March Update!


Thank you everybody for being so nice to drop by still during CNY period. So surprised at the stats!

I have been away at Langkawi during Chinese New Year with my immediate family along with Cousin Jynn, Grandma and aunt. I blogged consistently with Dayre ( so if you want to see what kind of (uninteresting) things happen there just click the link to kepoh lah. Or if you are too lazy you can also watch the video below.

The biggest highlight this horrendous cable car ride! It was quite nice lah the view and all, but dang – the experience on unclosed doors was quite unpleasant. Please read more on my Dayre, abit lazy to repeat again – but its a very interesting story i promise!

Besides that, I’m pretty happy because its finally March and I’m kicking back to work. For those who may not know, I have already shifted jobs and is no longer with my previous job that I blogged about few months ago. I still really miss the times there, but I think what’s in store for me now may just be something I find myself to be more suited in. They still have similiar scopes though, but it’s what i enjoy doing 🙂


Ok lah short update for now! Come back soon!

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