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Hello world!


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I jump started the blog in January in hopes of writing everyday but it seems like I’ve not kept in touch since the LASIK post at all. It would be wonderful to just be able to spend a couple of minutes updating about my day. It’s not really about me not having the time, but also because the blog is somewhere I hope I can be extremely honest with my thoughts. The downside to that is that it’s a public blog, and society doesn’t really work that way these days. I’m not exactly an open book with my thoughts as I’ve learn that social media is not exactly a game I want to actively play. Will try to keep logs as often as possible.

When I used to write here, most of my readers were probably just people I didn’t know and it was alot easier to share things that way. Just like how it was always easier to tell a friend over ICQ about your thoughts and problems without worrying what they may tell your other friends or what kind of opinion they may form about you. It’s also not really about being worried that people may get judgemental. It’s just the fact that you don’t want people around you to know you so well?

Is that weird?

ANYWAY, just got back from Seoul¬†(for a company trip!) and weather was so perfect. Can’t believe this 3-strike Seoul trips in within a year. After 2008, I’ve only been back to Seoul ONCE. And have never went back for SIX years. I still miss the country and the life I had back there ¬†once in awhile. To actually be able to go back April last year really brightened me up a bit because it does feel like my second home somehow. I can’t even find my way around Beijing as well as I can find my way around the routes of Seoul. After that I went back again cause I won the free flight to Seoul from Palsaik. This time, it was cause the company brought us over. I’m not complaining though – anybody can bring me back there anytime time and I’d enjoy it the same. I was just telling the team I’m not a fan of living in the country, but to have the blessing to be able to make visits in and out of the country every two quarters of the year (out of pure leisure) – will probably never get old for me.

ANYWAYS, before any other updates – here’s one of the funner videos I’ve done in the past few weeks apart from weekly vlogs (as often as I care to make them). Just a video of me speaking in Korean. I do enjoy doing this as it serves as a practicing platform for me, but it’s even better as I know people enjoy watching this girl just blab her way into their heads in a language they don’t understand. It’s funny how that’s a more preferable choice.

Alright then. Sinchon, I’ll see you again <3

So long for now!

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