Backupophia – if that exists!

Hello all!

I am lost for abit – but trust me next month will be such a good month!! This month also probably got at least two updates so please come back soon. Maybe I try to do soon. It’s also about 2AM now – but i’m still up doing one of the most paranoid things ever. I’m backing up my Iphone photos. To another hard disk. And another. And another one. I now finally can go to sleep in an hour, after I finish having 3 exact same copies of photos in three different external hard disks.

I started developing this fear of losing my photos after I lost them once in a thumbdrive. Since then, I’ve learnt that I don’t mind paying more to be able to keep those photos forever. And one hard disk is just NOT going to do it. Two, sounds good. But three? That sounds like a pretty awesome plan. I’m not sure if they have a diagnosis for this –  backupophobia, or something.

So while waiting, I figured I should just blog while spending my time here in the living room. This week has been quite happening. As I’m typing this my body is pulsating from being tired, but I will fight through!! Spent quite a good amount of time running around One Utama yesterday trying to pick up stuff for an office warming party, and we stayed up pretty late (for me lah pfft) so me being me, my stamina just won’t make the cut for 14 hour outings – and I was quite burnt out by the time I was on the way home. I felt like my body was a pulsating machine pfft. I slept it all off until about 2PM today. So I woke up a happy girl, but less productive one. Well, I’m here compensating my day by giving it a few more extra hours and I’m throwing myself on the bed! Just turned on the aircond 10 minutes ago, so it should be good and chilly by the time I go in!

Forgot to take photos from the party last night – but vlogged quite abit. Hopefully you all menyokong vlogs vlogs saya, because I find documenting things that way are a whole lot more efficient. Just whip camera out – say some words, and tada!!

Okay, I’m just two minutes away from done. Please watch my vlog from last week for now – see you soon!!

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