Moon Yee’s Wedding Part 1

It has always been my teenage dream to attend a friend’s wedding. When I was about six or seven, I ran under the laced curtains whily my aunty and grandmother was fixing the curtain pins. I remember how they casually mentioned about how I looked like a bride under a veil and if they would ever see me in a wedding dress. It was about then since I started to wonder, if I would see any of my friends in a wedding dress. Occasionally I would have fantasies of my friends in wedding dresses.

Well, I got in a wedding dress. I did. But it was only for a bridal house shoot, and the thing is – I never ever thought that my partner who did the shoot with me would be the first good friend that I’d ever see in her own wedding dress.

I’ve known Moon Yee for almost 8 years now since she came in my highschool when I was 14. I still vividly remember the first time I laid eyes on this girl – so lanky and tall. Everybody was interested in who the new girl in school was. Little did she and I know that we would be at the same place at such an eventful occasion. Her wedding marathon was one of the proudest experiences that I have been through and I frankly did feel a little emotional about the whole thing. It was a teenage dream to see a friend wed off, for one.

The second was because I could actually feel the emotions that were felt by both Moon Yee and her own family and it was genuine sincerity and happiness. I was so honored to be there watching her get married to this lucky man, Chee Siang. I couldn’t miss any moment of it and wanted to watch the whole process whenever I could. It was an even more memorable event as I was one of her nine bridesmaid for the day and I believe it would remain as a precious memory for a long, long time.

Her wedding marathon was separated into three days- one reception by her family, another by Chee Siang and the final one a joint event where she was sent off by her family. I was only able to attend two as the final one was the reception hosted by her husband. However, both occasions were really delightful to be at and I can’t wait to share all the photos with you.

The night before she had to be sent off – Pei Lu, Apple and I decided to stay over as we had to wake up really early in the morning. We waited till about 2AM before we went to bed because Moon Yee had to do some prayers at 1.30AM (an auspicious hour for her to do her marital prayers).

Waiting for time.

The offering table.

Watched a movie while we waited up and finally it was time! That’s Moon Yee’s mom preparing some other stuff. Wonder how do mothers feel at this point of time?

The offerings

Just see how lanky this girl is.

Moon and her family.

Feets that want to stay together for a long long time.

Silly girl had a strong craving for food in the middle of the night before her wedding. Did you know that if you eat ramen right before you sleep your face would puff up? Couldn’t stop this girl though, she was almost demanding for food about 5 hours prior to her wedding pfft.

Here’s were Pei Lu and I slept! That’s Apple by the way.

Sleeping right beside her long long dress.

Don’t know if these roses were for her wedding but it was on her table to I took a photo of it.

The next morning, we woke up at 6.30AM. I am usually a really heavy sleeper but me being my excited self, I jumped awake when the alarm rang. Wormed abit for 5 minutes and headed straight for the shower because there were still so many preparations to do!

So this was how I looked like at 6.45AM on a Sunday morning. Macam pergi dinner pfft.

I couldn’t believe my ears that morning. Moon still didn’t know what shoes should she wear! She even asked the photographer for an opinion. Can you believe it! On her big day! Oh Em Gee.

Make up artist was there the moment we woke up. They hired a video production team to shoot a video of her whole process so she had to muiltitask in between doing her real preparation and also occasionally repeating her actions for a nicer shot.

Us bridesmaids gathered by 7 and left Moon Yee to prepare in her room while we prepared the props for the games!

For those who don’t really understand the Chinese wedding traditions, the groom will normally be stopped by the bridesmaids at the entrance of the bride’s door. They would then have to go through a process of games (usually torturous) as a representation of how the couple will go through obstacles together and the bridesmaid will then ask for a red packet.

Serious price negotiation comes in here! Both sides would normally have to come to an agreeable amount before they let the groom and his buddies rush through the main entrance of the bride’s house.

The girls wrote a pledge for Chee Siang to read. I can’t read the piece but it went in the lines of how he promises to take care of her, guarantees her happiness and will stand up for her at any moment.

All the headgears. There were a few games so we wanted to make the group of buddies choose their headgear and that would be the deciding factor to the games that they each had to play.

9 pieces of bread spreaded with chilli sauce. They all had to bite these pieces into I LOVE MOON and eat the remainings that are bitten off.

Writing stuff on some pampers for them to wear

Pei Lu jotting on the “directory card” on the games we had to play.

Wanted to ask Chee Siang some questions for Stage 2 (after the buddies get through the main door) where he had answer infront of her door, so we went up to where Moon Yee was to ask her for some answers to things we were curious about!

Came back down to see Cynthia who was about an hour late because the poor thing had a really bad upset tummy and this is her eating her medicine.

After all the preparations, we went back up to see the bride and boy, she sure did look really beautiful in that dress πŸ™‚

There were SO many photographers there. All making her do certain poses again and again because her family and her wanted the PERFECT shot for each moment.

My type of perfect shot.

A quickie family photo with her extensive family before the groom and his buddies came.

It was almost time for them to come. Here’s Cynthia, Apple and I.

The groom and his buddies came horning really loudly at 10.00AM sharp.

Us bridemaids were so excited with the games we were so giddy from 15 minutes before their arrival

Chee Siang showing us his bouquet before he came out of the car!

One of the Chinese traditions of weddings : A boy younger than the groom has to open the car door for him to walk down.

And the gates open! Look at how many buddies he brought with him! There were 19 of them and we only had 9! Such an unfair ratio for an entrance battle!

The groom and his buddies rush through the entrance. Both sides were in negotiating terms for our angpaus! The groom Chee Siang exclaimed “Well, the amount depends on how (bad) you treat my buddies!”.

Now now, the games have been prepared. All you have to do is finish them.

Our first game, a few of the guys had to wear these pampers that had individual letters on them. Later they had to stand in place to spell “I LOVE MOON”

They were quite sporting about it. Some even helped each other wear the pampers!

The boys were then asked to do a little wiggle after forming the words. The process of them finding the letters was so hilarious we took so much time!

Then it was time for some dessert. We wrapped one of Chee Siang’s buddies and applied chocolate on his body for the others to lick.

Some were really reluctant, but some were so gung ho about it!

Later to clean everything off, we made them drink celery and bittergourd juices in milk bottles! This is a photo of them giving each other a loud CHEERS!

Gulping down really quickly!

Such sports πŸ™‚

Halfway through the games, the facilitator of the wedding (usually an old lady hired by the groom’s family) told us to hurry up and stop with the games already because apparently the incense was going to finish up and it would be inauspicious to have the bride down after it finishes burning. We were already aware that facilitators will always try to lessen the tortures that the groom and his buddies would have to go through so we insisted that they continued with the games. Unfortunately, we could see how fast the incense was going down and Moon Yee’s mom directly came to told us to finish up as soon as possible so we had to cut down two extra games πŸ™

This was our final game. We stuck the balloons in the bra with milk and the guys had to suck it out of each other.These would have been impossible if we were without Pei Lu, the “Creative Director” of these games.

A final sip before the guys rushed in the door without having to come with a price that us bridesmaid have complied and agreed with! πŸ™

After answering all the questions and serenading Moon Yee by the door, we let him in and the couple reunited πŸ™‚

Look at his duhhhh face. So funny teehee.

Funny moment : They were trying to force the ring into his fingers and it couldn’t go in. I was in cold sweat before Chee Siang suddenly exclaimed “Eh, wrong hand lah!” Big lol moment.

First photo of the couple. Blurry but postworthy.

They were told by the photographers to just enjoy some time with each other so that they could take some photos. And boy, were they good at enjoying some time with each other. It was as if the rest of the people in the house was invisible.

Part of the tea serving ceremony where the newlyweds serve their elder generations tea and they will be given a blessing in return in terms of red packets and maybe some gifts. This is the tea ceremony with Moon Yee’s parents.

Instead of just receiving, Moon Yee had something special for her parents. A card filled with so much words that made both her parents tear up. A few seconds later Moon teared along too. It was such an emotional moment πŸ™‚

The house was awkwardly quiet for a moment before they family embraced in a foursome hug.

Moon Yee’s last photo with her family as a Wong.

Heading to Chee Siang’s house with the bride. They hired a few police escorts so the trip back to his house was a breeze.

Moon Yee with her new family.

Finally some rest after hours of standing!

Kenapalah tak tengok kamera aku!

Lately I feel feets can describe so much.

Part of the Chinese tradition : Chee Siang had to be the one to take off Moon Yee’s veil, like how any other groom has to do for the bride.

The groom would then need to hang the veil up at the highest place in his room to signify the soaring of the relationship.

Pair of new room slippers for the newlyweds

In return, the bride has to take off the groom’s coat. Something that is supposed to be only once in a lifetime πŸ™‚

Unbuttoning his vest. There is a representation to the process but I have no idea what it really meant.

The facilitator then told the groom to take off the bride’s heels. Being a youthful couple, they sure had a great time. Moon was taking the chance to enjoy the moment and Chee Siang wanted her to take his shoes for him too for a revenge!

Unfortunately, the traditions for this don’t go both ways so the facilitator quickly stopped them!

The newlyweds then changed into their traditional Chinese costumes for prayers and tea ceremony in Chee Siang’s house.


Had to leave in the middle of her tea ceremony with the groom’s family but here’s a final photo of the wedding car πŸ™‚ So odd to see the groom driving himself but since it was a two seater…oh well.

So that’s all the photos I took for the morning ceremony. Would update with part 2 soon I hope πŸ™‚ Overall I couldn’t take many photos because I was so absorbed in so many different occasions. Just wanted to capture every moment with my eyes. Hope you guys enjoyed my experience that I truly treasure!

Price of Commfest

I know this will sound crazy but the bruise kind of reminded me that I’m human lol. This is not one of the “Wuwu T_T this is sooo pain” kind of posts. I just feel like I have acheived something through a bruise pfft. Weird?

Don’t know how I got it though. Lucky (or maybe not) for Adele, because I actually just left the bruise to heal naturally but then she realized it wasn’t fading so she encouraged that i rub it vigorously to spread the wound because apparently worms will grow out of it if i don’t.

Fair enough, only 10 minutes after i rubbed it it started to show signs of healing. Turned red, spreaded wider and then poof it was gone! It didn’t happen all in 10 minutes of course. Took me about 2 weeks to get this thing off my arm.

Tralala. Exam week and internship after that! Will fill you in soon!

COMMFEST 2010 Part 1

Hello, COMMFEST is finally over.

For those who still have no idea, my classmates and I, namely the LIFE team, (Semester 4) have been organising an event together with Propassion (Semester 6) and it’s called COMMFEST – a Communications student project. Every year, each respective semester is supposed to organise and event but this year round – the Dean of Communications division has suggested that both semesters join forces and make one whole event as a team together.

So for COMMFEST 2010, us L.I.F.E has been working on the Media Carnival (FEElosophy Dance competition + Bazaar) whereas our seniors organised all the games that were happening on that day. So for those of you who had fun with the Fear Factor, Amazing race, zorbing and all that – you have to credit the Propassion team for making it such an eventful day for you. On the other hand, as part of LIFE – I would hope that all of you had a great time at the bazaar and also witnessing the band events and dance competitions.

As Ivy and I were in the Events Management department, we basically had to overlook the whole schedule of the event together with our Project Manager – Amanda Quah, along with the assistance of our Assistant Project Manager, Cheryl Lee – so everything was so hectic almost none of us really got to witness the event as a whole. Only got to catch glimpses of it and even when we actually had time to look at what’s happening on stage, everything was totally blank because we had to do so much of rescheduling in our heads as the event schedule happened to push upwards.

I don’t know how many parts of this COMMFEST post-event posts I will be putting up so let’s just number it for now. It has been a long journey. I couldn’t even take photos with my own camera so I would have to steal them all from Syakirah (our official photographer) on Facebook.

Everything I will blog about is only going to cover what us, as LIFE, has accomplished for the past 3 months. I’m sure Propassion has gone through a whole tornado themselves trying to organize all the games for COMMFEST but here’s what L.I.F.E has done as a team for the past 3 months.

Through COMMFEST, we have bonded and tied into something that has truly defined a ‘team’. So much less awkward with each other, so much more comfortable with the presence of just anyone. Through COMMFest, we understood and held hands throughout all the hardship to become who we are today – with full conscience of what was silly and wrong to what was great and right. Thank you for all who has put this event together – nobody is on top of anyone – everything would have gone very wrong if ANY single person was missing from the event.


FEELosophy Auditons (17th & 24th September 2010)

We were all anxious on that day as it was the kickstart of anything practical that we could get our hands on that marked the beginning of COMMFEST preparations.

Paperworks were a headache as we had so many copies of them. Final drafts of all final draft copies to final print copy of all final print copies.

That’s Jo Vee with Nicholas.

Jo Vee was such a great help as he was the Head of the Sponsorship Department and also our printing sources for COMMFEST as his family was the official printing resouce for the publicity materials of COMMFEST. Nicholas must also be given a pat on the back as I know he was also involved in alot of the food hunting for our bazaar.

Here is Silkina from Indonesia.

She is our Head of Media Relations and has been attending to all the medias that were present on the day of our event. We had so many surprise visits from the media during COMMFEST it was amazing!

Hee was our Audio Manager during the auditions and is also one of the official Videographers of COMMFEST.

Kent was also one of our official photographers for COMMFEST but here he is busy putting up the posters for the Auditions of FEELosophy Dance Competition.

Skinny Bubu climbing up and down.

She was our registrar for the auditions and also the head of our own LIFE booth during COMMFEST. For those of you who enjoyed the cotton candy, bubbles and polaroid during COMMFEST – yippies for Bowie! Thank you for hand making all the signages for COMMFEST.

Jo Vee, Ivy and I were the judges for the FEElosophy Auditions.

That’s me, most probaly requesting for something. We can see Francisca, our timekeeper for the auditions, peeping over the results while we were evaluating.

Jefferey was our faithful Head of Logistics for the event but for the auditions he was our special cameraman and video editor for the teaser of FEELosophy.

Abigial Ngai, our usherer for both auditions and COMMFEST.

Two students who were interested to walk in but they couldn’t due to an exam.

That’s Living 7, registering for the auditions. Their audition performance was quite hilarious I bursted out in laughter.

More people registering!

Melissa Tan, one of the walk in’s for the auditions.

Leslie Jok Ngau, the champion of FEELosophy – who took home RM 1000 along with other goodies!

Mohsen, one of our participants, who entertained us with a fresh genre of dance.

Furious 5 practicing for the auditions!

Look at Keong, in the middle with the shades. So funny! (Yes, that’s Living 7 pfft)

One of the most outstanding participant, in my opinion, was Nikki. Frankly, the committee was disappointed because she didn’t make it to the Top 3. πŸ™

This is M.O.S, listening attentively to the important details of the audition.

Furious 5 looking fewwrious!

‘S’, one of the boys’ favorites – they made it to the Top 10!

Big Head Crew, also one of our finalists.

Nicholas, Peggy, Sin Ye, Hui Wei and Mei Lee. They were soo helpful as they made ALL the boxes for the coupons and also were responsible for most of the vendors that were there in the bazaar on that day! Thanks for all your hardwork!

Reviewing the audtion clips after the auditions as most of them were so curious!

All the Oooohs and Aaaaahs.

The concierge and coupon sellers.

Security and usherers : Augustino, Abigail, Eric, Kent and Edward

The judges

Adele, Francisca, Peggy, Sin Ye and Mei Lee

All of us L.I.F.E that were present during the auditions.

Uni Happenings

Have been so busy preparing for COMMFEST, my uni project. It’s basically a festival withΒ  two sections – an athleticΒ  event alongside with a carnival! My semester is in charge of the carnival – that again divides into a bazaar and a dance competition – so it’s been really mind boggling. It’s a charity event so anybody who wishes to help fund for the deserving house can always contact me for more details. As for now, we are selling coupon booklets worth of RM 10 each (that will entitle you to food,drinks, make up and manicure service at the carnival) and all proceeds goes to charity!

Will talk more about it soon – but for now lets just prepare ourselves for some of the photos that I took from our preparations for the event and also some snapshot from the internal roadshow!

It’s been so hectic, from data organizing to making numerous calls to booking locations and everything else. This time our client’s School Of Commnications so most probably it’s a thumbs up, we need not fear that they’d pull out last minute and spoil everything!

We manually made our coupons and we had to make 2500 booklets so imagine the number of coupon pieces we had to stamp! Each had RM 1×3 , Rm 2, and Rm 5 value coupons.

Thats Abigail and Cheryl at the Student Counselling area. We had to use the official stamp so we couldn’t do bring the stamp anywhere else.

That’s me er, spreading the coupons pfft.

Just a super small portion of the whole lot. This was leftovers from the rest of the coupons that my other collegemates were working on until 8PM the night before!

LIFE is the name of our team – Living in Free Expression.

Another day, we were trying to make MORE coupons. Look at how everything is so manual! Thats Eva in a cap, Adele grinning like a toad, Eric, Silkina, Ikhwan and Cheryl standing far behind.

We totally terrorised Level 4 of the library. The counter had to make a public announcement to ask us to lower down our voice teehee

Even though things were hectic, it certainly gave some bonding moments!

On the day of our 3rd internal roadshows (that happen every Tues and Friday at the Student Central of Taylors Lakeside). We had to put on fancy headgears as to follow the carnival theme. White balance very off here.

Purposely over exposed. Ivy, Abigail and my KTM partner in crime – Silkina.

This time with Francisca.

Eva,Ikhwan, Eric, Kim Chun and Jeffrey listening to a briefing before our first roadshow.

1st roadshow : Yes mam, we are going to sell lots! We sold nearly 300 books of coupons on that day!

First roadshow : (Left to right according to head position pfft) Adele, Dior, Sin Ye, Abigail, Natalie, Angie, Francisca, Ivy, Silky, Peggy, Mei Lee.

Second Roadshow : We changed strategies for our second roadshow so we had some manicure service by the pro Ivy herself.

Second Roadshow : (L-R) Nicholas, Abigail, Adele, Vivien, PEggy, Eric, Dior, Jeffrey, Silky, Leela, Ikhwan, Angie, Sin Ye, Mei Lee, Eva.

Us girls a little before wrapping up our promotions!

Had some glitter tattoo service too – this was Vivien’s. Apparently it lasts for about 2 weeks if you don’t intentionally scrub it off during your shower

Fran needs to go for a Dove advertisement right now. NAO! And er, that’s Abigail showing us how to look like a monkey with its first earpiece.

THat’s Ivy diligently working on er, something.

Moisture Yourself With Vaseline

What: Vaseline’s “Celebration of Amazing Skin” Poolside Party
Where: Luna Bar [at] PanGlobal Lvl 33
When: Saturday, 2nd October 2010
With : Ginny Yap & Jamie Liew
Dress Code: Green, Yellow, Pink or White

Hello everyone!

Photo credits to Gareth.

Attended Vaseline’s party last Saturday organised by Vaseline and Nuffnang and was waiting for the photos to be posted before I publish a post. It’s been about 3 days so I assume that most of the other photos of me have been collected.

We were supposed to go in a selection of 4 colours and the theme was elegance. Well, I can’t really see myself near any sort of elegance, be it low quality elegance – and was totally out of my mind when I saw the theme because I knew right away that I’d have nothing appropriate to wear!

Then I remembered that I have a few dresses that I have put away after wearing it only once during the proms that I’ve been to. I dread getting new dresses because I almost never get to wear them except for the event itself! So I opened the cupboard and immediately took out the ones that matched the colour theme – both were pink. I sensed that majority of the girls will be in pink but since that was the only piece of dress I had, I decided to go with it.

So this was almost exactly how I looked like – but 40% less prettier.

A glimpse of what the place is like, for those who haven’t been here.

Jojo emceed the event with a smooth crescendo according to the timeline.

Mingled around before I bumped into Jie Jun. I still cannot over how successful her diet plan is! Meeting Jie Jun was a funny experience because she actually spotted how I PSed our photo back in another meeting previously and told me the ‘tricks’ of PS. Now if I actually PS her sammoh she would be as thin as a thread!

Bad photo – but it’s the only fine photo I have of the people queueing for the food. It was so long we had to form a U. Bloggers are hungry people!

The Nuffies

While waiting for the food, I had to take a photo of the bar that had Vaseline batches ’embedded’ into their walls. What’s amazing was there was another event lined up right after our event at the same venue so I wonder how’d they get things cleared off so quickly! Magic!

Had no place to sit but this Ginny located a secret hidden spot that “sunked out” of the visible sitting area. Gorgeous night view!

My selection of the day. I forgot what I ate although I’m looking at it. The only thing I remember from the night were broccolies. Weird!

Edited the colours a little because the lighting was a little horrible. Quite dark as it was in the late evening.

Partner in crime #1. Partner in crime #2 cannot make it due to work constraints.

Robbbbbbbb laiks fairness. Natalie likes fairness too. So I cut out all the yellow elements in the photo pfft.

This thing was literally right behind my back. Was leaning against this glass and when I turned back, WOAH.

Ni hao. We are the Gu Niangs.

Now you see how dark it actually was. This is with flash so no colour editing needed lol. The previous photos aren’t very heavily colour edited – just colour filtered. It was bright because my S90 can work magic

You cannot even tell how secluded this “sunked out” area is pfft.

Yuna performing about 3-4 songs. Photo credits to Gareth

A group of bloggers who were cramming to to fit into a photo. Cute moments!

I could say Yuna was one of the reasons Ginny and I really wanted to attend the event for. Amazing jazzy voice.

Jamie and I. We have a new recipe to sexiness. Now, say UUUUUUUUdon. Pfft.

Michelle always got this UUdoonn feel pfft.

Ginny was called up on stage for being a nominate for Most Vibrant Skin. Winner walks away with a free Coach bag. Right before the event, we were joking about the odds of winning it and how Ginny can finally have a new bag after the 100 years of holding her same old bag for all type of events pfft.

Then it was time to vote! All for Ginny Yap! Her boyf went hysterical when she was called up on stage. Fanboy boo!

Yuna and I – she’s so down to earth. Lovelies.

Ini gambar who take wan! *squints eyes at Nuffies* My eyes 80% buka only but Pinky look preteh here.

Middle of the event, Jamie and I volunteered to play a game. Actually another pair went there first but somehow I don’t know what happened Jojo was asking us to go up. Sorry theotherpair if you happen to come by! I had to guess which was Jamie’s hands in between like 5 pairs of hands – 4 others which were the Nuffies wahaha. Semua kena hamsap by other volunteer bloggers already.

And we got it! Jamie’s hand is super extra moisturized so I think it’s quite easy to tell! We both walked home with a pair of GSC Gold Class tickets each.

Jamie, Michelle & Ginny while we were almost leaving.

Ginny walked away with the a free Coach bag for being the attendee with ‘Most Vibrant Skin’.

Vaseline was really generous with their giveaways. Walked home with 8 different bottles of Vaslines (4 in one goodie bag).

I’ll rate it lima bintang – just because we ALL walked home with something goood.
But oh well, all Nuffnang events have been generous from the start. Nobody really walks home with nothing – you’ll at least go home with a new friend to keep in your Facebook lol.

Obsession with obsessions. Photo credits to Gareth.

3 In A Row

Where: Sri Garden Kuala Lumpur
When: 24th July 2010
With: Ginny Yap

Last Saturday I was at Sri Garden’s International Food Fiesta with Ginny. I went to use up the coupons Nick was forced to buy and also to pay the old school a visit. It was really stuffy so I totally forgot to take photos of the place. I could see that alot of effort was paid into building the event. By the time I was there, alot of food were already sold out. I only hoped that there were more cold freshen up’s because alot of things on sale were boiling hot stuff. Bad weather + Hot Food = Bad combination.

Stole this from Mandy’s blog. The above is Mandy, of course.

(Just incase any of you thought how come Ginny got taller than me suddenly teehee)

Where: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
When: 24th July 2010
With: Jamie Liew

Right after the IFF, I headed to KLCC for Nanta with Jamie! She won a pair of tickets to the show all thanks to Red.FM so she asked me along because it was a Korean production of cooking presentations. Sort of a play, but also like a musical. If you’ve been to STOMP, you’ll approximately know what it’s like. The first 15 minutes was just alright, as I realised they totally didn’t bother to read their lines (due to the KL audience I suppose) and literally mumbled past what they were supposed to say.

At some parts they would forget and still continue with the original dialogues. It was so much funnier when they started saying the dialogues in their own language. Throughout the play they were struggling with words to accomodate to the audience like 6 o’clock, which turned out to be XISH O CROCK! Jamie turned to me and was like “Huh? O_O” But dumb dumb girl was so quick to catch this mini part when this cook did the Abracadabra dance. She was getting ready to shout the name of her beloved if they ever bring her on stage /faints.

The Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra dance.

Jamie is not for the faint hearted because after the show, we went queuing to take photos with the cast outside the hall. The staff trembled so the photo turned out blur. Alot of people were jamming at the small space to take photos of them but Jamie insisted on queueing again to take pfft! I very kicimiao so I was abit reluctant but she went straight up to the end of the line only to find that the queue was closed pfft. I was very relieved at first because I knew the casts recognised us because they said alot of things when it was our turn the first time pfft. At first I thought “Okay phew its closed teeheee” cause I was so shy to take photos with strangers U_U then Jamie asked the guy to let us in “Last one la can? πŸ™ ” Then he let us in PFFFFT

When we were infront of them they were like “OHH! YOUU! AGEN!! PIAO LIANG!” (flips hair)


The rest taking photos with the cast. All of them were so talented – chopping, dancing, acrobatics, speech. Our photos are with Jamie so I tarak. T_T

On another note,

Anyways, there’s only one week left before my classes commence – after a 11 week (almost 3 months!) holiday! Have been spending most of my holidays with either new movies, books or more music. Feeels good to be lifeless but I can’t wait to put myself to use again! The train trips, long breaks etc. Everybody’s complainining about their long breaks but long breaks with my college mates are fun. Sometimes 5 hours feels too short! Just sometimes

So anyways, for anybody else who is on a holiday and is on the hunt for something to do

Muchyz is bringing you a competition with Muzic Wafer! All you have to do is record a video of yourself mimicing the Muzic Wafer jingle by whatsoever method (singing, tapping, whistling, beatboxing etc). Make your tune as creative as possible and stand in chance to win an Ipad for yourself.

IPAD leh. Why am I not born talented or creative T_____T God don’t bagi uncreative people to own Ipad ini.

For those interested,

1) Download the Muzic Wafer Jingle

2) Shoot a video of your production, featuring a real live pack of Muzic Wafer. (Keep it brief – 30 seconds!)

3) Wait for your notification!

20 videos will be shortlisted and all will be given a Muchy’s hamper worth RM 150 each πŸ˜‰ That’s not all, for all information – check out before you miss any mini details!

Oh, don’t be too late. Submission period ends 5th August 2010!

Potato Enough?

[Note :This is a scheduled post. (The reason why I keep mentioning this is because I just found out about this amazing fuction!) By the time this goes up I’m most probably having fun in Cameron Highlands eating barbeque or witnessing my cousin kissing everyone after a drink or two. Post also contains alot of face business pfft.)


What : Mr.Potato Fiesta 2009

Where : Mist Club, Bangsar
When: December 19 2009

After all the updates on jobs, it pretty seems like I’ve been “working hard” lately. The inverted commas only because they were all pretty fun jobs. For that I decided to become un-Natalie for one day and bought myself a toy – the Nintendo DS. It was a hard decision because I wanted to like save it up (yaya whats new) but like I realise all I have been doing with my money is save,save,save.

Scared later got emergency need to use mah. Less one cent also cannot operation one wei. (choi touchwood ) So this time I decided to just use part of the pay since the jobs weren’t horrible to withstand (in fact the total opposite). I have since then been spending most of my time with it playing only ONE GAME (not Cooking Mama 3 oh lord!). I shall talk about the game some other time in another post.

Eh eh why run away from topic already back to the Potato Fiesta.

Our attires were intiially really plain so we decided to funky up and give ourselves a quirky facelift (guess what?)

Jeng Jeng Jeng!

taukei face with Mr.Potato’s trademark moustache
the hat came in pretty useful for the night. I stuffed in like 2 pieces of A4 sized paper (schedule) into it.

Xindii if you’re reading this, the car plate of your cab was inside too. But I got so careless and left it in the store room after everything ended πŸ™ I stuffed like a packet of Maggi Assam Laksa in there wuwuwu.

Sifu Ginny on works with Vivien
At first we were so excited about drawing on each other’s faces but later we all got scared (or was it just me pfft) so Ginny got around drawing for everyone.

They were all hesitant about being drawn on first so Natalie Chai Chao Teng was picked as first guinea pig πŸ™

After moustached : Self timing ourselves despite the rush

The interior with eye burning neon lights
This picture was taken at a damn random note I was only trying to like take a picture of the red line but they jumped in like instantly so I was like “EH?…………..Oh okay!

Entrance for invited guests to register themselves

Vivien and Jess testing if the boards are beauty-proof.
Jess looks so manly its so funny πŸ˜› I have pictures of her horrible tattoo experience (for me!) I must ask if she allows me to post it here because it is 18SX rated pfft.

Guests started flowing in.
All guests were given a moustache as a door gift πŸ™

Mr Potato was hanging around with us welcoming the guests.
It was pretty funny to be seeing the mascot walking around pfft. And its not like its a fake face or anything.

On stage : Liang the emcee with really sporty guests came dressed as Mr.Potato.
(The best dressed won RM 5000 the same night.)

Waiting for schedule line ups

Back in the waiting room before the award ceremony

Oh Hai Dis Is Mistah Yap Sheen Lang.
Oh Soli mistaken pfft

Mr Potato β™₯

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Nuffnang StandOut Party 2009

Hello there.

(if you have pictures please do leave a comment and drop your link! :D)


Just back home from the occasion the Nuffnang StandOut Party sponsored by Tiger Beer with an unsatisfying amount of pictures. Actually I was almost too draggy to go around taking pictures and since I was working for the night, didn’t really feel right to walk around having my own sweet time taking pictures of corners pfft.

Ginny and I with self -claimed kuli Aaron on the left.

Met Ginny and Aaron at at Sungei Wang and later picked Emily up at her house. We arrived at the venue two hours earlier than scheduled because we were a little confused about the time but its okay. Grabbed a little bite from one of the restaurants nearby and were off on duty!

Nat, Emz, Gin
Waiting to kill time before running off to eat pfft.

The empty place before event kicked off

HQNine, venue for the night

That’s Osama bin Nuffie with his laser gun!

Ginny posing in fear pfft.

That’s Ling in the middle of briefing by Robb

The party was actually really good in my opinion though. The prizes consisted of Armani Exchange belts, Coach handbags, Nintendo DS’, XBox, HP Printers, Gold Class movie tickets, Topshop vouchers, bananas, toilet rolls, pacifiers, bolsters and loads of other vouchers. Aren’t you amazed at the scale of the budget! If this is what their prizes are, I definitely want to go as a blogger the next time they have an occasion! Teehee.

Thats us with Simon who was er, Superman? Lol

I haven’t been to any of Nuffnang’s party though, due to unknown reasons. I have seen pictures and they really do comprehend with the testimonials – they are good. I don’t party much (almost not at all) so I’m not sure if its right to say but just by looking at the frequent turnouts by bloggers must mean something, no?

The registration counter

Photographers snapping their way away.
The place at one moment felt like an island with unstoppable lightning pfft

One turndown was that I was expecting everybody to be in a rather outstanding outfit but quite a large grab of people came casually dressed. Better luck next time? But you got to give credits to the ones who came well prepared and boy, were they so prepared!

When the winner of the Best Dressed female of the night walked into the registration counter, we almost knew that she was going to take away the award! More like we thought she HAD to but more and more astonishingly dressed people came so we were pretty unsure!

Do you find your prints here?
I traced most of the hands here.
After drawing I told all of them to go wash their hands pfft.

Feeling for some chacha?

Best Dressed – PinkPorkChop

Another interesting event was when the Nuffies were auctioned off for Nuffnang Dollars. Guests were supposed to bid for us and try to win the mystery prize that we were being auctioned for. My bidders (Huai Bin and two girls) won me for 600 Nuffie Dollars for a pair of Gold Class movie voucher. Hope they liked it!

Ling and I, on standby for auction.
Ling auctioned off a Nintendo DS. There were like 745 sets of Nintendo DS’.

Su Ann who keeps leaving her clutch behind her wherever she goes pfft.
Lucky its in red I always notice red stuff pfft.

Thats both emcees for the night, Jojo Struys and WheeSung lookalike demonstrating the pantyhose game.

Thats KennySia as Susan Boyle(!) with his opponent for the pantyhose tug-of-war.

While grabbing our snack before the event, Ling was like “Damn all of you are so thin!”
Is this what they called symptoms of going aneroxic pfft.

Vivien who makes me look like bergigantic pfft.
My head like maneater can makan her head pfft

This guest came as Edward Scizzorhands and won Best Dressed for the male category!

Nominees for Best Dressed – do you think the winners deserved it?
There was one cleopatra who was nominated who looked pretty fine but she’s quartered in the picture pfft. I was struggling in between swarms of digicams and DSLR’s before I could take this.
Dedicated blogger rings!

Last but not least, it was Timothy – co founder of Nuffnang’s 25th birthday.

The notes were all written by us and we stuck it all on him at the end of the event!


And a glimpse of this birthday cake pfft.

If you went to the event and will be updating about the event, drop me a link so I can see read your updates as well!
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