Alang Rawa Part 1 : Getting There

The schoolmates and I decided to go on an impromptu (well, almost) trip for 2 days to an island nearby. We (Ginny, Hsin Ye, Keegan, Ju Piau, Sean and I) couldn’t think of where to go and was even thinking of going to Kedah, then we found out it would take us 7 hours to reach there. Just the thought of travelling there had already killed us a little inside so we decided to look for somewhere else. Ginny then decided that we should go try Alang Rawa, a private island in Johor and also part of the Seri Buat archipelago on the south-east coast of Malaysia. It’s a family-run resort so you don’t get all the fancy facilities but if you’re thinking about REALLY relaxing and bonding with no crowd by the beach and water clearer than almost any commercialised beach – this is the perfect place.

The island is divided into two (despite already being a very small one compared to the other islands located in the middle of the sea). The side that we took only has 10 rooms and is what I call more economical, whereas the other side’s called Rawa Safaris and it’s rate is actually twice as much as what we’re paying for Alang Rawa. As it was off peak season, we each paid about Rm 250 for one night and shared a room in threes. Quite worth it I would say, because they serve all three breakfast, lunch and dinner in good portions. However, lunch is not served on the day of arrival as you most probably have surpassed lunch time that is initially scheduled by the kitchen anyways.

It took us a 4 hour drive from KL to the Mersing Jeti in Johor (also the same port for you to depart to other islands) and another 30 minutes to the island by speedboat. I’d say the whole trip was a fat and relaxing short getaway because all we did was eat, eat, munch, sleep, munch, lie on sand, sleep in hammock, eat eat, munch munch. We ate so much more than have conversations.

Ginny, Hsin Ye and I bunked at the third row of the car while all the gentleman gets the front seats.

We had so much Wo Lai Yeah dried meat and also their meat floss bread (that is only available in the Petaling Street). Packed in such a clean and compact way and so easy for travelling convenience! Not kidding, we had so much of them!

This is Ayi who can understand and speak a little bit of Chinese who drove us there. Piau was supposed to drive because only his car could fit all 6 of us, then his parents decided that Ayi should help him drive so we can enjoy our holiday to the fullest. Ayi looks so much like Ju Koon!

This is my sleeping partner HsinYe for the night and I have a great and amazing real joke about her that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t hold it in despite the late hours.

Sharing and caring with Sour Tapes (that Ginny always amazingly has in her bag when we need it). Well, this is when I still decided that I have to document every single thing in the trip and put Keegan in charge of reminding me. To which he didn’t, and also because my camera’s battery tab started blinking so much more faster than I expected I dare not take photos of almost anything else after that.

Parked our car at the carpark in the Mersing jetty for RM 12 for 24 hours and headed towards the nearby cafe to wait for the guy who was supposed to take us there to the island. Was very happy because they were very on time. We told them that we’d be there at 12.30PM and good thing we were on time because they called us the moment our car was driving into the car park.

Shalala lady Hsin Ye, who looked perfect for the vacation because she’s so ladylike. She runs at the beach and it’s like a scene from a music video. Will show you the photos the next or next two posts.

Here ‘s a candid shot of me. I wanted to take a photo but my camera case fell so I took one after I picked it up. This turned out to be alot nicer although it looks distorted. Others are already far infront tidak penduli.

The speedboat that was waiting for us. The men were all very helpful and friendly. They made sure we all wore the safety jackets and had us pass them all our bags so that they’d put it at the middle compartment of the boat to make sure our belonging wouldn’t get wet. They even insisted that we pass our handbags to them, but I only had a small pouch and it was already well hidden under my safety jacket.

Getting into a floating boat puts me into a nauseous state for a few seconds. I never know if I’m feeling dizzy or if the boat is floating too rapidly. The speedboat handlers are profficient in English so there wasn’t a problem communicating with them. I’ve read reviews that there is a side of the speedboat that always gets drenched and the other side would be a whole lot dryer. Well, I never knew which side so I got into the boat and took a bet.

Everybody tightening themselves up before they start the ride. Still very excited and happy!

Us girls took the left side of the boat after stepping in, so Sean and Piau took the right while Ayi and Keegan took the edge of the boat. We all had no idea which side was going to get drenched, but also had absolute no idea how wet it would or wouldn’t be. However, I did some research so I was partially prepared.

Group photo before we leave, thanks to Ayi!!

The people were kind enough to wait for us to finish taking photos because we took a couple. Just kind of surprised because there were negative comments about how rude the speedboat men were so we were delighted.

Well from this photo can you slightly guess if we were on the dry or wet side? Lucky us girls, we were so much more dryer than the boys – who took water like big boys. Because we had to go deep into the sea, the current and waves were quite strong (but not humungous) so there were bound to be choppy waters so the boat may go against current and cause the boat to land roughly on waters. Hence, the water that may splash into our faces. I got a few slight splashes too, and wow I must say – the sea water is so much more salty than those you taste at shores! Piau and I felt like our skin was pulling from the saltiness, but only for a short while. No side effect, no worries. Well, they say that salt water is good for your skin if they come in contact with it occasionally!

The wet side of the boat – well I guess its a good start for the getaway?

Keegan and Ayi was the most drenched! Look at Ayi, smoking in the bumpy ride like a boss. Keegan’s hair is totally wet and Porcupined already.  He wasn’t involved in the trip discussion and was kind of blindly led into the trip so while getting water splashed on this face he was like “I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS (splat splat splat) GOING TO AN (splat) ISLAND!”

The dry and happy girls. Note to girls, if you don’t want to spoil your hair so that you’d have prettier photos – please tie your hair up before the ride because the wind will mess your hair up. Maybe good for those who need volume!

Sean’s attire is the model attire for men who’d love to give this place a try. Sea bath!

Throughout the ride, we could see the vast difference of the sea colour! If you refer back to to the photos above at the jetty, waters were so polluted and dirty they were brownish mustard in colour, but as photo’s timeline advance you can see the waters start turning into a dark shade of rich blue. It’s even more amazing when you get deeper into the sea (nearer and towards Alang Rawa), waters are actually so clean that you can see through them to a certain extend.

Our first sighting of the island. We were so amazed at the slides (I’ve never seen one that leads to the sea!) but only found out shortly that we weren’t going to be at that side of the island. This is Rawa Safaris. We could walk over and take photos, but I doubt we’re supposed to use their facilities. There wasn’t any restriction that was stated and the island is only very casually divided into two with a rope so we were free to walk around the whole place.

This is our side of the island!

This is just the start or everything – welcome to Alang Rawa! See how it’s very private and there really isn’t anything much on it? Perfect destination 🙂

Will post more of the whole thing soon.

You can’t see our houses from here, that’s only the reception/dining area. Very comfortable and laid back setting, which you would see after I update!


Review updated : Part II Alang Rawa – The Experience


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    Hi Natalie, hows life? Names Jason and i ve been trying so hard to find the actual reservation contacts for alangs rawa..was wondering if u could be so kind to email to me? So overwhelmed by the scenery and the clear waters around the island! Heaven on earth ^^ Cheers Nat!

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