Are You Moist Enough?

“Eh, drink water now”

That’s one of the most common phrases that I hear almost every single day – be it from my friends, parents or grandmother! Ever since I was a little girl, I hated the extravagant idea of water consumption unless I’m in a desperate need to quench thirst. My dislike for water is so intense that I only go to the washroom once a day and would normally only need to use the washroom once in two weeks for the ‘bigger matter’s. I wouldn’t classify it as constipation as I believe it’s because of the insufficient supply of water that is running in my body.

“Nat, drink some water”

As a result of my bitter affection forย  water, I always end up having dry skin. The only consolation is that it isn’t flaky, hence not giving out the idea that it’s anywhere near dry.

The main consumption of liquid or moisture that take in I daily are from fruits or the few gulps of water that I drink in the morning – and it stretches until the moment before I go to bed. No form of liquid at all. My water bottle is the size of my palm (seriously) and I can never finish it unless I force myself to.

Due to this, my mom has been worrying about me not being thoroughly ‘cleansed’ and has always told me off if she realizes that I have bad or dry skin. So besides preaching about the amount of water I have to take in daily, she tells me to use another good solution to keep myself moisturized – lotion.

When it comes to lotion, I have another whole new theory about how its not good for my skin and how uncomfortable it feels. But I am about to be proven wrong because my mom once let me try one of the many Vaseline lotions she holds at home and I was really impressed with the results.ย  That’s what inspired me to write this post!

I have a really really dry as rock elbow from all the restings I have weighed it on, and I have tried applying many different lotions and oil to help smoothen or soften it at least, but none has come to good use. But only after 2 weeks of daily morning Vaseline rubs, my elbows have really improved!….but I got lazy again after seeing the results hoping that it would pertain. Months passed, and I’m back to square one.

Now they have come up with four brand new lovelies – Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool and Fresh. and the moisturising queen in the house (read : mom) is definitely approving it!

So now I’m going to grab the chance to attend Vaseline’s product launch poolside party and see if I can get some cool tips on how to help my poor elbow. Ever ytime I shuffle pass a stranger with my elbow, they always react with a confused face because their soft skin would be scratched or in super mild pain from my hard rock elbows. Exaggerating or not, you can come and see for yourself!

Maybe that’s how I developed an elbow pinching habit, I don’t know.

So right before I end my post, I just wanna ask you one simple question.

Are you moist enough?


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