2016 // Leap of Faith

Happy New Year everybody!

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It’s a fresh new year – yes. Plenty of space for new year resolutions and whatnot. I won’t say I’m really the type to jot down a list of resolution to achieve for the year. I guess I’m just a believer of letting fate take its course. Though I got to be honest, this year does feel a little different. Getting through the new year, I realised that many many things have taken its own course. I have taken first steps to doing many different things on a personal level. To create, improve, and repair many thing in different aspects of life. They wouldn’t be my new year resolution – but the new year really did give me a sort of motivation to just plunge forward with the things that has already been in my head for a while.

Just sharing with you guys some of the latest things that I’ve been going through :-

  1. I just went through a LASIK treatment. At this point of time, I’m healing from a pair or eyes that were previously at the power of -6.50. I’ve always been wearing glasses since the age of 6, and being able to do this for myself 20 years later still feels a little surreal. But I’m glad I went through it. Sharing the whole experience through both a vlog and a blog post so I can help the people who needs to understand what it felt for me. I’ve been reading through reviews onlineĀ but nobody has really shared a similar experience to mine! Coming up in probably a week šŸ™‚
  2. I’m building an online store. That’s all I’m saying. I’ve been wanting to do this for the past 3 years – but never really got to it due to many reasons. Now that I’m more mobileĀ it’s easier to get in touch with different resources and to actually get things done.
  3. I have finally found the urge to stay fit!Ā I am possibly one of the laziest person I know when it comes to physical activities. I think I’m considerably weak in terms of core strength although I must say I may have tight punches (only discovered when fooling around and accidentally bruising friends). But in 2015, I realized my body has been changing and things are just not the same anymore. So what they say is true – at the age of 25, your skin and body WILL be noticeably different. So to keep up with my efforts, I am currently signed up with KFIT!! It’s damn good!! You pay RM 99 to just walk into majority of the fitness locations at no extra charge. Actually, if you’re kiamsiap don’t want to pay – can just sign up for free and you’ll get a free class per month anyway. That’s what I did until I was motivated pfft.

Meanwhile, just going to come back and do short updates!!

Welcome back to thenatstory gais!

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