Seoul : Kang Nam 강남

The Kangnam district is like the Beverly Hills of Seoul. You can expect to see high end fashion, branded cars to pets with Burberry shoes in this place. It is separated into alot of sections, the better known ones are Cheong Dam Dong (청담동), Sin Sa (신사) and Apgujeong (압구정). You can get to KangNam with mainly the Green or Orange line, depending on which area you want to get yourself to.

If you’re looking to shop in malls, make sure to stop by the Galleria mall. One of the most elegant exteriors of malls, I might say. It doesn’t look so extravaganza in photos but it really is quite a sight.

The different views of the fish scaled exterior at night.

This is what it looks like in the day. Credits as watermarked.

As most of the things in Kangnam are understood to be more expensive, people simply categorize or look at you a different way if you reside there. Nothing special to me though, not as adventurous as the usual townspots that I have mentioned in this episode of the Kimchi city. For those who are looking to bump into your Korean artist, you can try bumping around the area because most of the major agencies are located here and are spreaded all over. It is really quite easy to spot a celebrity – they travel in Starcrafts cars. Alot of shooting happens there to, so if you wanna try your luck!

Brought the Mom to Kangnam for a little walk before we headed for the Namsam Tower (which explains the same outfit). We wanted to go economical so we decided to walk, only to find out that the weather was strongly against our decision. Could barely sightsee around much so we settled for a drink and decided to leave the place since there wasn’t anything much anyways. There is a section opposite the Galleria mall with nice mini boutiques but we weren’t settled for any shopping so off we went. Took about an hour to walk to the nearest subway station because it was so hot and there were slopes every single where!

Sigh, let’s not remind ourselves about the ridiculous amount of slopes and stairs in Seoul! Now you know how they get them slim legs. Killer heels, walking 24/7, slopes, stairs – all the unintentional exercise you need! So now you know its not the surgery or injections. The average Korean girl just simply walks alot and deserves her skinny legs pfft.

Okay, less of the nonsense and some photos to describe my short turnaround in Kangnam with the Mam.

Sat down for a drink because of the hot weather! Literally sweating drips by just sitting down!

Looking deceivingly skinny here.

The mother

The cafe opposite our chillax

One of the coffee shops in Kangnam. There are alot of quaint stores here around in Seoul. Very nice to look around.

King Kong Joe up on the building

One of the giant toy builds on top of another.

Striking yellow looks yummy in this car.

The subways tagline that describes its comfort : “Now, Seoul Metro’s rival is a mother’s hug”
Sounds a little weird in English but very smart in Korean description

Dawn and I with Shrek in Myeong-Dong. Not supposed to be in the Kangnam post but…tadah!

Seoul Guide : Ehwa Womens University

Idae/Ehwa Womens University

For freshies who don’t exactly have a clear idea on the shopping strategy at Seoul, here’s what you should know. The commercialised DongDaeMun (동대문) and Myeongdong (명동) is NOT the place for you to go if you are an economical shopper, just like me. You want cheap clothes, stay away from tourist spots!

The Ehwa Women University street is also a tourist spot, but its still not popularly known as a shopping haven yet – so alot of things there are always in the range of 5000won (RM 15/ $5). It is right next to Sinchon, or two stations next to HongDae. All are in Green line #2.

Colour Accent Effect : The Green Line

Colour Accent Effect : Blue seats.

I love the syncronization. Everybody’s so considerate of the people may be rushing.

Take this exit

Upon exiting, you’ll see Teenie Weenie. One of the better known locale brands. Maybe Korea’s cute edition of Polo?

Polka dotted one sleeve jumper

World Cup fever. This day was right after the day South Korea qualified for Top 16.

The lanes – Feels like ChinaTown. The only difference is that, its clean, less stuffy and clothes are all really washing machine turbulence proof wahaha.

Shoes. 89% of the youths (*woman) struts their heels!

Walking back to Sinchon from Idae** (short for Ehwa Womens University in Korean)

We usually call it “The M”. Nothing much in here, only a pretty cinema.

One of the many 5000Won shops.

Tourist buses. I’m sure this place will be more commercialised in a span of a few years so you’d appreciate coming here asap before it does.

Funny accessories. If you come with a boyfriend/girlfriend you will get a half price discount!

Floral dressings. Best for ladylike goers.

Bags going for 10000 Won (RM 30)

These were going for an easy 3000-4000 (RM 9-RM 12). All in good quality!

Row of 5000 Wons

Really liked this T but it was way over budget. About 15000 Won (Rm 45). I think ALL T’s should be RM 15!

Hot bars, sweet potato, dried cuttlefish etc. These mini stores are called PoJangMaCha (포장마차)

Korean puppies are all very trendy. Semua ada hair dye.

SALT – reminds me of the upcoming Angelina Jolie movie.

Flare skirt shorts going at 4500 Won! (Thats like, RM 13.50)

For a minute I thought the staff was a mannequin pfft.

Suddenly feel liek eating Mash potatoes pfft.

WangSimRi (왕심리) & SinChon (신촌)

This is actually a continued post from a few of the posts before. I’m separating the posts by venue so don’t be confused!

Blue skies for the day. We can’t see much of them clear skies lately in Seoul 🙁

In the morning when Sam and I were leaving our places. I think we were both heading to different destinations.

Oh right, I was heading to SinChon to meet Abdullah!! This was while I was waiting for Mr.Assalamuailakum!

We headed over to Bonjuk Sinchon for lunch. The taste was way below my expectations because BonJuk used to be really really good! I had Beef Mushroom Porridge

Nat : “Abdul, take a photo of me and my…porridge” Abdul : (-.-“)

This was Abduls choice : Ginseng Porridge

Dawn came over late after her class so she took a photo of us. O_o I look like I got super muscular arms. Which I think I actually do but this photo accentuates it pfft. I dunno where they come from since I don’t exercise.

Dawn and I headed to Seo Gang University because I wanted to inquire about a thing or two.

Not as nice as Yonsei, but still peaceful and its in Sinchon.

Toook us about 3-4 shots to get one where I wasn’t shaking.

Sam is a camwhore! Everywhere she goes she’s like “Take a photo of me doing this. (poses)” Silly girl.

I think I resemble alot of animals.

My Sepia Mode has turned Sam into mei nu!

Er, a glimpse of the Wang Sim Ri underground shopping centre. It’s located right at the WangSimRi station. Can’t miss it.

I don’t know what you call these people. They freeze at a certain position for the longest hours and suddenly move to scare you pfft. This one was especially nice because when he saw that we wanted to take photos, he immediately posed with us.

“Nat, take a photo of me doing this!” HAHA.

MNET Countdown

*Warning : This post is not meant for anti Kpopians 🙂

Directions to MNET Countdown will be given below the post. It is fully translated from the main site. Dawn and I got a little lost while heading there for the first time. They used to be located at a building called 88 Health Center – I guess its a good shift because the new place is a whole lot more cleaner.

Those who know a little thing or two about Kpop should have heard of Mnet Countdown. For those who don’t, its a weekly music program that allows the public to go in for free. The other music programs may have their own regulations but Mnet Countdown usually just requires you to get your tag number early in the morning, then you can come back for the queue in the evening when the program starts its live broadcast.

Dawn and I weren’t so agitated about attending so we never really bothered to go there early and get number tags. Good thing there was still space left (Only 200 max per week) as those who reserved didn’t turn up (on time). Sometimes when certain groups come up, you would have to show them the album to gain access but most of the time they have the General Seats – so you can always come without being a fan of anybody. Kiamsiap people like me will normally have no original album to gain seats pfft.

BuDae Jjigae (부대찌개), a soup with mixture of Korean tofu, Ramen, Sausages and Ham

Dawn had Cheese Ramyun

I was actually only looking forward to see Kyu Hyun but MNET and S.M Entertainment is on conflicts so none of their artists are allowed to feature in the program. Too bad. We went with no hopes of going in, just wanted to look around because we knew it was going to be a little too late. Plus, this was a new location so I didn’t know what to do. Previously we had to just stand around and then when its time to go in, we’ll just er…enter.

On our way in the bus

In the bus. Yellow seats are for the general public, whereas the pink ones are for the needy.

Had to wait outside the hall at 4PM, after gaining last minute entrance.

Guestlist of the day was:-

CNBLUE, Supreme Team,Davichi, Wonder Girls, 4 Minute, T-Max, Seo In Gook, MBLAQ, and a few more ( can’t remember who). I loved Davichi so was really looking forward to hear them live. Had goosebumps because I love their latest track <Please Stop Time> and they were so good!

The area is actually really small compared to what you see in photos, videos or anything. Most probably the size of 3 badminton courts so you can clearly tell who’s singing live and who wasn’t. Most of the idol groups have had their performances recorded earlier so during the real live broadcast, they would just air the recorded versions and the artist themselves will just appear in the center to entertain the fans.

Nobody was allowed to take photos but I sneaked a few photographs. I was pretty sure the guard saw me but he closed one eye. There was one time I was so scared because he dashed towards my direction while I was taking a video. In the end he confiscated the camera that belonged the girl sitting next to me!

Sorry, forgot their name but I know they’re from MBLAQ. Emcees for the day along with a member of CNBLUE

Bwa Bwa~ Nareul Bwa Bwa

Here’s a video I sneakily recorded. Blocked by a head in the beginning but after that it gets clear. You can also get a glimpse of how things are done in the place – and maybe get a rough idea on how small the place really is.


My picks for the day were CNBLUE and Davichi. Can you spot them?

At the end of the show, all the artist that performed for the day came together to anticipate the winner.

After the live broadcast, we took a few photos because the area outside the building was very photo worthy

This is the exact building, just incase you need to recognize it.

Dawn with the enormous head. The sky was getting darker as it was already about 7PM. Hence, the darkness.

Loving the contrasting backgrounds. That’s Dawn sandwiched in love.

And me trying to er, be…attached pfft.

Looks like the type of photos where an Ah Lian stands next to a Christmas Tree in Mid Valley and poses on the hips pfft

Dawn and I headed to Myeong Dong after that (long day!) because Gloria, my first ever Korean language lecturer who taught me my first official Korean sentence! She resides in Malaysia but was in Seoul to visit her family. While we were in the middle of the filming of MNet, she called and asked to meet up so we did! It got pretty late when we met her but it was all good. Really surprised to know that it was her first time in Myeong Dong! It’s like a KLian hasn’t been to Sungei Wang!

In the subway : Non profitable organizations giving away food to the poor and old. An uncle was so angry cause I was taking their photo 🙁

There this stage in the main entrance of Myeong Dong where many of them hopefuls perform on stage to be spotted at talents here!

I stood here for about 2 hours just to watch them people dance two years ago. I remember it was FREEZING cause it was still the end of winter and I was in spags

Students in uniforms dahnsheen!

A guy proposing to his girlfriend in public, with er Jaden Smith behind karate kicking

After briefly watching eh performance, Gloria appeared so we had some Jjim Dalk <찜닭>. Dawn and I weren’t very hungry and Gloria already had her dinner so we just settled for the budget dinner. Actually not very economical because only Dawn and I ate.

Directions to MNET Countdown

The building you have to be at is CJ E&M ( CJ Entertainment).

You have to be there before 10AM in order to be put in the guest list (although the admittance is at 4-5PM). Upon entrance you will need to locate the main lobby or get to a studio in Level 2 of the building. Find someone and ask them about reserving for Mnet Countdown.


Line No.6 Digital Media City, Exit No.2
Line No.6 World Cup Station, Exit No 2

World Cup Station : #171, #271, #571, #7714, #7751
SinSa-Dong: #7715
Seoul Station, Nam Dae Mun Station : #7013
Korea University, City Hall : #171, #172
Hong Dae (HongIk University) : #7016, #7711, #15
Hap Jeong Station (Exit No 2) : #7013
Yang Jae, DanGook University, Jong Ro, Gwanghwamun, Seodaemun : #470
Yang Jae Station, Kang Nam Station #9711

Stations to stop off : Sam Ang Elementary School, DMC HongboGwan, Digital Media City Station

It’s pretty complicated so you might wanna visit this site, and print the map so that you can show the cabbie where to go. CLICK

You might want to take the bus as above to the place BEFORE taking a cab because cabs there are pretty costly. The meter goes up pretty quickly. If you have zero level grisp of Korean, you would want to go there super early – just incase you get lost.

Sinchon Reunion

As so I have mentioned, I love Sinchon so that’s one of the places Ive been going back to again and again. Now now, I didn’t make this trip to tour Korea but to erm, reminiscent on the places that I really miss so Sinchon is going to be one place that you’ll be seeing alot of!

What is going ot Sinchon without having a little tour of Yonsei University for me! I’ve walked this path everyday for almost a year after class. There’s a shortcut but I like the view here and it feels very harmoniou. Especially when you’re walking alone. Loves!

My Hogwarts building

There’s a park just for students to just hang out.

Well I didn’t just get up early to walk in Yonsei pfft. I was also there to meet Dawn and to ask for the application procedures for a transfer programme. After meeting Dawn at 1, we went for lunch while waiting for this slow  turtle,  Cinaboy to come meet us. It has been a while since I last saw him so it felt pretty good to meet up with the old Yonsei buddy!

Already eating before Cinaboy came because we were too hungry.

After brunch,Cinaboy decided to bring us to this yogurt ice cream shop called Mango Dessert (or so I think) for some after lunch sweetbites. He bought us a big bowl so Dawn and I paid for the karaoke session. We are super Dutch power 😛

Another round of meat buffet (I’m a carnivore!), here’s what we got for ourselves to eat after deciding

Pretty funny moment happened here. Dawn was like “Nat, do you know that samgyeopsal’s are called so because you have to turn them 3 times”.

We both stared at her and quickly corrected her “Noooo! It’s because its three layers!!”.

And for those wondering if Seoul is filled with mini skirts high heels and pretty dolled up faces, here’s a general photo of the coach for you to roughly catch a glimpse of the people there. The real thing. They are all pretty nicely dressed, but if you’re stepping in Land of Kimchi expecting everybody to look like Kim Tae Hee or Jeon Ji Hyun, you won’t be completely dissapointed but will have to lower down your expectations by a notch of two.

Took pretty long to get home that night, only to see Sam waiting for me in her room patiently. So in return, I helped her curl her hair just in time for the next day. Why is her hair so shiny, I don’t understand.

This was taken on the first or second day when I arrived. Look at all the mess! Whoever thought all girls are neat and tidy are proven terribly wrong. /shame/

Seoul : Han River 한강

The Han River is like the Twin Towers of Malaysia. It is the pride of the country, as it stretches throughout the city – connected by different sections. You will get to see this signature river on the way to the city from the airport. Everytime I see the Han River, it reminds me of the acorn jelly. It’s kind of funny.

I’ve been to the Han River once, on a midnight picnic with my classmates in 2008. I still clearly recall it as a breezy night, with takeaway chicken and snacks laid around. It was also a special day as I learnt about vaporising clouds, if that’s what you call it. There were 3 Saudi Arabians, 1 French, 1 Chinese, 1 Taiwanese and me as the solo Malaysian runner talking about everything nonsensical you can think of on top of a straw mat. I also clearly remember that I didn’t have to pay for the midnight cab fees.

I  partly went back to Seoul to pay them a visit, without knowing the fact that they all went home. Good thing I still got to meet Abdullah as he was the only one still hanging around. This time I got back to the Han River on a sunny afternoon, the first day of Summer – I would call it. It took us pretty long to decide to end up here as we were supposed to be at Kangnam (and we were) but after meeting up with Cinaboy,  who was still around in Seoul besides Abdullah – he took us strolling around — but this time walking from Kangnam to the Han River.

It was at least a 1 hour walk (most probably we took the longer route!) under the shiny hot sun but it got pretty cooling by the time we got to the sides of the river. This guy has been in Seoul for a couple of years now and he is seriously the ultimate walker. Walk through hill and everything without a pant!

Having breakfast with Sam before I took off to meet Dawn as I was late! The Kimchi soup and Steamed Egg here was reryally good. Side dishes were very rich in traditional flavor served with fat mushrooms. 100 points for mushrooms.

Shining Shining.

Because I’m a dumbwit like that, I got OFF the station 4 stations earlier and stood at the platform staring into space for about 2 minutes before I realized that I shouldn’t have. This station, Wangsimri (완심리), is where all the long distance train transits so the subway trips here are alot lesser than the usual stations. I had to wait 20 minutes until the next train came. Dang, reminded me of KTM. And I was already running late!

Brought Dawn to visit the JYPE building in ChongDamDong (청담동). For those who knows a little bit of KPop, this is where Rain and the Wonder Girls were born. You’d easily miss it if you hadn’t a sharp eye. For those who are interested, I’ll post up the directions in a post later (Kpop centered). You can always check the Travelling Korea 101 tab on the top right corner for reference. Oh, relevance to the photo – it’s one of the walls outside JYPE.

Back to the Han River, I would say there’s nothing much about the place, but its one of the famous spots in Seoul that you may not want to miss if you’ve been camping out on those Korean soap dramas night out. There are many different sections of the Han River – I’ve been to this spot once. There’s this other side of the river that has spotlight displays after the sun goes down. Didn’t get to go there.

For those who would like to get to the Han River, I’d suggest you take a cab because the walking route is kind of complicating. But for those who are keen to have a stroll, you can stop by at the Apgujeong station (Orange Line #3). I forgot which exit though, I’m sure someone can help you. It’s called Han Gang (한강) in Korean.

Dawn and I chilling while cinaboy continues playing with the DSLR, and serves as a colour clashing backdrop pfft.

One of my favorite Korean icecream packs. It’s called Sollaeim (설레임). It’s a pack of frozen substance of Chocolate Chip, Coffee, Vanilla – your choice. I personally love Chocolate Chip. We can get it here in KL at Ampang but it’s a little costly if compared to the price in Seoul. I think they’re selling it for about Rm 6-7 here, a few more Ringgit on top of the original price.

Dawn’s Shot : Companion for the long walk. I don’t recall it as mine though.

Cinaboy’s shot : And some Korean won. This is a 100  Won, equivalent to about 30 cents – which can buy you, er – almost nothing.

Wanted to go to Lotte World because Cinaboy said he had tickets and we should go if we wanted to, but because neither him or Dawn wanted to get on rides so we decided not to and headed straight for dinner. Bummer. So one day down, a few more to go!

Seoul : Insadong (인사동)

Insadong is place for those who are into antiques and artsy stuff. If you are a tourist looking for souveniers with a traditional Korean touch, Insadong is definitely the right place to go! You will need to take the Orange Line #3 to Anguk Station. I forgot which exit but if you look at the direction map provided at all subway station exits, you’re bound to see Insadong at a walking distance of about 5 minutes. The streets of Insadong will take you about an hour or two to thoroughly observe and enjoy, but if you’re in a rush – you can get from an end to the other in about 7-8 minutes.

Grabbing our brunch in one of the coffee shops while waiting for Dawn who was coming right after her class.

Quite expensive to eat at proper coffee shops in Seoul (not the relaxing ones, the Starbuck type). This costed me about 10,000Won (RM 30) /sad/

Alot of youngsters who don’t usually like traditional objects would still go to Insadong as the place is perfect for Korean-themed photoshoots. The place is usually flooded with foreigners as it’s a tourist attraction. If you ask me, I’d say the things they sell are almost about the same – but just like in any other ChinaTown you’d find – prices just stoop lower and lower as you walk down the path.

Here’s a roll of photos of the Insadong Street

If you feel like you’re going to yawn just by looking at these photos, those who are planning to go to Seoul for a visit should just cancel this place off your list. Old school treasurers like Ginny and I should camp here everyday because we are so like that pfft.

Old school accessories : PVC headbands, leather straps etc

You can take studio photos with a traditional HanBok for 10,000Won RM 30/ps.

Us resting our feet

One of the special and more artistic building located in Insadong is SsamJiGil (쌈지길). It serves as a popular spot for dating scenes in movies, music videos and whatnot due to its comfortable and compact environment. Although I came to Insadong because I was serving as a tour guide for the mom, I really wanted to visit this place again after bumping to it the last time I brought the cousins the last time round the came to Seoul.

Ssam Ji Gil is located at one of the ends of the street, so you gotta bump into it. I had to go from one end to another to spot it. Was so afraid I would miss it because the weather was pretty hot and if we hadn’t been able to find it at the street that we were at, we were going to proceed to our next destination 🙁 Phew! Nothing special in here – just this ambience that I like.

The view from the above levels

And from the Ground floor

Now you see me, now you don’t.

Playing around with the signature set of stairs of SsamJiGil

The building is filled with such scribblings.

Fruit juice stalls. Fruit juices here are REALLY REALLY good at a reasonable price, 2000 Won (RM 6). No sugar no nothing, just plain fruits!

Little stores with really pretty things.

Like such. Alot of them are very unique pieces, if only I loved accessories I would have got at least one.

Mei gui ah mei gui~~

Wriggling shelf. Every level rotates in the opposite direction from the one below and above it. Took a photo of it because there were so many people who just stood infront of it and stared for like 6-7 minutes.

Hello My Name Is Ah Beng

I is BookWorm

Er…Mama say cannot talk to stranger. Hor?

Billie Jean~ Is that my lavah~

While we were about to leave, caught a janitor cleaning the walls of a building. If you were there, you would be soooo gancheong for him because he was literally jumping from corner to corner – fully trusting the strings he was attached to!

Seoul : Sinchon/Ehwa Womens University(Idae)

My favorite place to hangout in Seoul is Sinchon (Green Line #2) mainly because it houses everything that a student needs to go, do or likes. Well, actually I’m speaking from a biased perspective. I once went to Yonsei University (which is located in Sinchon) so probably thats why I’ve developed a fond liking for it. Like how Taylorians feel of Subang, get it?

Sinchon is the centre of the main attraction of the Green Line (my perspective). It’s located strategically in between Hong Dae (place for youths) and Idae (haven for women). If you stop at Sinchon you can choose to walk to either destination.

Sam hates Sinchon because its really troublesome to transit the different lines, and also because it’s quite far away from her area. She goes there only like once in a semester but this time I dragged her there for at least 3 times in a span of 2 weeks!

One thing I totally love about Sinchon is the meat bbq buffet! I love love love having meat bbq so what’s more to waste when you’re in Sinchon! It used go for only 5900Won per pax (RM 24) but now the price has gone up to 8900Won (RM 30). Aiyah small difference. There are alot of different buffet places in Sinchon (literally all next to each other) so you gotta open up your eyes and survey the best! Some charge you additionally for drinks etc but the one that I always go gives you EVERYTHING : soft drinks, soup, noodle, meet, vege, side dishes, rice etc etc.

The first few days I was so excited to go back to Sinchon and have that for brunch but it was closed so we had to opt for the other shops (which costed only abour 6900Won). It was a sad experience because soft drinks were not included and we couldn’t take whatever we wanted. Food there was only so-so.

I’ll dedicate a post just for this BBQ buffet but since I’ll be on (another) getaway to Malacca tomorrow I’m just going to schedule this post.

MJ and Sam checking if the meat is ready to be eaten.

Dawn and I arrived a little late because I wanted to take a look at her house.

All you want for RM 30! How to resist. BTW, BBQed Kimchi is the bomb 🙂

Squid oh squid say bye bye

Nom Nom Nom

Self timed this. There was a better shot but dumb ajumma (Korean for aunty) walked pass although she KNEW we were taking a photo!

Bumped into XinYun(far left) in Sinchon

Me calling Abdullah for a date after not seeing him for at least 2 years!

Streets of Idae (Ehwa Womens University Street)

Us in Idae

Dawn trying to make friends with Mr.Lego

Please believe me when I tell you that Seoul is FULL OF COUPLES! If you break up and walk at the streets you are bound to cry and commit suicide pfft.

Fountain with random kids playing around, just like in the movies.

Laupohpoh Nat needs a rest after some walk so we crashed into (another cafe). I think this one is called Iceberry. That’s me trying to demonstrate some photo taking technique pfft.

Sam still stuck in her I <3 XXX T’s.

I took a photo of this guy who seemed to be waiting for his gf for the past 30 minutes

“Where is she”

Spotter someone who looked like Chou Li

Streets of Idae

Our fruit waffle plus chocolate syrup

The menu plate in the cafe

Accomadating counter. The cashier was having a hard time conversating with us. At first I thought it was our problem but turned out she was a Chinese 😛

I was actually here for this. Strawberry ice cream. Shoved ice topped with ice cream and frozen strawberrries

Celebrity animated socks. I was looking for one with Siwon’s face for Vvens but cannot find 🙁 The last time I was in Seoul they were everywhere!

Windy day~

See how windy it is. Macam shooting for beautiful girl music video PUAHAHAHHAA

Sam camwhoring with Kang Kang Queen behind looking for stuff in her bag again.

Totally candid! Looks like shampoo ad or wtv pfft

One of the indoor malls

A shot of the mall, which I didn’t really tour. Just swopped in to take a photo and came out.

Although I’m not a fan, but just for the fun of it. 2PM ambassadors some skin product. I still like Nichkhun though. For those who only started to follow me recently and knows who he is, you might be interested to know that he once brought me to a bus stop in Seoul /reminiscence/.

Streets of Idae, at 70s mode

This batch of photos are not color edited. I took this photo when it was about 7.30PM so it was getting pretty dark. Fascinated at the Rotiboys around.

Fastfood at streetfood stalls. It’s actually pretty expensive to eat these. A cup of them snacks will cost you about 5000Won (RM 15!)

One of my love love loves of Seoul, their cellphones. I love flipphones and Korea provides a floodfull of them.

I rented this phone from the airport. Shall elaborate on how later 🙂

Accessory shops that sells their stuff for only 1000Won (Rm 3) at average

The underground subway station. See their 1000Won shops? Damn banyak everywhere

The looooooooooooooooooooooooong elevator

Train has arrived. Always so punctual unlike MTK

Shouting with my fav skater

Seoul : Snoopy Cafe by Peanuts

Remember Charlie Brown? I think its one of the closest to heart cartoon every created. Its very peaceful and amusing to be around the characters. I once bought two animated pillows (Charlie Brown & Snoopy) when I was younger when the original artist passed away during the memorial sale. One belonged to my brother and another to me. I don’t usually keep such possessions (cute, cartoonsy stuff) but I really liked Snoopy. Recently during a housekeeping session, it got accidentally thrown out without me realizing. Boo.

We were in Idae (Ehwa Womens University Street) walking around and got TOO exhausted to walk any longer so we decided to crash in the Snoopy cafe. I don’t know what it’s called exactly but I’ll refer it to just that. It is located right opposite the main entrance of the Ehwa Womens University (which is worth a tour at if you are there. Beautiful architecture)

Looking for missing shades

At the entrance of the 2nd floor. There are 3 levels.

Pathway to 3rd floor, specially designed for smokers. Charlie Brown and cigarettes. Awkward match 😛

2nd floor of the 3 level cafe.

Playing Snoopy with Korean subtitles. Funny looking.

The ladies. Dawn becoming main star of the blog these days teehee

Went it just to take photos of the cute washroom that was btw, REALLY nicely fragranted.

Wo hen ke ai~

SERIOUSLY washed out from all the walking. I can walk for HOURS with a set destination point in mind but if you want me to walk around (ahemshoppingahem) aimlessly, my feet brings me down in less than 60 minutes. Body engine starts to slow down simultaneously. But I pretty much enjoyed walking around this time, but hardship for my legs.

The counter. I noticed that the part timers at such concept cafes are mainly guys! Smart move to be on the lookout for cute girls!

The alarm tablets that vibrates when your order is ready to be picked up. One of them was ringing already but I needed to capture a perfect shot pfft.

Our drinks. I love having Ice Tea in cafes at Seoul. They always have two choices : Peach or Lemon. Peach Tea is wonderful and refreshing!

From our seat

Cute tables

Seoul : Day #1

This post is not venue categorized. Just a few random photos from my first day of vacation. Most of the time just chilling around and smelling Korea 😛 Many would assume that I would be overjoyed and excited to be back in Seoul but its funny that I wasn’t feeling anywhere near that. It was more of a sense of calmness and somehow felt like ‘homecoming’. Maybe because it was a platform where I kicked start my first year as a high school graduate so it felt alot more happy and easygoing to just be in the place.

I still am not very happy with how the Koreans are so used to walking into each other without bothering to apologize! Every 5 minutes someone will run into me and walk off like nothing just happened. Only two people have apologized so far! I’m not asking for apologies but even if I were the one who ran into them accidentally, they would have already by like 50m away the moment I turn my head to say I’m sorry. They’re always rushing here and there. RUSHING TO WHERE LA? Maybe its the Kimchi effect 😛

Tourists who are travelling independantly would most of the time choose to take cabs from the airport directly towards the hotel. That would cost you about 70000Won at average (RM 250). Actually you can choose to take the buses as long as you do a little study on the area of your hotel, then only take the cab from the station. Saves a whole lot as the bus only costs about 9000Won (RM 30). You can always get the ticket from the counters and if you are unsure, you can always ask the information counter. There are a whole lot of different buses so you are bound to locate a bus that goes directly to your headed destination.

I took the 6002 bus which takes me to alot of major places in town, so you can check it out and see if it matches any!

One of the random optical shops I passed by while stoning in the bus

This looks like a normal building with lots of politics going on, right? Wrong. This is my haven in Seoul! It’s a really huuuuge bookstore with ALL the stationaries, notebooks, earphones and everything that I truly am madly in love with! Walking in would make me happy but it was closed down for renovation during the time I was there. Imagine my shattered heart! /weak/

Its called the Kyobo Bookstore located at the GwangHwaMun station. Anybody who loves stationaries or anywhere of that sort should drop by!

Dawn stayed over at MJ’s house to see me the morning I arrived because she stays quite far from Sam’s place. Sweet!

I love gogi (Korean for meat) but for some reason I didn’t feel like having any the moment I touched down, and the few following days! This has been one of my dream meals after coming back to KL in 2008. Its called the Jjim Dalg (찜닭). Looks pretty ordinary but the spices they use to create the flavor is really something. It looks pretty small here but its really quite big. Costs about 20,000 per plate (RM 60). Can feed about 3 pax.

Sam who hosted me for all 17 days in her house. Totally appreciate it although we didn’t have alot of time for each other pfft. Actually we’re still wondering where have all the days went! I was there for about 17 days but we only remember going out together for only about 4-5 days.I had my own friends to visit and she had her exam to deal with but time passed really quickly!  Everytime I open the  door she would be peeking from her room with that funny face asking “Why are you home sooooooooo late geh”. Like wife waiting for husband teehee. <3

Look closely! I tried ordering the same menu in Ampang once but it was an epic fail.

Eyes still not opened from only about 30 minutes of sleep in total during the 6 hour of flight. I kept falling off the head rest. I went home really late that same night and realised that by the time I tucked myself into bed, I have been awake for at least 30+ hours! @_@ Considering my anti social body, it automatically shut down the next day and my eyes were hanging like I was a zombie.

Sam and I was soo obsessed with doing each other’s hair onlookers would have thought that we were partners in crime or perhaps lovers pfft. Whenever I did her hair it would remind me of the Barbie Doll days when we used to dress up and comb our dolls hair till they were shiny. Her hair was shiny for sure!  I can’t leave my hair straight down these days because its so messy and for some reason it looks like its ironed. Badly ironed, when it isnt!

Us trying to immitate the animation above our heads. The whole tube was looking at us when we were taking this photo. One thing about Korean subways, you’re not supposed to have extra attention and you tend to feel like you have to make yourself as invisible as possible pfft. Just my opinion 😛

If you go to Myeong Dong, you will see alot of students on the streets holding such placards. I always approach them and ask for a photo after hugging them, which to they nicely comply.  Behind us Woori Bank, my number 1 bank of choice in Seoul. Simply because its so Woori (Us in Korean)

I have a K shape body. Sam is still clad in her usual outfit! You will notice the changes in her dressing attire in the upcoming posts! 😛

Guess ‘the ice cream cone for? Its a public transport pass. Residents normally get this but as for foreigners who are there for traveling, you would want to walk into a convenience store and ask for the T-money card which will only cost you about 2500Won (Rm 9). It eases your transportation convenience so you don’t have to buy a ticket every time you wanna get on the subway. It works like a prepaid card. If you’re Malaysian, its like a Touch  & Go

Dolls in display in a stationary shop,which I didn’t really like. Nothing special. Still in dismay of the halt of Kyobo.

Picture credits to Dawn

Karaoke in Myeong Dong. Quite expensive for its environment. One of the best noraebang (karokes) that I have been to in Seoul is called Luxury. Their karaoke centers don’t really work like how it does in Malaysia where we have monopolies like Red Box, Green Box, Neway and all. Their karaoke rooms are scattered everywhere and you can just walk in just like restaurants. Don’t be shocked because they don’t serve you drinks or food. General price now to sing in Seoul is about 15000Won (RM 45) per room but you can get an awfully better room in Luxury at the same price. If you squint your eyes you can always find those who only charge 5000 Won (RM 15). Beg the counter for extra service and you will have another hour free up on your sleeves in no time.

Dinner time in Sam Ryans at ItaeWon. It wasn’t Ribs Day but we just wanted to have some Western cuisine. Picture credits to Dawn.

Dawn and I pretending to be angelic pfft. Picture credits to Dawn.

Me suka this background

Going economical : I had caesar salad for dinner because I was too stuffed to eat anything. Appetite minimized like THAT when I got to Seoul. Something wrong.