Review : Sae Ma Eul (새마을) in Solaris, Mont Kiara

And I’ve finally found one of the most affordable BBQ places in KL.

They’re aren’t exactly dirt cheap – but I have to say their barbecue set comes in for quite a value. Today we’re going to take a look at Sae Ma Eul, located in the corners of Solaris Mont Kiara’s many Korean restaurants. The reason why I thought this place was worth a review is because our usual Korean eat outs for four would cost about 150 to have us walking away with a full stomach. This time round, we were brought to surprise because the bill only came up to a total of RM 106. If we decide to pay cash, we get 6% off – which is superb! One of the reasons why I once used to love Korean restaurants in KL was because they always gave the Cash or Credit amount option. Most of them took it off after some time, but I’m glad to see Sae Ma Eul still practicing it.

So what did I order in Sae Ma Eul, which translates to New Village. Sae means new, Ma Eul is village.

I ordered Item No 44 – which was a set that had about 4-5 pieces of pork meat with four baby octopus. Their numbers vary at each visit, so you may get an extra baby octopus at times. This was a good set as it’s only about RM 55. In many other places, one slice of meat would already cost you an average RM 15  – and most of the time it is compulsary for you to order two portions. This makes the normal barbecue price to be RM 30 for two pieces of meat. Here you get an extra few more slobs with juicy squids to top up. Definitely worth the package.

DSC02746 (Large)


A glimpse at their menu

DSC02779 (Large)

 A little close up to our squid friends. It was my first time barbecue-ing octopus so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve always only had pork or chicken on my barbecue stove. Their octopus were very well marinated in red korean sauce!

DSC02750 (Large)

 Putting the real deal to slowly cook. The best part about Sae Ma Eul is that you get to cook your meat yourself. If you’re in for the whole “D-I-Y” experience, this place is definitely good for you. I never preferred having waitresses cook my meat for me because it feel’s like I’m having experience stolen right infront of my eyes. But I know that some people do love being served,  then if so – this place is probably not it.

Speaking of D-I-Y, one of the reasons why we all chose to come try this restaurant out was because of this pot below. The handmade rice ball dish!

DSC02748 (Large)

They give you a pair of plastic gloves (you can ask for a pair more if you like) for you to mix the ingredients together, which will already be pre-prepared in the pot. It has seaweed, gochujang, sesame and rice. All you gotta do is mix everything together and make your own rice balls to eat and barbecue if you like.

DSC02759 (Large)

 Close up on our rice ball making.


DSC02769 (Large)Dawn and I just rolling at it. We both shared a pair of gloves so our rice balls didn’t come out to tight they kept breaking.

DSC02765 (Large)

Sam does the meat cooking for us. Another reason why I love this place is because it reminds me so much of my barbecue days back in Seoul. After class, we would go to places like these with stretchable suctions (in the photo).

DSC02772 (Large)

We were quite slow at cooking as all concentration was on the rice balls, one of the kind waiters just came by to help us out

DSC02787 (Large)

Final product

DSC02776 (Large)

You can choose to just eat it like that or to barbecue it a little bit so the outer layer becomes crisp!

DSC02789 (Large)

Proud owner of some rice balls

DSC02758 (Large)

As things seemed a little too dry we order a small kimchi jjigae to share

DSC02786 (Large)

Love the whole experience of doing this but if I were to rate the taste of this dish, it would have to be a 5.5/10. It’s not very seasoned and may just be a little to bland for my liking. It was also supposed to be spicy – but did not even come close to anything of spice.

DSC02794 (Large)

Moving on to something else worth raving on, finally space for some squid barbecue!

Man these were so juicy – I regret not getting octopuses the many times I’ve had Korean.

DSC02784 (Large)

I must say the meat didn’t turn out too juicy or extremely nice. It wasn’t exactly marinated to have the yummy taste you get in some other restaurants you pay a higher price for. I guess that’s why they give you the sesame oil + salt dip, which I extremely love! Major plus points for serving it without having to request for it. This is a REAL Korean bbq restaurant.

DSC02793 (Large)

And so – we start eating! Chal mok-kesseumnida!

Right after – we headed over to my favorite Korean dessert shop in Solaris. And it’s probably not the one you’ve been hearing about. Should be posting up about that place very shortly after this. Separated the posts cause these two places deserves their own. My place is called Nabe and has an outlet in both Ampang and Solaris. It’s actually a bakery, and what coincidence it was just located right across Sae Ma Eul! Extreme convenience.

I would rate Sae Ma Eul a 6.5/10, for it’s D.I.Y experience, valuable price points and also some good stews. Try not to go after 6.30PM as it would be extremely full and you  may have to wait 30 minutes or so for a table. Reservations are available on weekdays only.

This place is not halal, to start off. If you are looking for a Korean bbq place with no pork – 688 Barbecue and Steamboat Restaurant, as they claim to not have pork in their menu. I’m going there in a few days so probably can do a review for that too – if it’s worth shouting about.  Address of Sae Ma Eul would be :-

Solaris Mont’Kiara (GF 1-1,1-2,1-3), 

50480 Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

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Palsaik Samgyupsal at Solaris, Mont Kiara

One thing about having a thing for Korean cuisine is that it’s such a difficult journey finding that correct taste here in KL. Everything could pass and come close, but almost none has ever come near. If there was a reason why I am a Uncle Jang Dalggalbi junkie, it’s because it hits closest to the perfect spot. As a person who’s always on a roll trying out different Korean restaurants, I think it’s safe to say that nobody makes that perfect kimchi stew you can easily get off streets in Korea. They say the best way to judge a restaurant serving Korean food is to first taste their kimchi. Indeed, a very wise method that I’ve found to be extremely accurate. There is this one extremely famous Korean diner in Ampang (which I find quite de-appetizing) that serves such an off-metre taste and extremely localised. I’m sometimes very upset that I find returning patrons because I feel like they don’t give Korean cuisine justice, at all. I know, because my family is one of the many loyal customers. Boo.

Recently, I’ve heard Dawn raving on and on about this franchise from Korea that had just opened up. They serve premium samgyupsal (three layer pork) and I knew I HAD to try it. Samgyupsal is one of my favorite dish for BBQ and it holds very dear memories of my times in Seoul. There were days we ate it to celebrate, and others when we were having less happier phases. Most importantly, I feel like I’ve only ever had samgyupsal with people dear to me. We could have coffee with strangers, shared biscuits with an accidental company. Samgyupsal is different. Samgyupsal is bonding food.

Palsaik Samgyupsal is located in Solaris, Mont Kiara. I’ve been trying to schedule a dinner with the rest of the Korean classmates since forever so we decided to come to this restaurant! Everytime we met we had barbecue so this was the perfect place to come and try together. Unfortunately, the girls didn’t seem to have time so Dawn and I decided to just go ahead ourselves. One does not simply contain their craving for samgyupsal! Dawn told me that it may be a little tough for just both of us to finish the whole set we wanted to order so we called Vivien to come along too. Great, because I’ve been scheduling a sit down with this girl since January but she’s always flying off for exhibitions and what-not.

Right before we went, I tried swinging them a phonecall to reserve a seat because apparently they are full-house everyday! Unfortunately, they’ve recently begun to not take reservations on Friday-Sundays so for those who are thinking of heading there during the weekends – better go early or send a soldier to queue for you.


Hello to Dawn, who’s a real sweetheart. Every morning she drops me off at work cause our offices are at the same area, and asks for nothing in return. I love how we have the same food adventures so we can always go do things like this. Get away from KL to get some good food!


Palsaik Korean BBQ. Pal means eight, saik is colour. So it literally translates to eight colored bbq, and that’s what we’re about to it! Eight different flavors of samgyupsal.

These are the flavors in one full set. You can order sets in three I think, but since we have three in one setting –  ALL IT IS!


Menu is in English. Dawn and I came a little early for Vivien who was still stuck at work. Good thing we arrived when we did at about 6.45PM because the crowd juts started flooding at 7.30PM. The queue outside just suddenly build up in a short few minutes.


Unlike many local Korean restaurants, they served out kimchi on the pan – just the way we had them  Korea! Also had a little surprise when they served us thsi post of seafood soup! It looks like clear soup now but after it starts boiling, ingredients inside just start mixing together and it turns to a red hot pot of yummybunks!


Long stretch of fresh vegetables for you to serve with the samgyupsal!


They kept their cutleries in the drawer right beneath the dining table so its cleaner. Almost more convenient than to have to ask for them everytime.


All eight flavours served!


Glorious at sight, delicious at taste.  Couldn’t wait to taste all the flavors!



Food is beginning to work its way to my tummy! EXTREMELY EXCITED!



I swear that the Kimchi here nearly put me to tears. At some days we come across some people who smell like our past, or hear music that brings us back to nostalgic phases of our lives. But this kimchi. This kimchi gave me Korea. Yes, dramatic like that. It was SO good, and taste was SPOT ON. Hands down most perfect kimchi I’ve had in a looooooooooong time.


We call a wrap like this a ssam. Double s because the s is strong. Give me ssam. #punintended


Like many Korean restaurants, you can get yourself ssam cheese fried rice – which was also EXTREMELY good. Cheese was very rich on the rice and wasn’t barely there like some other restaurants.


One downside about the whole experience is that the place gets extremely stuffy and your face just screams for an instant face wash. Your body will also feel like it needs a shower, pronto. Can you just look at that cheese dangling like a bungee jump gone wrong.

The whole meal costed us about RM 136 with tax included for three person. So that’s about RM 45 per pax. I walked away pretty full, not exactly a budget meal but worth indulging in once in awhile. Especially when you need that perfect Korean fix. The place is a long drive from where I live, so I probably won’t be visiting it too frequently. But oh, if it comes here to KL – it’s going down. I’m prepared to starve a week for just this one meal.

After the meal, the girls felt like some dessert so we went down to Cafe Bene (which is the current dessert hype on social media) to try their bingsu. Bingsu means shaved ice. I was pretty stuffed from the meal and don’t usually have a sweet tooth so both of them chose Strawberry bingsu. I gave it a little try, it was okay. I would still prefer Nabe in Ampang (I think I’ve never blogged about it) because it has alot of red beans and its quite sweet. It’s not bad at all – but I wouldn’t say its worth the queue lining up at their doors. I’ve gotta give them props for coming up so quickly amongst other cafes. Great start there.


Vivien tried a couple of flavors she found this Strawberry Bingsu to be the best!


And this is Dawn who looks extremely excited to try little bingsu out. Look at the people behind waiting to get a seat.  Feels so pressured to just quickly finish and have a conversation while they stare you down to vacate a seat for them.

It’s been a long while since I’ve done this and it does feel quite nice to be able to show you guys where to eat. Hope you find the place and if you need more details, you can always look through Palsaik Samgyupsal at

That’s all for today! Goodnight 🙂

Boil Your Nooodles!


So before I proceed on my “Hole-In-My-Pants” story – here’s something I thought I HAD to share with everybody who’s reading thenatstory! So, I’ve always been eating instants since I was young. But lately, I’ve grown to stop eating them as much as I did. I don’t know if its for health reasons, but I find them not as tasty anymore. I’m not a very health conscious person but things like snacks and desserts and most thing very unhealthy are not usually what I’ll scream for!

Anyways, I still have my instant noodles once in a while (probably still a whole lot more often than those who are totally putting off unhealthy diets). I’ve always heard about how instant noodles are very bad for your health, but I never really knew why. Sometimes they said it was the MSG, then it was the wax, then it was the long-term effect on the whole ‘uncooked’ meal routine. I don’t know.

But recentl for the past few months, my family and I have been pretty careful with our instant noodles. I read somewhere saying that the wax from each instant noodle intake takes 3 days for your body to clean off. Apparently it gets stuck inside and congest flow, and I think it’s pretty believable. So, when I read it the more I felt like I had to make instant noodle cooking not so instant anymore.

It really is a healthier way to eat your noodles, so if you’re gonna eat them everyday please make sure you add this small little step that will probably cost you another 3 minutes cooking it. But health first!

1. First boil your water as usual. I like to use real drinking water actually, even if I am going to boil it. Feels alot healthier 🙂 But people will tell me it’s a waste since the water is going to be boiled off its bacteria anyways. Oh well, this is how I do it lah. Put your water into a good boil on High.

2. Throw in your noodles. All of them! Be sure to not leave them alone. This is actually the ” wax-cleaning” process, so please stand there and break the noodles apart as fast as you can after the wax melts off. Quickly try separating the strands so that the more wax melts into the water. However, don’t do this for too long – you don’t want your noodles to puff up. I would say try to make it about 45 seconds to 1 minutes. If you think you noodles are puffing, please stop immediately! (Unless if you like soggy noodles)

3. Next, take of your noodles from the pot. See the colour of the water? It is not fully wax, the cloudish coloured water comes from the noodle itself because they’re made from wheatflour but this method is bound to take of a big portion of the wax. Still, the colour frightens you a little.  You don’t to eat that. This is one of the many reasons why I don’t take the soup of my noodles.

4. You have to throw the water away, of course. But before you do this make sure to cool down your basin by letting the tap water run through it. Don’t let the heat from the boiled water expand your basin or make it melt it any way. I like to rinse the basin before and after throwing away used boiled water. It’s part of kitchen maintenance.

5. Bring another pot of clean water to boil. If you don’t want to wait too long, pre-boil your water in a boiler before pouring it in. The water boils alot faster in the pot that way after pouring it in.

6. Next, put your soup flavoring in after the water is boiled. Don’t put your noodles in because it’s already beginning to cook, so let your soup boil first. After 30 seconds of stirring and boiling, pour your already-cleansed noodles in and close the pot to boil for another 40 seconds or so.


Your noodles will now be ready. Not healthy stilll, but healthier to eat. And if your body still needs to cleanse any amount of wax that remains in your noodle, it doesn’t need up to THREE days! That’s horrible. Imagine if you had to eat noodles for continuous days, you body will break down from all the wax congestion!

Anyways, this A1 Bak Kut Teh noodle above is really yummy! Everybody Malaysian needs to try it 🙂

So here is to a better noodle-eating lifestyle pfft.

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‘Rib’ Me Apart : Betty’s Midwest Kitchen

A few days ago I made a second trip to this western outlet that impressed me so much I was DYING to go back with my family. Ju Yeon took Dawn and I there a few months back, and I unsuspectingly walked in with no expectations of the isolated restaurant at all. It’s located in one of, I must say, most unstrategic locations ever. Tucked in the middle of nowhere (at least, not somewhere I could recognise during my first trip) and also in within a whole stretch of shoplots that are astoundingly quiet. Perhaps it’s because both my trips were already pretty late in the evening, and most of them have called it a day.

The first time I was there, there were so many people waiting – we had to wait outside the shop and have our orders taken first before getting seated about 15 minutes later. I thought that was a coincidence – well, given the location, who’d coincidentally drop by for dinner anyways right? No, wrong.

The second time I visited the place, they not only had more people but we also had to wait more than 30 minutes for a seat. It took them 15 minutes alright, just to take my order while waiting to be seated. However, I was not disheartened because I knew I was going to have GREAT FOOD, and that’s all that mattered to me. Anyways, my family and I drove about 30 minutes to the restaurant all the way from KL – no point leaving!

I wouldn’t want to anyways. Because they serve AMAZING RIBS!

Betty’s Midwest serves an American menu, with pork meat as their star-dish. It is a small outlet – most probably no larger than 30ftx12ft in size. However, the food they serve tastes very homey and personalised (in a way). Its run by a family, who you may sometimes see running and out of the kitchen. Things to get a little TOO busy, because there are SO many people waiting to get their foot into the shop, so they do hire (literate) foreigners to help out with the seating and kitchen work.

They have a very American west-side decor which really sets you in the mood for their food. They last time I set foot into such restaurant was in Itaewon,Seoul (the irony?). Itaewon in Seoul is a big area that concentrates on foreign trades and restaurants run by foreigners themselves so their restaurants there are usually very, very authentic. Anyways, back to Betty’s, here’s how their outlet looks like.

One of the cute corners of the restaurant!

They have a variety of things in the menu, but upon observation – most of the people in the house order most of the staple items. Ribs, rootbear, salad, and this dessert that we didn’t order that seemed to be a favorite among most of them. Here’s a glimpse of the menu, you may zoom in the site because I don’t think my photo’s can be enlarged. Most of their dishes seem to be of pork, but for those who don’t take beef you might have to squint your eyes a little or just do a double check if your dish-of-choice has beef because they mash their patties for certain dishes.

We first ordered a House Salad, which had a very fresh taste. Vegetables and apples were crunchy, sliced tomatoes were juice. Total yums and got our appetites ready for the heavy taste that was about to be served!

Brother Nick got himself a Rootbeer, and claimed that it was very refreshing. He gulped that one down and quickly ordered another one. I don’t know how different was it compared to other rootbeers – apparently this one is gassy. He loved it so much he took the bottle home to see if we could buy any of them off the shelves of Cold Storage since its from America. No personal testimonials for this.

Here’s my favorite part of the menu. Dog Food! The first time I saw it I was so shocked at the way they’d call it. What about some pantang customers? Then I read the description – “Fries drenched in gravy, topped with CHEESE”. I knew almost nobody with a loving for fries would say no to that even if it said Dog Food.

Dog Food! This goes for RM 9 per serving – but it is pretty filling if you’re ordering a main dish.

My family and I finished Dog Food in no time, and threw in the fries from our own main dishes into the gravy and made it another portion. The cheese gravy is really good. For Malaysians, you might understand its taste if you imagine KFC’s Cheesy Wedges. Well, this is a more sophisticated upgrade with real melted cheese. Very very satisfying. Just typing this is making me salivate already.

D.I.Y of Dog Food part 2, at no cost!

I love cheese, so I couldn’t miss this one out. It doesn’t have a fancy name – just called Mozerella Sticks. I would have to say I think they go for a pretty good price (RM 2.00 per stick!) and you would have to order a minimum of two sticks. I would say most of you should be tempted to order more of that, I’ll tell you why.

This is the extremely untasty presentation of them Mozerella Sticks. I was pretty upset because I wanted the food to look fabulous for this blog post but they burnt the sides of the sticks.

No fear, because what you are about to see will break the untasty visions you have had of the Sticks! I absolutely love how it tastes, but because I have been gobbling down so much in between my main dish, Dog Food, and the Sticks that I was too full to finish it. The sticks are pumped with cheese, that drags so long after your bite. I get thrilled each time I do the Cheese Pull!

Just look!

Extreme yums. I tried biting this one for a photo but because it is freshly fried – it was still too hot for my fingers to hold so I threw it back in the basket for a quick photo.

For consistency purposes, I waited for the Mozerella Sticks to cool of for abit and took another one – see how the Cheese is still so bouncy? No kidding, true story – the kid next to me (who the mom said apparently LOVES cheese) was staring at me while I was taking this photo with his jaw open so wide. The mom had to ask me from across the table what that is. Poor kid wasn’t allowed to order it because he already ordered Dog Food. :'(

Brother Nick’s food came shortly after – although the waiter initially warned that it may take up to 20 minutes after being seated. This is the Cheeseburger (RM 15.90) that has a beef-pork patty sandwiched in between with a slap of bacon and all the basic vegetables of a burger. Well, the fries that came together went to our Dog Food gravy. He said the burger was good, but kid just ate a few hours ago so he couldn’t finish it. Strange, cause he usually eats meals every 2-3 hours and the burger wasn’t really big. Maybe the patty was kind of compact? Or it must be the starters.

Then my dish came. I ordered Soft Ribs (RM 29.50) and was served 5 fat sticks of them, served with fresh coleslaw. By the way, can you see how my Cheese stick is dangling on one hand? Gluttony mode much.

Just look at it’s juicyness. You’d not even need to really slice through the meat – a gentle push would tear the meet of its bone! Very, very tender.

Their signature dish would have to be the Baby Back Ribs (RM 32.50), that my family ordered two portions of. What’s different with Betty’s and Tony Romas – you’d ask? I can’t make a solid statement for everybody, but for me – Betty’s portions of ribs is alot more filling (they serve big slices of ribs) and so much more tender and well marinated! No hint of burnt sides whatsoever. My dad who’s a big-eater was very happy with his serving and was already very much up to his maximum level that he could not take in anymore of our unfinished dishes.

The gravy first off, was tip top! I don’t usually eat my food with any additional toppngs and I like to eat it the way they are served so I didn’t really splatter the gravy on the rib when I gave it a taste. No disappointments eaten just like that, but Dad really liked the gravy. A men walked out the restaurant telling the people who were waiting “Not yet your turn ah? Never mind, the sauce is really good (wipes mouth).

One thing great about the customers there were that they seemed to be pretty considerate. These people were walking out of the restaurant with the food still in their mouth, munching or wiping their mouths! The people there weren’t stuck up or anything, unlike most of the restaurants with high traffic who would even snap back at impatient customers. I also like how they serve those with babies first.

Their price is actually quite reasonable considering the taste, its consistency, service and speed. I mean, we were served in within 5 minutes upon being seated. So it’s kind of evens out the time that you spend waiting for a seat. Overall, I’d have to say that this makes one of, if not my favorite, Western restaurants in Malaysia!

 For those who’d like to make a trip, here’s how :-

Add : Jalan PJU 1/43  Aman Suria, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel : 03-7880-0196


As for those who are directionless, just like me – I had to look for the coordinates for the navigator to bring us there. I couldn’t describe where the place was, only to find out that it is almost right next to Tropicana. So here’s Betty’s Midwest Kitchen’s coordinates :-

Coordinates : N3 07.314 E101 35.703

Betty’s Midwest Kitchen is only open from Tuesday to Sundays, for two sessions. Lunch session is from 11.30AM to 3.00PM (last order at 2.30PM), where as Dinner is from 5.30PM to 10.00PM (last order at 9.30PM). You can make reservations for Lunch Sessions only

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How to Make Kimchi Soup


Because I’m not in the video I figured I need to charge in by spamming the post first. #rachelberrysydrome

So I did an assignment for my project called Introduction to Film and TV Production. I got to say I wasn’t really happy with this final product because quality of video was so bad! I forgot to fix the settings but it looked fine on the preview screen in the cam. Also had light allowance problem because the camera was consistently blocking off and allowing light to be captured so my end product of the raw videos were quite inconsistent when it came to exposure. Technie noobs, I guess this is what you have to deal with in life pfft. That aside, we had to do a demonstration video so here’s what I made – Kimchi Soup.

Truthfully, I added alot more ingredients to it and instead of Kimchi Jjigae (jjigae is soup), I was actually making something called Budae Jjigae. However, I decided not to call it Budae Jjigae because I didn’t have the right recipe or appropriate soup base recipe to officialize it as Budae Jjigae. Hence, I am finalizing my kimchi jjigae but with a turbo boost of what Budae Jjigae usually has.

The video is not what I handed in, the one I had to turn in was a little bit more trickier because I wasn’t supposed to put subtitles or captions to explain my directions of how to make the soup. Unlike other straightforward How-To-Cook videos, mine has a little story that I forcefully injected in because that was one of the requirements. I didn’t have emotional touches on this one, I guess – but it was still a little tale to pull of as a story.

Got Abby and Francisca to argue for the beginning of my video. The took 15 minutes to find about a final topic to argue about because everything else just got each other laughing! Impatient director (holla!) was impatient.

So, here’s my way of cooking Kimchi Soup with a Turbo Boost of meat that serves 3-4 portions (that can make you feel really full, for sure!). It’s really easy so I hope you guys out there (Korean lovers, especially) try this recipe. There is a place that sells cheap and good Kimchi in Ampang especially for making kimchi jjigae so I always get my kimchi from there cause they are usually home-made by store owners or associates. Doesn’t take more that one hour actually but sometimes it gets a little long because I really want to slowly boil the taste out of the kimchi and everything else.

Please enjoy and do drop me emails/comments if you don’t understand any!

KiKi @ KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

First tried KiKi by Fong Lye at KLCC somewhere last November with a few colleagues of mine during my internship in Mandarin Oriental. It was a really pleasant meal because I have always been a fan of Fong Lye’s (their Taiwanese Sauce Rice is the booms!). Actually, not even sure if that’s what it’s called.

This time round I took the family there to try. After almost a year, the food quality was still the same. I love how things aren’t too heavily adjusted in flavour. The only minus in the restaurant is that it can get quite noisy sometimes when you’re just trying to have a peaceful meal. Well, it’s a Taiwanese restaurant so you’d never get away with endless hails of “Huan Ying Guan Ling” (Welcome!) and “Xie Xie Guan Ling” (Thanks!)

I don’t know if that’s what they really are saying though pfft.

I think I will really love Taiwan if I make a trip there. Afterall, I choose my ‘favorite’ countries after their food. I used to not like Singapore before this, but after a few recent trips there I’m thinking that they have really awesome franchise food. Malaysia still wins for local hawkers in my opinion, but I have to admit their restaurants are quite yums!

So anyways, this Taiwanese restaurant KiKi is like a baby of Fong Lye. They serve a more delicate portion of food, but nothing less of flavour. Sometimes I wonder if it should be called KiKi because their food isn’t KiKi-fied at all! When you think KiKi, things like Kitty Cat, pink, fluff, sweet pop up in your bubble thoughts. The truth is, Kiki’s servings are really quite oriental and unique – just how Fong Lye does it.

Anti Fong Lye-rs, you’ll most probably NOT like Kiki.

Can’t describe much because I’m no food blogger with kinky food glazing terms, so I’ll just show you what I had that day that I really loved! I like simple tasting food and that was exactly what I had.

Always love nice Chinese restaurants because they have nice teapots and really clean fragranted tea.

Reminds me a little of the girl from Journey To The West.

We ordered hotpot beacuse the last time I had it the soup was SOOOO good. This is for about 1.5pax. If you’re a big eater most probably this is good for you. I think this went for a little over RM 20, but it was all good and fresh ingredients!

Yums! Udon with beef slices. I loved the sauce because it was a little sour (JUST A LITTLE). Sweet and sour kind of taste. Maybe 20% of the Sour Pork Leg dish type of sour! Udon was really tangy.

 This comes along with the hotpot but since it was sitting alone I thought it deserved a photo on its own pfft. I don’t eat crabmeat but this was crabmeat wrapped around in something that looked liek seaweed, then wrapped again with fried fish paste.

Noodles that came with my hotpot! The soup is seriously heaven, SO SO SO sweet and nice! Dump the glass noodle in and you’ll have a bowl of clouds pfft.

Lastly, something Dad had. Resemblance to a Snowflake serving huh? I guess that’s what alot of Taiwanese desserts look like! But he wiped the bowl off clean, so I guess it was a good bowl dessert! 🙂


Feel such accomplishment after nearly finishing a post. Have quite a number of stuff up my sleeves lately and haven’t been very convenient to come draft a decent post!

Hope you enjoyed looking at the food!

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Seoul : BBQ Buffet


Yes guys, not finished with my Guide to Korea posts yet. They were supposed to be blog fillers but I need to make Jamie go to this place so here’s a guideline for you people who’re going to Seoul. Meat BBQ buffet for an average price of Rm 24 per person!

This is one of my favorite places to go in Seoul. I love eating, especially meat so this was truly heaven for me. I could spend 6 hours here just eating away and I wont be charged an extra cent.This time when I went, it was 8000 Won ($8) – not sure if they raised the price!

The last time I was there during my course it was only 6900 won ($6 .90)! I love this soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that after 2 year I went back and met Cinaboy, we were suggesting where to eat and all – he looked at me and snickered “I KNOW YOU WANT THAT BBQ!!!” LOL – I’m quite the BBQ lover lol! This boy’s epic expressions have never changed since 2008!

There are alot of similiar places but since I was a Sinchon-girl, I only go to this. And those who know me should know best, when I find a restaurant that I like – i’ll only go to that one loyally!

So Sinchon is where it is at. For those who are unfamiliar with the place, don’t be confuse as there is another place by the name of 신천 (Sincheon). Both are in the green line but you can always recognise it by it’s station number OR you can just always remember it is next to Ehwa Womens University (이화대) and Hong Dae station (홍대역).

Take the exit that leads you to McDonalds. Walk straight, you will pass by shops like Adidas, The Face Shop, Paris Baguette. This street is called the SinChon Rotari. As you come by a t junction, just keep walking ahead until you catch T-World on your left (it should be on the other side of the road). To make things easier, the better known shop for you to spot is Starbucks. Go in the lane that is in between T-World and Starbucks.

You should come across another coffee shop. They key to this road is that you should just keep walking straight. There will be a couple of divisions from left to right but just go straight. The shop should be on your right!

Then you will start seeing alot of similiar BBQ places, but trust me –  the meat in the one I’m about to ask you to go to is the best! The one above is the shop. Look out of the yellow boxes on the second floor to recognize it.

As you arrive, you can sit down and start stuffing your belongings into a plastic bag that they provide you (to prevent your branded bags from being fried or smeared with oil). Mom’s face smiley-faced because it looks pale lol!

The ajumma (aunties for Korean) will help you put the foil on top of your bbq plate. It is recommendable that you poke holes in between by yourself so that the oil can drip into the hole. This will prevent your meat from getting burnt before being cooked. Don’t worry, it doesn’t fall directly into the fire. The ajumma’s will tell you not to because the taste of the meat would go with the oil – but why’d you wanna eat the oil? Lol

Pick your drink. You can have plain water (for free, of course!) if you want. The good thing about this particular store is that you can have soft drinks (all included). In some other stores, you’d have to pay extra. The only unlimited thing would just be meat. Blah, we don’t want that!

They always have some kimchi, mushrooms, korean pancakes, korean noodles and also white rice if you want! But for people like me, I only want to eat the meat yummeh! If you take the rice you’d feel full almost instantly!

The variety of sauces they provide you with. You have got to eat appetizer they have as it really builds up your taste buds. I really do think they contribute to making the meat taste better! I usually don’t take the sauces but I particularly one type that they have –  but you’d have to make it yourself there.

1) Take a small saucer from the shelves and pour some sesame oil into it. Then, put two pinches of salt into the saucer. Mix!

Dip your meat in it (especially samgyeopsals!!) and its heaven!

Some fresh homemade kimchi and seasoned crunchy radishes. I love their kimchi!

You have to take everything by yourself. The scissors to the plates. The only reason why the waitresses are there is to sit you down, change your foil every once in a while, serve you some soju (with extra charge of course), and collect your money! Fully D.I.Y!

The variety of meat they have. Looks a little unappetizing here because they’re still all raw. They have almost everything, from chicken to beef to pork. Forgot if they had lamb though? My favorite is the samgyeopsal (삼겹살).

Remember to carry some vege with you too! Super delicious to be wrapped with the meat!

Here’s Sam choosing some meat for herself!

Everytime I  come, I’ll be here for about 3 hours. I think that equates to about maybe 7-8 rounds of plates of meat of all kinds. I always leave with a stomach too full. Always a hard time to get home!

Now, now – here’s who I came with. Dawn, Sam and the mom.

For those who don’t really like going to these BBQ restaurants because they make you smell bad from all the smoke, this partciular shop provides you the fabric freshener to make you smell good right before you leave!

Uncle Jang Dalg Gal Bi, Ampang

(Note: The restaurant’s business has grown and they are branching out to new outlets in different areas. They have also changed their nameplate to “Uncle Jang” and it is no longer of the attached photo below! Will update as soon as I can to ease your j0urney!)

Stuck in a decision of whether to go to Korea for its local delicacies or to visit Malaysia for its rich heritage?

Fret not, as this time you can have both decisions in your pocket as I’m about to tell you where you can get some good Korean yummy’s right here in Malaysia so you don’t have to confuse yourself!

For local Malaysians, if you are tired of all the bibimbap’s and barbeques and think that’s all that to Korean delicacies, prepare to be introduced to a whole new type of the super wide umbrella of Korean food. Here, I have my favorite Korean restaurant that I go to in KL and no, they do not serve your typical kimchi soup or beef bulgogi. I have only visited 2 Korean restaurants loyally in KL – one is because the food is really good (this), and the other because the food was really cheap.

The restaurant is run by a family of pure Koreans and with that you can guarantee your food will definitely be of the authentic roots of the culture. Their ingredients are also imported from Korea so you need not worry about how the local the dish may turn out!

From the MRR2, you’d have to go the road opposite Tesco and turn in into where the yellow apartments are. The turning is almost right opposite the Shell petrol station in MRR2.

You’ll see this upon turning.

A little after this, go straight and you’ll come across a traffic light that has Carrefour’s market on the left. Make a left U-turn and go straight up till the end. The restaurant will be on your right and it looks like this.


(The reason why this photo is a night shot is because it was another day)

The clean restaurant with both floor and tables seats for your choice.

Step 1: Choose your choice of dish from the menu

Now, now – before you start worrying about not being able to interpret the menu at first sight, most of the time there will be English literate individuals to help you. But, in any case there isn’t – just read through this and you’ll be save for the day

First, you have to decide if you want to have a spicy or non-spicy dish. Non spicy is RM 19 per t portion, where as spicy is RM 22 per portion. For hot eaters – specially request for REALLY HOT – you’d go home feeling like a volcano teehee.

Second, decide how many portions you want. Normally 1 portion is for each pax but as my family members are usually quite small eaters – we don’t normally order 4 portions for 4. Maybe you’d like to order 3 just incase you can’t finish. Well, for those who are thinking to only add portions after your meal – think again as you will need to have a minimum of 2 paxes for each additional portion order. But if you think you will be able to finish – go for it!

Third, choose your Sa-Ri’s to compliment the basics that are already in the menu (cabbages, sweet potato, rice cakes, chicken), you should decide on what you’d like to add on to your meal. The rice is for the second phase of the meal (to be explained later) so you can either choose to have Ramen or Udong as your accompaniment. Mushroom, Sweet potato and rice cakes can also be added for an extra charge.

Step 2: Enjoy the free refreshments that are provided by all Korean restaurants.

Now you don’t have to worry about having to order drinks!

Step 3: Wait patiently to be served

Step 4: Enjoy having your food cooked right infront of you!

Slowly coming together

Food is ready to be eaten. The waiter/waitress will notify you when it’s done so don’t worry about having to guess when to eat it!

Step 5 : Always remember to accompany the dish with these to enhance the taste of the food!

Step 6 : Choose the biggest lettuce available if you are clumsy to avoid dropping the ingredients after wrapping

If you still feel a little hungry after your meal, dont worry! If I were you, I’d be more afraid to NOT be hungry because I always want to have that last combo of the whole set – fried rice!

For only RM 6 per portion, you get to have some fried rice (that is only to be served AFTER you finish about 80% your initial order). It’s not your typical anchovies fried rice. If you observe closely, it has lettuces, seaweed slices and most importantly – every Korean restaurant’s secret weapon – the special red sauce!

For OCDs, don’t worry about the pan being dirty or the sauce from the previous dish would remain at the pan when they fry your rice! Before every fried rice serving, they gladly clean your pan for you (includes scraping) so that you’d have a fresh scent of the rice!

Step 7:  Order your rice

Personally I’d advice you to just order 1 portion for 2 person because the portion is quite big. But indeed, if you’re quite a big eater – 2 for 2 is adequate!

Done! You can also wrap the rice in lettuce. No worries if you ran out of lettuce. Koreans are very generous so just lift your hands a little and ask for another plate – no charge! See why I love it here?

Here’s a map for your guidance!

And the address


Room Eighteen, Times Square

Every Sunday I would be out with my family (with no fail) hunting for new movies to watch or new restaurants to dine at. One of the many Sundays, we decided to try Room Eighteen that’s located in Times Square because we had totally no idea what to eat! It just appeared infront of our eyes when we were trying to choose a place so Room Eighteen it was.

Walked in without any anticipation, but was brought to a slight surprise because they served good food. Taste was maximized with a natural flow of ingredients, and they stuck to the traditional Chinese menu. Now you see alot of French Fries menu in Chinese restaurants. ANGER!

Badly focused photo but their snack was the type of snack we used to munch on in school. If any of you remember how the fried wanton skin tastes like, yes thats it! It reminded me of my past so I loved it!

Ordered some dimsum although it was way past breakfast. Very little places serve dimsum after 12, we were there about 2-3PM and they still served fresh dimsum! Loves.

Nick had his wantan mee with roasted chicken. The noodle was quite tangy and this picky boy had no problem munching it all up!

I’m quite with siew mai’s because alot of the normal siew mai fillings are very loose and not ‘well compressed’. Even if they are, it’s always unfresh. Their siew mai was very chewable and the taste lingers in your mouth until the last bit. I don’t like the orange eggs (don’t know what you call them) so extra points for them because it was really easy to take off, unlike how they are normally stuck onto it. Plus one.

Contender of the day. Not because it tasted the best but it was most filling! I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Glutinous rice with mushroom and some meat. It was served really really really hot so I really really really appreciated it. Cold food is a big nono!

Look at ZE PAO! Ooozing heat and meat!

This bowl of porridge was the limits to my appetite that day. Maybe I was very hungyr but everything tasted so good! Back to the same point, their porridge was served really hot (not just the surface) and toppings were generously distributed (although cannot be fully seen here)

It was a pleasant experience (although nothing overwhelming) over at Room Eighteen that day but it took us at least 10 minutes for them to bring even a glass of warm water! Not only that, every thing we had to request (tissue, extra fork, extra dishes, bills) it all took really really long! Service was incredibly slow and right before we started eating we were already having thoughts of leaving and not coming back but the food was good so it covers up for it.

If only their service was a whole lot faster, and their location was put at a more strategic place – I’m sure they’ll have quite a steady business to hold on to.

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The Many Little Things

Note : The blog server had a minor error so I wasn’t able to update. Hence, my posts are all pending and scheduled now pfft. There are like 6 waiting posts pfft. To top that off, I’m drafting another two tonight. Sigh!

There’s this restaurant in Ampang called Restoran Korea that I always go too pfft.

Once I was so addicted to it I went thrice a week. There are so many restaurants called Restoran Korea in that area its so stressfull! The only thing that sets this restaurant apart is that they don’t sell the usual set meals with 67 sides dishes.

They. Sell. Chicken.

Korean cuisine is so much more than what most Malaysia think of it to be. I think I shall do a Food Discovery section the next time I pay a visit to Seoul! So anyways this restaurant sells like really good Dalg Galbi (닭갈비) literally translated as Chicken Ribs.

this is what it looks liek when being served.
credits : chaemi

You can’t eat it yet. The waiter would have to cook it infront of you (so that it’s hot and fresh!). The basic ingredients are mostly chicken, fresh cabbages, rice cakes and sweet potatoes. You can order extra toppings such as ramyun noodles, udon, cheese, sweet potatoes etc to go with it. I usually order the basic 2 pax serving with an additional 2 pax ramyun noodles and my whole family of four would go home full and satisfied.

The best part is that it’s cheap. The meal costs only about RM 50.

Dalg Galbi now edible.
credits : chaemi

It looks a little spicy but its not like that at all and there’s this addicting flavor that makes you crave for more after the meal. Well, that is if you already have a thing for Korean cuisine.

So anyways my point is, I frequent the restaurant so often that I soon became friends with the waitress (who is the daughter of the owner) so we went out for karaoke pfft.

Korean karaoke in Ampang costs about RM 35-RM 40 per hour. They charge us by room so it’s more affordable to go with a bunch of friends! I was a little dissapointed with the conditions of the room in KL because karaoke rooms in Seoul that I used to go to looked like this!

credits : Samantha Ee

Such rooms are largely available all around Seoul at the same price of what we pay in KL. Their karaoke rooms are not branded like Red Box Neway etc so they’re pretty much everywhere! Yeap and they give you dolls, tamberines, disco balls and etc in the room. Sometimes, they give you bottomless ice cream too!

As to why I was dissapointed, its because the karaoke room in KL at the same price looks like this.

You see?

For rooms like these, we can easily pay about RM 15 per room for an hour (supposingly) but if there’s nobody the owner would let us stay for hours and hours until we sing our throats dry! There was once we begged the uncle to stop giving us extra time pfft and let us go pfft. Then he said he was lonely and wanted to give life to his store so he let us sing. Aww so sad

This is the remote to the room.

You would have to control everything in the room with this and its functions are ohmygod so incredible! The only thing about Korean karaoke is that you always have to press “Start” before the next song comes in. They have so many songs there’s this really thick book for you to refer to. They don’t have lists on monitors for you to choose from like in Malaysia so you’d have to know waht you’re looking for.

To makes things easier, they have the latest songs arranged by month.


Colours are seperated alphabetically 😀

Here’s my new found friend, Ju Yeon

I took out all the yellow in the picture.
I thought it would be nice to be fair skinned for once pfft
But too fair not good lah, like tofu. The later live up to my nickname Tofu 🙁

Having fun with the tamborine while Dawn continues singing imagining she’s Boa TEEHEE.

That’s Fruit Bingsu, shaved ice draped over with condensed milk topped over by cute fruits.
Anyways the dessert was good. It’s this hidden cafe in a Korean bakery in Ampang. It’s kind of cosy to hang out there too.

Dawn and I were talking the other day and we were saying that I was a little freaked out that I’d be hitting the 20s and she’d be hitting the 30s. But she looks so young right! 😀 She’s not 30 lah, just a few more years 😛

Time passes too quickly! How to grab 🙁