Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2012


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everybody!

More commonly known as Lantern Festival amongst us in Malaysia, it is actually one of the most celebrated Chinese festivals around the year. There is a love story behind the festival – that surrounds an immortal Houyi and his beautiful wife Chang E. There’s alot of background story to it, but the main idea is that both of them are separated from each other because Chang E swallowed a pill that made her float (?) all the way to the moon where she lived with her pet rabbit. So every year during the Lantern Festival, the moon is round and beautiful because that’s the only time in the whole year when they are granted to meet each other.

Went back to paternal Gram’s house for our yearly lantern exhibition pfft. We are now the only house in the whole street that celebrates the festival – after 22 years. Every single year we come back with no fail to  light up these beautiful lanterns. When we were younger we used to make walks on the streets, but as years passed and security became so much more frightening – we decided to just play in closed doors.

Here are some photos for the night. Terribly pixelated and noisy because I don’t know how to do the manual set up for such lightings. If only I had ONE year of perfect photos! Anyways, you will realise that we use the old lanterns instead of the plastic ones. These are much, much, much more beautiful when lit!

Grams setting the table and offering her prayers. They say you shouldn’t point to the moon during the Lantern Festival because your ears will tear! Teehee.

Us setting up the lanterns after lighting up the gates with tealights. Some beer to kick in the mood.

Put some up but Yu Mei the cousin kept insisting that more went up!

With long-time no see Emily. You long time no see, not me. Teehee. Check our her T that says “UNDEFEATED!”

GaGa Suek Mei being her self.

We made sure every corner was brightly lit up! So pretty right?

Ahh, almost done. I was actually too lazy to put them tealights into the lanterns (Yes we use tealights not the traditional candles because they burn out too easily and people sitting under may get hurt!) because the wax from last year was still intact. So difficult to set it in.

Proof of us just chilling and not doing anything haha.

Well, I didn’t do much work – but I still need a shot!

 Short update – but hope everybody is happier through each traditional Chinese festival!


Moon Yee’s Wedding Part 1

It has always been my teenage dream to attend a friend’s wedding. When I was about six or seven, I ran under the laced curtains whily my aunty and grandmother was fixing the curtain pins. I remember how they casually mentioned about how I looked like a bride under a veil and if they would ever see me in a wedding dress. It was about then since I started to wonder, if I would see any of my friends in a wedding dress. Occasionally I would have fantasies of my friends in wedding dresses.

Well, I got in a wedding dress. I did. But it was only for a bridal house shoot, and the thing is – I never ever thought that my partner who did the shoot with me would be the first good friend that I’d ever see in her own wedding dress.

I’ve known Moon Yee for almost 8 years now since she came in my highschool when I was 14. I still vividly remember the first time I laid eyes on this girl – so lanky and tall. Everybody was interested in who the new girl in school was. Little did she and I know that we would be at the same place at such an eventful occasion. Her wedding marathon was one of the proudest experiences that I have been through and I frankly did feel a little emotional about the whole thing. It was a teenage dream to see a friend wed off, for one.

The second was because I could actually feel the emotions that were felt by both Moon Yee and her own family and it was genuine sincerity and happiness. I was so honored to be there watching her get married to this lucky man, Chee Siang. I couldn’t miss any moment of it and wanted to watch the whole process whenever I could. It was an even more memorable event as I was one of her nine bridesmaid for the day and I believe it would remain as a precious memory for a long, long time.

Her wedding marathon was separated into three days- one reception by her family, another by Chee Siang and the final one a joint event where she was sent off by her family. I was only able to attend two as the final one was the reception hosted by her husband. However, both occasions were really delightful to be at and I can’t wait to share all the photos with you.

The night before she had to be sent off – Pei Lu, Apple and I decided to stay over as we had to wake up really early in the morning. We waited till about 2AM before we went to bed because Moon Yee had to do some prayers at 1.30AM (an auspicious hour for her to do her marital prayers).

Waiting for time.

The offering table.

Watched a movie while we waited up and finally it was time! That’s Moon Yee’s mom preparing some other stuff. Wonder how do mothers feel at this point of time?

The offerings

Just see how lanky this girl is.

Moon and her family.

Feets that want to stay together for a long long time.

Silly girl had a strong craving for food in the middle of the night before her wedding. Did you know that if you eat ramen right before you sleep your face would puff up? Couldn’t stop this girl though, she was almost demanding for food about 5 hours prior to her wedding pfft.

Here’s were Pei Lu and I slept! That’s Apple by the way.

Sleeping right beside her long long dress.

Don’t know if these roses were for her wedding but it was on her table to I took a photo of it.

The next morning, we woke up at 6.30AM. I am usually a really heavy sleeper but me being my excited self, I jumped awake when the alarm rang. Wormed abit for 5 minutes and headed straight for the shower because there were still so many preparations to do!

So this was how I looked like at 6.45AM on a Sunday morning. Macam pergi dinner pfft.

I couldn’t believe my ears that morning. Moon still didn’t know what shoes should she wear! She even asked the photographer for an opinion. Can you believe it! On her big day! Oh Em Gee.

Make up artist was there the moment we woke up. They hired a video production team to shoot a video of her whole process so she had to muiltitask in between doing her real preparation and also occasionally repeating her actions for a nicer shot.

Us bridesmaids gathered by 7 and left Moon Yee to prepare in her room while we prepared the props for the games!

For those who don’t really understand the Chinese wedding traditions, the groom will normally be stopped by the bridesmaids at the entrance of the bride’s door. They would then have to go through a process of games (usually torturous) as a representation of how the couple will go through obstacles together and the bridesmaid will then ask for a red packet.

Serious price negotiation comes in here! Both sides would normally have to come to an agreeable amount before they let the groom and his buddies rush through the main entrance of the bride’s house.

The girls wrote a pledge for Chee Siang to read. I can’t read the piece but it went in the lines of how he promises to take care of her, guarantees her happiness and will stand up for her at any moment.

All the headgears. There were a few games so we wanted to make the group of buddies choose their headgear and that would be the deciding factor to the games that they each had to play.

9 pieces of bread spreaded with chilli sauce. They all had to bite these pieces into I LOVE MOON and eat the remainings that are bitten off.

Writing stuff on some pampers for them to wear

Pei Lu jotting on the “directory card” on the games we had to play.

Wanted to ask Chee Siang some questions for Stage 2 (after the buddies get through the main door) where he had answer infront of her door, so we went up to where Moon Yee was to ask her for some answers to things we were curious about!

Came back down to see Cynthia who was about an hour late because the poor thing had a really bad upset tummy and this is her eating her medicine.

After all the preparations, we went back up to see the bride and boy, she sure did look really beautiful in that dress 🙂

There were SO many photographers there. All making her do certain poses again and again because her family and her wanted the PERFECT shot for each moment.

My type of perfect shot.

A quickie family photo with her extensive family before the groom and his buddies came.

It was almost time for them to come. Here’s Cynthia, Apple and I.

The groom and his buddies came horning really loudly at 10.00AM sharp.

Us bridemaids were so excited with the games we were so giddy from 15 minutes before their arrival

Chee Siang showing us his bouquet before he came out of the car!

One of the Chinese traditions of weddings : A boy younger than the groom has to open the car door for him to walk down.

And the gates open! Look at how many buddies he brought with him! There were 19 of them and we only had 9! Such an unfair ratio for an entrance battle!

The groom and his buddies rush through the entrance. Both sides were in negotiating terms for our angpaus! The groom Chee Siang exclaimed “Well, the amount depends on how (bad) you treat my buddies!”.

Now now, the games have been prepared. All you have to do is finish them.

Our first game, a few of the guys had to wear these pampers that had individual letters on them. Later they had to stand in place to spell “I LOVE MOON”

They were quite sporting about it. Some even helped each other wear the pampers!

The boys were then asked to do a little wiggle after forming the words. The process of them finding the letters was so hilarious we took so much time!

Then it was time for some dessert. We wrapped one of Chee Siang’s buddies and applied chocolate on his body for the others to lick.

Some were really reluctant, but some were so gung ho about it!

Later to clean everything off, we made them drink celery and bittergourd juices in milk bottles! This is a photo of them giving each other a loud CHEERS!

Gulping down really quickly!

Such sports 🙂

Halfway through the games, the facilitator of the wedding (usually an old lady hired by the groom’s family) told us to hurry up and stop with the games already because apparently the incense was going to finish up and it would be inauspicious to have the bride down after it finishes burning. We were already aware that facilitators will always try to lessen the tortures that the groom and his buddies would have to go through so we insisted that they continued with the games. Unfortunately, we could see how fast the incense was going down and Moon Yee’s mom directly came to told us to finish up as soon as possible so we had to cut down two extra games 🙁

This was our final game. We stuck the balloons in the bra with milk and the guys had to suck it out of each other.These would have been impossible if we were without Pei Lu, the “Creative Director” of these games.

A final sip before the guys rushed in the door without having to come with a price that us bridesmaid have complied and agreed with! 🙁

After answering all the questions and serenading Moon Yee by the door, we let him in and the couple reunited 🙂

Look at his duhhhh face. So funny teehee.

Funny moment : They were trying to force the ring into his fingers and it couldn’t go in. I was in cold sweat before Chee Siang suddenly exclaimed “Eh, wrong hand lah!” Big lol moment.

First photo of the couple. Blurry but postworthy.

They were told by the photographers to just enjoy some time with each other so that they could take some photos. And boy, were they good at enjoying some time with each other. It was as if the rest of the people in the house was invisible.

Part of the tea serving ceremony where the newlyweds serve their elder generations tea and they will be given a blessing in return in terms of red packets and maybe some gifts. This is the tea ceremony with Moon Yee’s parents.

Instead of just receiving, Moon Yee had something special for her parents. A card filled with so much words that made both her parents tear up. A few seconds later Moon teared along too. It was such an emotional moment 🙂

The house was awkwardly quiet for a moment before they family embraced in a foursome hug.

Moon Yee’s last photo with her family as a Wong.

Heading to Chee Siang’s house with the bride. They hired a few police escorts so the trip back to his house was a breeze.

Moon Yee with her new family.

Finally some rest after hours of standing!

Kenapalah tak tengok kamera aku!

Lately I feel feets can describe so much.

Part of the Chinese tradition : Chee Siang had to be the one to take off Moon Yee’s veil, like how any other groom has to do for the bride.

The groom would then need to hang the veil up at the highest place in his room to signify the soaring of the relationship.

Pair of new room slippers for the newlyweds

In return, the bride has to take off the groom’s coat. Something that is supposed to be only once in a lifetime 🙂

Unbuttoning his vest. There is a representation to the process but I have no idea what it really meant.

The facilitator then told the groom to take off the bride’s heels. Being a youthful couple, they sure had a great time. Moon was taking the chance to enjoy the moment and Chee Siang wanted her to take his shoes for him too for a revenge!

Unfortunately, the traditions for this don’t go both ways so the facilitator quickly stopped them!

The newlyweds then changed into their traditional Chinese costumes for prayers and tea ceremony in Chee Siang’s house.


Had to leave in the middle of her tea ceremony with the groom’s family but here’s a final photo of the wedding car 🙂 So odd to see the groom driving himself but since it was a two seater…oh well.

So that’s all the photos I took for the morning ceremony. Would update with part 2 soon I hope 🙂 Overall I couldn’t take many photos because I was so absorbed in so many different occasions. Just wanted to capture every moment with my eyes. Hope you guys enjoyed my experience that I truly treasure!

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was the maternal grandmother’s birthday. She hasn’t appeared in the blog one too often. The grandmother with all the themed parties is from the paternal side. (look forward to this years too!) Anyway it was her birthday yesterday so we gathered. Shall let the pictures do the talking.

looks as if I had coloured contacts on

My dad with the cow brother.

Nick is growing taller 🙁

The mom with her mom
HAHAHA so funny. Mom Mom. Get it?

Aunt Angie posing as a sexy bar lady serving a heir pfft.


This is our cute popo!



Spent the past three nights having family dinners. First it was Dumpling Day, the following two days were birthday celebrations for Suek Mei and Jynn. Teehee.

Suek Mei’s Birthday
You think I’m the only one into Korean food?
Guess what, my whole family is.

Some footballer my mom randomly drew

Trying to prove to my mom that it is printed with alot of “RM50s”

Krispy Kreme
I beg to differ, I think its not very sweet and this is coming from a person who isn’t a fan of sweet stuff.
They just don’t serve you the hot donuts. Thats why.

Hsin Ye doing the pump.

I thought this was funny. Not sure if you do too.