Alang Rawa Part 2 : The Experience (Review)


Hello there!

Well, because there are so many wonderful photos that we took in Alang Rawa (which I repeat, is a section of Pulau Rawa that’s divided into two sections) – I have decided to seperate them further because I realized most of you just really want to know what the place is like. So instead of feeding you with candid photos (which will come in Part 3), here’s Part Two for the mini getaway that mainly focuses on the facilities and scenaries that you should expect if you are ever to make a trip here.

So to refresh your memory, Getting There was an extremely good start up for all the sun and sand from the moment we got on the speedboat. Here’s a better photo of how wet the rest were along the ride to Pulaw Rawa (Malay for Rawa Island), thanks to Ginny’s waterproof camera (which I highly recommend you to only use, if you are really thinking of taking any photos at all on the speedboat!)

Look at how chill Ayi is on the bumpy ride! Taking a ciggy break. He was even on the phone!

The boys at the side were quite thoroughly wet, although not as wet as Keegan who was sitting at the edge that took in splashed from BOTH sides of the boat.

We arrived about 20-25 minutes later, the ride didn’t feel long at all because the scenaries along the ride just distracts you from actually counting down time in the middle of the sea. It gets quite scary when you realise you’re a mini boat in the middle of this big blue sea sometimes. I particularly loved the part when we first arrived at the shores, because there were about 5-6 dogs that were running happily at full speed towards the boat to welcoming the new guests. They looked so happy and it was a pleasant surprise for us, although we had already read online that there were dogs to keep us company during the stay.

That’s the Husky, who seemed most excited of all dogs sniffing Ginny from the moment she tried to come down from the boat. Yes, that’s how we ALL got down from the boat. It gets pretty dizzy at times because the boat floats so much it sometimes floats away from the chair while you’re trying to ascend/descend and it makes you feel like you’re floating in the head. It’s a shame, really – that we didn’t take any photos of the Husky. It left about 30 minutes after we arrived with the owner who just came to give a short visit.

The girl that attracts all kinds of animals happy with attracting all kinds of animals.

The people at the island had carefully arranged that all guests had a scheduled trip to and fro from the jetty. If you squint harder, that’s the group of guest behind us who were leaving with the boat that we came from.

Walking towards the room after check in (which wasn’t tedious at all). He greeted Ginny, who made the booking, and led us straight towards our rooms. Look at the view right infront of our house!

This is our house. 3 people stayed in a room each, whilst Ayi stayed in one himself in another. The  lot above us holds more than 6pax of guests so the other (only) family who was with us in that side of the island stayed above. There weren’t any noise disturbance or anything from them, so I think we were really lucky.

Love how they themed their houses to shades of blue. Very nice for photos.

This was the girls rooms. It has another Queen sized bed right opposite this Single bed. They also had extra mattresses below each beds  which we wanted to pull out to sit on because the floors were quite sandy from our dirty feet that we couldn’t be bothered to wash. Turned out the mattresses were sandy itself too.

Keegan always has his novels so I guess he found his perfect spot!

Their kitchen’s working hours.

I have to say food and beverage is pretty costly there. Ayi paid for a glass of Apple Juice for RM 14. Also, they are pretty on time with the serving – but I’d suggest that guests order earlier if you know you’re gonna be really hungry by then. I think they prepare food fresh and on the spot so it takes quite a while for food to be served (approximately 20 minutes). Well, Asians always want their food fast so….it may apply differently for non-Asians.

Food is not served for the immediate Lunch upon arrival if you arrive at the place the same time we did. Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch for the next day is served as usual. Food is actually pretty good and very much to my liking. I loved their buttered potatoes. Their prawns were pretty good too – alot bigger than we expected. They come in good big portions (for Asian expectations) so we were pretty much dead by the end of meals.

Well, before we could start playing around – we had to get some shots done for Vanity Dream’s. They’re selling the top so because we didn’t wanna get dirty before wearing it – it was the first thing we did. Took about an hour to finish the whole shoot inclusive of other apparels.

From this photo you can overlook the other side of Pulau Rawa, which I will show you in abit. If you actually observe closely, there isn’t really anybody in our shots because there really isn’t anybody in the island, especially our side of the island.

After shooting, finally it was play time! Everybody changed into their beach attire and did everything everybody is supposed to do on beaches.

Such as sandcastle building. But because sandcastles are too mainstream we decided to got for a sandman.

While others, such as Hsin Ye decides to just chill on beachmat’s with the housedogs – who were so comfortable with strangers, they stuck to us like glue and paper! The rope is the signifying borderline of both sides of the island. However, we’re all allowed to stroll freely across the island so there isn’t much dilemma or caution that you may need to take before taking walks.

That’s Keegan on the other side of the borderline with Sean trying to bury him. Well, typical beach and sand activity. Human burying.

Sand was THIS fine. Just like the sand you’d find in an hourglass. I could barely keep them in my hands, they just keep falling out. I wasn’t even trying to make them fall out for this photo – they just naturally did.

You’ve got to be careful with your digital cameras though. The sand was actually so fine that it constantly kept being trapped inside my lens. Caused a few difficulties trying to make the lens extend to its fullest because the sand was blocking its way. Fine after a few gentle pats, but still something to keep heads up on. Sand was also soo fine that they kept, kept, kept flying to my eyes. Good thing they weren’t fat and harsh because it would most probably have had cut my lenses already!

This is Nosey. He sniffs and pokes his nose into everything he sees us doing.

Them lot later decided to go snorkeling. Very happy because equipments were free (with a RM 50 deposit per head) unlike many other commercialised resorts that charge at USD 50 per hour or something. Safety jackets, paddles everything didn’t cost us a thing.

Well, I am a little afraid of sea activities so I did not join the lot. However, I did attempt to read some books Keegan brought. Didn’t work because the wind kept blowing I had to shut my eyes and fall asleep.

Good thing I didn’t go because then nobody would take funny photos of them snorkelling!

I told them to take photos of me before they leave me alone (for about 45 minutes) so here it is.

Don’t you just love how empty the beach is!

Evening then came so quickly, and we were all already lazing around on the cooled mats just enjoying the breeze and sound of the waves crashing in the shores. The boys and Ayi started a volleyball game with the kids who were staying above us while we just sat and watch. Actually couldn’t be bothered much because it was selca time.

Girls doing what girls do.

This white furball, named Manja – fell asleep almost rightaway after Piau tugged it in his arms. It wouldn’t budge no matter how Piau moved or tried to wake it. So instead of joining the volleyball game, he slept with Manja too pfft.

Keegan and Sean with the other guests at volleyball, Piau with the dogs.

We also flew a kite. Spent quite a while figuring why won’t our kite fly until the Good Samaritan from above our lots helped us fix the wires and then our kite flew so high we could even fly it while lying on the floor!

Evening was short, and dinner soon came. We waited quite a while for dinner because everyone took so long to decide what they wanted!  We were all already hungry and they had about 4-5 choices and everything sounded so good. Didn’t manage to take photos of all the dishes because we dived right in when they came. So here are two photos of the few that we ordered.

Prawn, potatotes and salad.

For the vegetarian, bean sprouts, fish and white rice. Sauce was really good too!

Next morning, we had to wake up latest by 10.45AM because breakfast was only until 11AM. Good thing Keegan came and wake Hsin Ye and I up because I think we would both be already sleeping way past our alarm. Well, truthfully I woke up because I head somebody saying they have to take a photo of my ugly sleeping posture pfft. By the time we headed out, the rest of them including Ginny who was in our room had finished breakfast. Good thing they took photos because I took none of mine. So here’s an idea of what the place serves for breakfast.

They let you choose in between pancakes or bread, your choice of eggs, fresh fruits as well as juice or tea.

The sunny sides up

Our toasted bread with a cube of butter and jam.

Keegan’s pancakes, that didn’t look very yummy but he had no complaints about them that I heard of.

Good morning faces from the Morning people.

While Hsin Ye and I were still in Dreamland.

After breakfast, we decided to go into the waters for one last time since we still had about 3 hours before Lunch and the boat that comes shortly after. So here are a few more photos of the island. Before we went in the waters, Hsin Ye and I took a walk to the other side of the island where the platform is. You really do feel quite a vast difference in terms of facilities and builts – you’d see why. The few following photos are from Rawa Safaris (the other side of the island!).

On the way towards Rawa Safaris, which only takes about a 1 minute walk?

Getting near the platform. Look at the uber cool slides! I would have loved to try the orange one!

They had a nice straw hut for a bar with high chairs.

The view from right on the platform.

Clear, clear waters.

Our side (Alang Rawa) of the island from the platform. See how empty the beach is? Extremely empty and quiet right?

Them little boys playing with the slides, he was hesitating for awhile. Standing and sitting, and standing and sitting.

While walking away from the platform, Hsin Ye and I found these people snorkeling right below the platform. One boy loved the experience so much he swam right back up and jumped down again. Good thing we caught a photo of him.

Excited boy expecting a splase. See how they can still see the bottom of the waters?

We kept disrupting this poor thing from snorkeling. Each time he put on his mask and was about to get down the waters, we said “Hi”. This continued for about 4 hello’s, to which he responded haha then we decided to just walk away with an unheard bye.

Tried zooming in the waters at one area.

They had more visitors at Rawa Safaris – or I assume is just a bigger family. I’ve also read that their boats from the jetty is also different. A more stable and big boat where you wouldn’t get wet. There were reviews saying that people who were heading to Alang Rawa can also book Safaris’ boats – with an extra charge of RM 50. You guys can ask within though, still not sure about it. But I guess we still kind of loved our bumpy ride.

Here’s Nosy, trailing us from behind sniffing again.


Now back to Alang Rawa, the photo below is at the sides of the island (that I just realized I didn’t walk towards!). Such a shame because waters were totally clear at this side of the island cause there wasn’t much sand for it to cloudify.

Keegan ready to snorkel again. We didn’t return our equipment from the day before cause we knew we were going to use it. Good to know, so you don’t need to return it after every use.

Me taking a photo of them trying to take a group shot underwater!

Ginny at her most comfortable genre of place to be. Water.

This was taken with the waterproof camera so the colour is a little off and purple filtered. I promise that there are no filters throughout the whole collection of photos, so you be the judge of whether the waters were clean or not.

The coconut tree outside our lot that extends in a way where we could all climb up and just chill.

While waiting for each person to finish washing up, everybody took turns to play them cards.  The beach tables were also one of the things that we could take and use. Very cleverly put, they were were hanging on the walls – we thought they were just beach paintings. Turned out they were tables. Perfect for cards!

This is Nosy, suntanning like it ALWAYS does. It never goes into shades for rests – always laying bare in the sun with its eyes closed. So adorable, ain’t it ?

It was supposed to be a choice for each of us but because we wanted everybody to have a share of everything, we requested for the kitchen to separate our dishes!

While chilling for abit after lunch, one of the kids sat on the hammock behind me and started swinging himself really high with he help of some of his mates. Quite scared cause he was just behind me pfft.

Boat was on time, and everybody else who was about to leave was too. So we just got on the ride with the efficient help of the rest of the boatmen and started speeding back to the jetty. I guess thats a good 24 hours in Alang Rawa – some felt like we spent so much more than just the few hours, but I think a short getaway at such a beautiful place really makes you want to stay just a little bit more.

Our stay was only one night due to clashing schedules, but we were desperate enough to still give it a go – and it was well worth it! I would rate Alang Rawa a good 8 over 10. Minus 2 points because I am a little anal about bathrooms and the bathrooms were not exactly bright enough (albeit still considerably clean) for me to do my daily routines (applying contacts, tooth brushing). Everything else was perfect. Service was actually pretty good, a petite and sweet lady by the name of Zee was there to accommodate us with our needs. There was another host who was there most of the time, but he mostly never spoke and smiled much so I can’t figure if it was just him being comfortable with new guests appearing everyday or it’s just a character problem. It would be much better if he actually smiled and tried to create conversations.

For those who’d like to ask again, my group and I paid less then RM 300 per person for this season (off peak) and shared a room in threes. All three meals and boat transfers were included.

It would still have been a great trip wherever we could have went, but this place really did help make it better!


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    Hello, I remember emailing them. Probably they’re busy, but you can also try calling them?

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