Bloody Plain Template.

okay, the point of this plain template. Right.

I just wanted something more simple. suddenly had the feeling like i was ripping of someones hardwork for my own use, without appreciating it. but guess what, I know nuts about the whole HTML i thing. Not sure if I mentioned this before but few years back someone asked me if i knew what HTML was, i confidently answered Hotmail wth. Damn malu only.

I mean, isn’t this alot more..simple? Yes, thats the point. Tensed templates make me go really frustrated sometimes. I remember my first template for the blog was this gothic dark blood one, with bloody access buttons. Now that i think of it, why did I like it so complicated anyway? A friend once asked me why I chose it. “Its just not you“, he said.

To tell you the truth, I was pretty cross. I wanted to tell him that i do like these gothic stuff and it is me. I wanted to tell everyone that i wasnt this boring girl next door and that i too liked gothic things. I still do anyways, just not as much. But now i really just want to make things simple as it can be. I am proud to be that boring girl next door and i dont need gothic based attention.

Thank You. Why am I talking about this anyway.


Oh. The other day I went to exchange a DVD for a clearer version cause it was this recorded thing. And guess what happened! They ran out of stock so I got another new movie(John Tucker Must Die) in return! The best part? I finished watching the bad one already! (Shes The Man). Damn smart right.


okay everyone’s been through that once at least.

I’ll shut up.

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