at 6PM and the autograph session at 7PM but he was only over at our place at 7PM so the rest infront of Times Square were waiting like sweaty pigs. No worries because we were bribed with a really comfortable environment with a friendly host (actually they gave us alot of snacks so teehee)

The crew and fanclubs waiting outside the room at Times Square Hotel Level 14

Vivien and Jamie. I purposely squat down to take this photo so that they look taller weehee!

The plate outside the room.

Fanclub members. I like how the Chinese music industry has alot of male fans for male singers. It’s so heart warming to see them share the same passion as the girls pfft.

Inilah Vivien yang berpartner dengan me!

MYfm host waiting for JJ’s arrival

The goodie bags had 2 big packets of SUPER coffee, 2 SUPER cup noodles and some other refreshments. I love these sponsors!

Partner in crime 24/7 aku.

The room, there were medias, fanclubs and general invites I guess?

Now with Jamie, who is so funny! She went up to JJ and said “I love you T_T”
Omg when I heard that my bulu roma all came up pfft.

Nuffnangs bloggers semua!<3 @NuffnangMY please!

Jessy, Joshua, Guest, CityGirl, Simon

Ini Tzia pull back all her hair also face so small PFFT. So I chose a photo out of the many that we took. This was the smallest face one I can get but blur pfft.

Preparing for arrival
Finally it was time for JJ to come so the host came and talk to us for abit, asking us to think of some questions to ask JJ when he arrives.

The minute he came, a small boy got his attention from the small crowd because he was almost in the same attire as JJ for the day! So the small boy got invited to take photos with JJ and he got his first celebrity moment teehee.

Being interviewed
While the host was chatting with the fans before JJ walked in, he got news that he hasn’t been in KL for 107 days so when JJ walked in he used the same information and said “So JJ, you haven’t been in KL for 107 days!” Resourceful fans are always good!

Solo shots of him while he was being interviewed.

The only thing I most prominently remember of him talking about during the interview session was “Love is hard”. He expressed about how he hates the feeling of a break up. He also lightly touched on his hardships as a singer, how there was a dark phase during his career. His health problems, and his direction in life. Behind the scenes of the song ‘How Many 100 Days’.

I always like JJ for his laid back personality, a big contrast from other big shot stars despite his status in the Chinese music industry.

Us with JJ




To be continued with Part II

I’m going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

If there was one thing that I love doing, it would be attending events, fairs, bazaars and whatnot. I have already put in line a couple of events that I wanna attend in the upcoming weeks so that I will finally be…de-antisocialised

Here now I have read that exciting event is coming up and guess what is it?

What is it?

Yes its the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair.

Ironically they are not going to make you sweat and use deodorant as the event will be held at the Ground floor, Front Foyer  Berjaya Times Square! Everything is going to happen from 10AM till 5Pm so be quick and bookmark the dates so that you don’t miss it!

Image Hosted by

Why should you go!?

There’s going to be RM 15,000 worth of gadgets up for grabs and everyone’s favorite LUCKY DRAWS!

We all know how generous they can be! Gotta get get going. Im in full hopes for a new gadget!

The event is going to go full crazy because they will be conducting funfair games (Sumo Wrestling in air bag suits?!), gladiator battles and the long list of your favorite funfair games! Invite your friends, mark you calenders because it will be a daylight party for sure 😉

Refer to the site for more details or just practice yourself for the fair by playing with the visual games ready and available to  you at their website!

Image Hosted by
Seeing you there! <3

Singapore Trip Day 2 (Part II)

Warning Picture Count : Extra Turbo Mode

Where: Singapore Flyer, Royal Selangor, Esplanade, Merlion Park, Bugis Street, Orchard Road, Urban Redevelopment Authority,Maxwell Food Centre, Mint Museum Of Toys
When: 24th October 2009
What: Singapore Tour [Day 2]

Picture credits : Natalie Chai, Ginny Yap, Vivien Sam
(I don’t know who took which anymore)

No. 1 Singapore Flyer (too many pictures were left out from the previous post)

Upon arrival early in the morning

“Where is my phone ah”


the view from above
(near the climax of the ride)

something exciting in the middle of the ride

Griza with Vivien


Vivien’s polaroid picture wee.
I think I look prettier in polaroid pfft

No.2 Esplanade/Merlion Park

Kuih Rainbow
Actually I think Vivien bought this from Royal Selangor but since we are already on our way to the bus so we will classify this under this category.



Somehow this picture remind me of Sonic the Hedgehog

Jang Jang Jang


(pfft why do I have a feeling she is really going to kill me /hides)
No.2 Bugis Street

Scouting for appetizers before we have grand lunch!
Why the street look like Chee Cheong Kai (China Town)


Long awaited Tutu Cakes
which I definitely liked 😀

DSC09793 copy
Ini Queen of Tutu Cake ambil gambar dengan her prey.
(you all can see my effort in drawing her signature tutu eyes anot?!)


No.3 Urban Redevelopment Authority

Quite nice for a self timer shot

“Best in Singapore and JB” boots
I think Phua Chu Kang played a big role in promoting Singapore to Malaysia so maybe thats why his boots are here

Hungry people can still afford a little bit of time for photography

Development of Singapore

If I were the building and something like that is towering over me I will collapse myself pfft.

The Singapore Flyer Miniature
(picture credits :
Ginny Yap)

No.4 Maxwell Food Centre

Dried Noodles wt Minced Meat for $2
But I add fishball so add $1. Iyli, expensive or not?

Vivien ordered Carrot Cake for $3.
Singapore’s Carrot Cake somehow sweeter.
Anyways this, IS, our grand lunch pfft.


No. 4 Orchard Road

Er hai.
One pathetic picture from Orchard Road. Actually it isnt even a road we were in some ION mall.

Singapore Trip Day 2

[Update : Soli soli manggali, terleave out some pictures so you must resee again ok. ]


Warning Picture Count : Turbo Mode (means too many pfft)
[okeh, I’ve turned lazy so I’m just going upload like 20% of the pictures first today]

I told you I won’t be holding my posts back if I’m free!
I’m giving myself a short break/rest before some scheduled “intense” read up for the finals. Inverted commas because I can predict if I can be as dedicated as I want to be. *hopeful eyes

Anyways, here are pics from the Singapore Tour Day 2.

Where: Singapore Flyer, Royal Selangor, Esplanade, Merlion Park, Bugis Street, Orchard Road, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Mint Museum Of Toys
When: 24th October 2009
What: Singapore Tour [Day 2]


No.1 : Singapore Flyer

Infront of the Singapore Flyer entrance.
All bloggers were separated in three buses for tours so that we won’t flood the places. Our bus had the less counts of bloggers, but from this picture it looks like there were so many of us!

In the Flyer

Emo picture of the day
Everybody was taking pictures but I just sat quietly pfft. Actually I don’t really like repeating things. I’ve been on the flyer once. Hence i was a little bored on flight. There was only one thing I was looking forward to, and it was supposed to be at the last minute of the flight when they show you a small sculpture of Singapore but they took that off 🙁

but since its complimentary I shall just enjoy….

The Singapore Flyer
I took this picture from the Merlion Park bridge but since its the flyer I’ll just put it under the flyer pfft. Do you know what am I saying pfft.

No.2 Merlion Park/ Esplanade

Meeting the lion was like a dream come true pfft.
It was alot bigger than I expected it to be, I wanted to hug it ambil gambar but when I came close it was 10x bigger than me pfft. So I thought I can still take pictures with my new found soulmate but about 7 metres away I was already bathed in splurges of water.

Merlion ah merlion, why your current so strong.

Hit by new found soulmate pfft.
Okeh, the story behind this picture is :
I was trying to make a jumping picture pfft.
I sedang bersungguh sungguh posing (because jumping pictures are my WORST pictures) but they testing camera only zomg!

But oklah, the effect looks like I’m being flushed out by Mr.Merlion pfft.

I decided that Merlion really doesn’t think of me as a soulmate so I vomit blood.
(vomit on people’s heads bwahaha. Got play Gunbound/Crazy Planet anot. Angle 100% betul ady)

For Ginny’s readers, here’s a contrast to her blog’s emoness pfft.
Can finally see some positivity/ray of light for her in this picture bwahaha.

Small girl at heart

This is officially my first successful jumping picture *shiny eyes
…..only after kena from Vivien and Ginny about my ugly chou lou star jump (
that I attempted at first few pictures). Apparently wear dress cannot make star jump wor very ugly pfft. Can you see all the strength and determination that I put in jumping! Just so you know I can’t squat/jump okeh! Something ins wrong with my legs pfft. Oh add running to the list also bwahaha.

Basically after much deep thoughts I can’t walk properly also. I flapwalk pfft.

Oh hai can you see that tree.
Oh no that’s Vivien Sam bwahaha. So skinny almost cannot see pfft.

Oklah duwan play she is president of Anti WKQ fanclub. (only got two members, me and her pfft) Anti WKQ is top secret club.

No.3: Royal Selangor

(When we arrived, I was wondering why were we taken here because I last remembered Royal Selangor as being Malaysian. But after I checked, most probably its because Singapore was the first country the pewters were imported to by the British colonials)


Ginny : Why they take us to Royal Selangor! It’s crazy!
Nat : Its okeh. Just act like we very hang fook (bahagia) pfft

School of Hard Kno
When i took this picture i kept “Excuse Me”-ing the person next to me because I thought my angle cannot capture everything (because I only referred to the cam’s screen teehee). But after standing to the side I realised it really is Hard Kno.

What is hard kno pfft.

The Hard Kno-ians preparing for the amazing pewter making experience teehee

Embroidering materials



The little bowls that we made after a session of THUNDEROUS banging and knocking. The bowl was originally a flat plate.

Jahat Ginny dan Vivien had a good time laughing at this picture.
I also don’t know why I so lazy pfft, chin also have to rest somewhere. Lucky my neck short bwahaha in KTM also use neck to rest the head pfft.


No point in this picture.
I just thought this light make me look angelic bwahaha.

Final results
Crooked bowl + Hair of dedication


Tidak siuman.

Or was it siuman pfft.

Siuman is abnormal or normal? =X

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009 : The People Part 2

Although the journey to Singapore on the first day was a little hectic and tiresome, everything fell into place perfectly during the awards. We were quite tired from the long ride and were stalled at the Singapore custom because a couple forgot to declare their cigarettes. Checking in took a long time but it was during that short span of time when I made a few new friends.

It feels really funny when I actually came to realise that at least 97% of the people around me had their own blogs, regardless of genre. It was also through this event that I’ve come to discover new and interesting blogs thanks to all the nominators.

Although he didn’t win, I’d like to personally recommend Taxi Diary who was nominated as “Best Hidden Gem”. The blogger is a graduate from the prestigious Standford University but is now hidden in the flock of Singaporeans….driving a cab!

Back to the dinner, you’d have to be there to actually understand what I’m trying to say. I was quite amazed at the scale of the awards, and was very proud on the inside that all these was brought to us by a Malaysian company. It was almost flawless, except for one painful performance (that was the longest). It wasn’t the music, just the wrong place. Kudos to the whole team and Nuffnang for not being a typical kiamsiap company who’s trying to “act macho” by putting on an event as huge as this.

I know I would enjoy the dinner more if I wasn’t as hungry and tired. The effort put in the nomination videos is definitely applaudible. The perfect background music and personalized animation all pumped into one. Vivien and I had a good time laughing at a few of them cause they were so entertaining.

Basically it was a very successful event in my perspective lah. Well organised. I would have jumped for joy if the Prom Night we organized for high school two years ago was half as glamorous.

Nuffnang award trophies

Vivien and I all set and ready.
I felt kind of under dressed since I just put on a casual one piece. Anyways, if you squint hard enough, you’ll be able to see Ginny in a kangkang position trying to fix her make up while we wait for her. Already 15 minutes pass the scheduled time but she still ask us why so gancheong omg.

The Nuffies registering the guests.
Some arrived with us and rushed here just to set things up. So tiring!


The official backdrop of the event

Meena and I.
She was nominated for Best Food Blog, you should really go visit it. Her blog is so fine, you know how much I love makaning lah. Tengok gambar also lau hau sui pfft but I know I’m cant make the cut for such exquisite cuisine le sigh.

the ballroom

Doorgift : Candy with personalised messages and logos.

iamveron with fauzi rassull

host for the event, Allan Wu

Simon, who is apparently our senior from Sri Garden. Selalu classify kami as “si mui”. You know the kungfu terms anot! Sifu, Hengdai, Si Mui pfft.

Bercamwhore sebelum makan

Tzia dengan Adele kat belakang.

one of the few performances for the night.

We were placed in Table 36

Ginny Yap on the right, who brought THREE dresses all the way to Singapore and spent such a long time deciding which to wear.

Met Bryan who studies at TCPJ as well.

Childhood 101 : Winner of Best Parenting Blog
She only started blogging 4 months ago 😀

With Adele, suddenly I feel my dressing abit aunty.
Everybody also go sexy line pfft.

Ringo was sporting her signature bun.
Almost as mini as Vivien!

Joanne Peh, Best Celebrity Blog Award.
Singapore local artiste

Zoe. She’s so cute,she was playing checkers halfway in the bus when we arrived at the Singapore immigration so she carried the whole thing down!

Xiaxue was the dominator of the night. Bagged three awards, and seemed like she was a little teary by the time she received the Best Regional Blog award.

Redmummy is so obsessed with red its almost unbelievable.
Check her out @Project Alpha.

I’m not sure who she is but she was so elegant that night draped by a white furcoat.

That’s Yien Yee who runs a blogshop

Ini KY.
Our baju like blend in already. You see the bottom all black pfft.

Huai Bin,who just came back from the Busan International Film Festival recently.
I am still trying to figure out how does the dog soup that he makaned taste.

Nazuwan aka Beautiful Nara, whom I met before the dinner and was so delighted to find out that he studied in Korea and can speak Korean too! It’s always delightful to find a new friend who can speak the language, because it’s been such a long long time since I’ve met anybody who can! Malaysian, I mean.

Kennysia, who bagged the Most Entertaining Blog for the night…….and

….pulled a Kanye West act on Xia Xue

The official nominees for the night

The awards ended near midnight with the list of winners as follows :-

Best Regional Blog : Xia Xue
Best Entertainment Blog : KennySia
Best Influential Blog : Xia Xue
Best Blogshop : Bonito Chico
Best Original Blog Design : Xia Xue
Best Food Blog : I Eat I Shoot
Best Parenting Blog : Childhood 101
Best Hidden Gem: The Doodle Blog
Best Fashion Blog: Lady Melbourne
Best Travel Blog: Iron Wulf
Best Celebrity Blog: Joanne Peh
Best Geek Blog: Mr.Gadget

Stay tuned for the Singapore All-Day Trip

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009 : The Dinner Part 1


Today got tragic dinner. I just poured a whole bag of soysauce into my chicken rice thinking it was chicken rice sauce. :'( at the end, only get to eat the chicken. RT @nataliechai

I wanted to update on the Singapore trip somewhere tomorrow, after I settle down and finish meeting my deadlines but on second thoughts I’d be too busy attached to some extensive studying for two quizzes. So I thought I’d better kick the post off so that I’ll actually bother posting up the others (from day-trips). I didn’t watermark the pictures also lah, cause I keep saving mistakenly replacing them as original files 🙁

The first batch of pictures would be from the awards. Pictures are a combination of Vven’s camera with mine. I’m trying to host my pictures at FlickR because I just recently realised that some computers cannot read pictures from Photobucket but something seems to be wrong with FlickR so if your comp cannot see the pictures, then bai bai lah pfft.

The Food


Cocktail snack : Pringles was the official sponsor for the event.

Starters : Classic bread and butter.

Marinated Smoked Tuna with Feta, Herb Salad and Balsamic Olive Oil

Light Cream of Asparugus and Green Peas topped with Chive Mouselline


Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breast with Saffron Cheesy Mash Potato and Balsamic Reduction Mediterranean Vegetable in Mango Coriender Salsa Sauce

Praline Hazelnut Gateau with Raspberry Jelly


Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009

Hello people!

Blogging at 7.33AM here in Link Hotel, Singapore.
The trip to Singapore was so hectic, fainted on the bed the moment I touched it. Well, maybe it wasn’t the hectic schedule but me ransacking my whole bed to look for a baby cockroach that apparently ran across my bed. Ginny being a cockroach “lover” just commented and let it pass T_T

The journey to Singapore yesterday was fine, although I didn’t get to sleep in the bus due to unknown reasons. We were stalled at the Singapore custom a little longer because a couple who came with us hadn’t declared their cigarettes despite the notices, it was considered a case so we had to wait for them for about 20 minutes.

The Nuffnang Blog Awards went well, Kenny Sia totally pulled a Kanye West act on Xia Xue who won three stunning awards for the night. I have to say she owned the night. She didn’t only win more than one award like how the other winners did, she won T-H-R-E-E.

Most influential blog, Best originial blog design, and Best blog in the region!

As a Malaysian, Kennysia did us proud by winning the Best Entertainment Blog. As funny as always.

Shall update more when I get home I guess 🙂
See you!